Rescued Odes

I’m lost for words today, so I’ll just leave two of Kathy’s odes for you which might otherwise not get the attention they deserve.

From this weekend’s loot:

Thank you for these fun bits of cheeky humour, Kathy. They always make me smile!

How’s that ode book project coming along, Kathy?


32 thoughts on “Rescued Odes

  1. My ode project is stalled, but not dead. Thanks for sharing these tiny odes. They are silly and meant to amuse, so I’m glad they made you laugh.

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  2. Love these. Kathy is our very own poet laureate.

    Meanwhile a belated thanks for all the photos in the previous post, Guylty. You managed to fit in so much in a single weekend. I am woefully ignorant on the subject of German history, but those palace rooms reminded me a lot of Versailles. They really went for minimalism back then, didn’t they? 🙂


    • It looks much more than it was, Jenny. I had hubster with me, and so we needed to do a bit of sightseeing for his sake. (I visited that palace last year with Miss Guylty – but I am a total sucker for palaces, castles and any kind of antiquity…)
      Versailles would have been much much larger than this. But this palace – the city centre residence of the Royal house of Wittelsbach – actually escaped a lot of destruction and had many rooms still intact. No sign of minimalism anywhere…


  3. I just love Kathy’s Odes. They always make me smile especially the ones featuring cheeky innuendo. I wonder, G do you match the odes up with the perfect photos or is that Kathy?


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