2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #3

It was near impossible to ignore the inauguration of the tangerine nightmare yesterday. It dominated all social media, the news, the streets – even outside of the US people took to the streets to protest against a new world leader who is bucking all trends by being divisive and derisive. I noticed with pleasure, that Richard Armitage was active on Twitter yesterday – if only to react silently, and unfollow @POTUS. Not that we will be able to escape the King of Overcombria. But we can refuse to give him a platform.

Meanwhile, still battling the flu, I have launched into my first creative project of the year. Remember my little sewing project from the 12DX raffles? It received a lot of feedback, not least because of my fabric design. Since many a chaRActer was missing from fabric design #1, a new design was needed. I took on-board your feedback for a less powdery-sweet background colour and opted for bang-on black. Here it is:


I am currently waiting for my fabric to be printed. Can’t wait to get it, actually! Once I have received it, the plan is for a little contest for a home-made zipper pouch in the new fabric. In the mean time, if you are crafty yourself and would like to get your hands on this fabric, I have put up the new design – as well as the old, light blue one – for sale on my GuyltyDesigns store. Disclosure: There is a commission earned with the sale of the design (10% on each purchase). Since all my creative content, be it photographs or any other original creative output, is intended as non-commercial contributions purely for the enjoyment of the fandom, I will donate any proceeds to charity. (In this I am following Ali’s lead who is donating ALL the proceeds from richardarmitagenet‘s Amazon referral commissions to charity. Check out her latest donations here.)

In the same vein a quick update on another charity pledge (because I am not sure whether I have already posted notification): The proceeds of the New York photo book sales have been transferred to Save the Children’s Syria Fund. Thank you to whoever ordered the book. I have doubled the proceeds and together we have donated to a worthy cause!

Without any further delay, now on to the Weekly tumblr round-up:



  1. A comprehensive collection of “spies in cars” by queenoferebor1204. Almost hard to tell what is current – and what is 10 years old! That picture in the attic must be pretty horrific by now…
  2. I am so with Guy on this latest What a Guy wants instalment, courtesy of nfcomics
  3. Staying with Guy, I loved this pic set by lochiels – misunderstood, tortured man. Oh Guy *sgh*
  4. A few pics from Armitage talking about his spy name, capped by mzperx0506universe. Not new but recent enough and always beautiful to look at
  5. Thorin and Bilbo birdwatching. Feathered variety, apparently. Yeah, I don’t know where that came from, either, but I am grateful to nerdeeart for the light relief
  6. Ok, exceedingly bad form to link to myself, but I am doing so in order for you to say happy birthday (belatedly) to dear mezzmerizedbyrichard who is entertaining us so much on tumblr
  7. I am still in an inexplicable John Standring phase and hence extraordinarily grateful to circusgifs for this set
  8. I don’t think I am ever ready for that scenario, either… a relatively new richardarmitagequote that I really like
  9. This cap of Daniel Miller from BS almost has a fashion shoot feel to it. Plus – I like the idea of Danny sitting on the edge of *my* bed, too. Posted by ludokt
  10. Richard, concentrating hard on his role as the red dragon in this BTS from Hannibal, giffed by riepu10
  11. LOL – gimmethehobbit really has a point. And I am not sure whether I like the evidence *snorts*
  12. A reblog by a gif set by riepu10 – but the caption is just too touché *rofl* *sings* and I turn my little tush on the cat walk…

I wish there was a bit more, but that’s all for this week, folks. It’s quiet time, but who knows, maybe we’ll get some more news on the Armitage sign-up for Ocean’s Eight, soon.

In the meantime, have a nice weekend!

Guylty ❤️

21 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #3

  1. Oh sorry you’re still not back to 100% but thanks for doing this will indulge tomorrow morning I avoided the thing as per careful plan I new office there are less screens in the right corners so watched nothing has meetings and am up to ears in work then legged it to ballet rehearsal with my favourite lovelies and worrying about both my parents ill with nasty cold with dad in hospital for a couple days too busy to look at any news. Sadly it’s 4 years of crap on to of local crap which also made local news pretty unbearable anyway it’s freezing and sunny and i have another day of 2 performances and many calls home. Life eh…


    • That sounds pretty horrific, Hari. Not the kind of easing into a new year that I would wish on anybody, combined with worry about loved ones far away. Just make sure you give yourself some downtime, too, between all the work and the going from places to places. An hour in bed, laptop on the duvet, steaming cup of tea in hand, tomorrow morning. Should be scheudled in!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ooooh – you have? I hope it’ll come out well. The blue one is tried and tested and looks really nice, I think. (I ordered it in cotton drill.) The black one I have not seen printed yet, so I hope it looks good, too. Would love it if you showed me a pic of whatever you are creating with it!!!


  2. Was für eine großartige Idee! Bei Deiner Kreativität liegt ein store doch nahe! Ich bin gespannt auf all die vielen kreativen Dinge die Du Dir ausdenken wirst. Und die Grippe ist immer noch nicht abgehakt? Bei uns soll die Welle jetzt losgehen 😦 wie immer vor und nach Karneval. Gute Besserung!!!
    Oceans eight wird uns hoffentlich viel neues Material bringen, zum gucken, kreativ umsetzen…….


    • Das mit dem Store/Verkauf des Designs kam eigentlich nur auf, weil mich Glady auf Twitter fragte, ob ich ihr etwas von meinem Stoff für ein Projekt abgeben könnte. Mein Vorrat war aber aufgebraucht, also hab ich kurzerhand das Design mal freigegeben. Bin gespannt, was daraus so wird.
      Und ja, Ocean’s Eight klingt gut – egal ob mit oder ohne RA, übrigens. Ich hab ne Schwäche für Sandra Bullock…


  3. Hi Guylty – lovely roundup. Fascinating to see those gifs of lovely John Standring and realise that it was a very fine piece of acting – and unlike anything else we’ve seen RA do. Bashful isn’t his natural look, really! And Guy in #12… ❤

    Feel better soon, Guylty – this bug seems to be dragging on and on for you. 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very true – Standring is a stand-out role of a different kind. He did that so well. Would love to see him do a romantic character like that again.
      And this stupid bug is on its way out. I’m gonna ignore it from here on in.


  4. My, your flu bug is stubborn. Feel better soon. Maybe you need Irish whiskey in your tea to kill it once and for all. Thanks for the roundup. Your new fabric looks beautiful.


  5. I’m really sorry about your flu, get well soon! The fabrics are gorgeous, I decided I’ll have both models and made a pillow and a blanked using both of them. I just need to decide what type of cotton should I use. Quote 8 is new for me too, I calmly realized that I’ve probbaly missed recent interviews, something unacceptable one year ago 🙂 12 is a hit, Guy never fails! Seeing 8 I realized I’ve never been in a John Standring phase, I liked the movie, however I never thought of this character too much.


    • Oh, glad you like both fabric designs. Before I ordered my initial batch of fabric, I ordered a fabric sample and was quite happy with it. It was cotton drill, which is slightly thicker, more durable cotton fabric which you can even use for upholstery or bags etc. But if you are making a pillow and a blanket, the thinner options may be better (and cheaper, incidentally).
      John Standring may take a while to grow on you. He really is not set up to be the hero in that show. He is even in danger of being seen as rather despicable. But somehow I have always had a soft spot for the “gentle giant”.


      • I ordered sateen, one fat quarter from each model, I thought it is appropriate for the pillow. I also ordered a test swatch from drill and plain cotton, to see how they look like. My daughter came with the idea of making a blanket or a blanket cover, but I want to see few versions of the material first. It would have been great to have it printed to fleece, I’ve seen there are few sites making custom blankets, what do you think of this?


        • oh, nice one – I’ll be interested to hear from you how the samples and fabric quality turn out.
          Blanket sounds really good I have to say. And yes, fleece would be the material of choice. I suspect the design is too small to come out properly, though. I have just checked and I see there are fabric printers who offer fleece. Maybe if I sent you the design in a larger version, it would work out?


  6. Another one sending get well soon vibes through the ether. The more you can take it easy, the sooner you’ll get better, if you need the excuse to kick back a bit.

    Great roundup as always, and this one was deliciously Guy-rich. *Pun not originally intended, but why not 🙂 *
    Such a contrast between #3 and #12. Guy at his lowest ebb and the sleek and slinky henchman.

    I LOL’d at the song. David Gandy is so last year.


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