The Fan A to Z – #X

X is somehow a rather fitting letter for this question. As in “Miss X”…

X – Is there a fellow fan who got you into delurking or convinced you to participate in the fandom?

Well, strictly speaking: no. The decision to become an active fan – as in: someone with an identifiable social media handle from which I was communicating with other fans on the topic of my favourite actor – was my own. Maybe it wasn’t even so much of a decision rather than an irrepressible urge. That is how a lot of fans describe their eventual debut in a fandom. Same with Guylty. I discovered Richard. I was smitten. I *needed* to express my infatuation and simultaneously gobble up every little scrap of information that was to be found of him on the great wide interwebs. A blog seemed the obvious solution, especially on a platform that I had previously never explored (and where nobody from my “normal” life would suspect me 😈)

However, prior to establishing my own tumblr, I had already started commenting on a couple of Armitage blogs. I think my first ever *ever* comment was on one of Angie’s slash fics on livejournal where she posted as Fedoralady. And on a regular blog, it was Servetus who got me to delurk after weeks of silent reading. I’m afraid it was not a particularly juicy comment, though – I think I replied to a question about German grammar…

So, no real Miss X at all. I blame it all on this:

I regret nothing.

PS: Damn, I was too optimistic about the Re-Watch deadline. Between my mum’s visit, my work and my trip to London, I never managed to watch episode 1 of The Impressionists for today’s deadline. I’ll discuss it next week. Apologies!


9 thoughts on “The Fan A to Z – #X

  1. It’s been just about a year since I delurked and in that time I have gotten to know some fantastic people here and a few others blogs that have helped me come out of my shell. I wouldn’t trade the good and the bad for anything. I’ve started my own blog and now dipped my feet into FF and the support and compassion and humor and beauty of the bloggers and commenters here and a few other places I chime in have all are so worth it. Yes I am relentlessly cheerful and no not all the time especially lately but I’ve gained so much love and understanding and insight from your blog Guylty and your fantastic commenters that it had been an absolute joyride!! I’m just chuffed!!! 😘❤️👍


  2. Not a fellow fan. It was all Richard’s fault!! “I was smitten. I *needed* to express my infatuation and simultaneously gobble up every little scrap of information that was to be found of him on the great wide interwebs.” This was exactly how it happened with me. 😁

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  3. Oh I forgot all about watching The Impressionists! Hope I have time this weekend.
    You have only two more letters to go! Almost there! (The alphabet does make for a long challenge!)


  4. I think the first time I was enticed into delurking was in 2014 when Kelly and Guylty were doing The Thorin Project fan book. They invited readers to submit messages to Richard expressing their impressions about Thorin Oakenshield and his performance in The Hobbit. I remember getting such a positive response from them for my small contribution. It felt really good to have my opinion encouraged. Sadly, I don’t think the book was ever acknowledged by him. I think the best part for me was discovering it’s mainly through these blogs (Guylty,Servetus & Kelly) I have found a community of smart, funny, honest, caring souls of various fangirl degrees, but who all agree that RA is a “hot” button for all types of lively conversation 🔥 😊


  5. Nope, I joined this crazy world all by myself, though it was the funnier bloggers and members of C19 who pushed me over the edge into delurking, though not always for their funny comments. With RAFrenzy, for example, it was her “diary”–personal comments on her own life. (It’s still up, if anyone is interested.) The personal revelations interspersed among silly fan stuff (on many sites, not just Frenz’s) showed me that online “relationships” with strangers could be real.


    • Walking into the abyss with your eyes open… What a pity that we have lost a few people along the way, including Frenz. It’s definitely worth-while reading back over some of her posts. There is so much interesting stuff there.


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