2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #31

Hello on a beautiful sunny morning! With the sun shining, everything feels so much lighter. More about that later, but first I’ll give you what you are here for – the round-up. New header time!

  1. Let’s start off with our favourite knight, especially when declaring his love… Gifs by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. A nice little collage of some of the new An Le pictures of RA put into a context by ailin-a-dale
  3. Why is Thornton giving me vampire feels in this gif set by riepu10 😉
  4. Jeepers! That’s a scary, taxing look on Thorin there… Posted by fizzyxcustard
  5. A very pop art piece of Hobbit fan art by ogrebabyy
  6. I don’t know about you, but apart from watching Richard breathe I could also look at him walking for hours on end… Gif set of James from MZ by riepu10
  7. An interesting Hannibal collage that also features Francis Dolarhyde by hannibal-mushrooms-meat-and-wine
  8. 51kas81 has giffed angry Adam
  9. A gorgeous piece of Thorin fan art painted by sugarsu
  10. Gifs of the scene when Trevor Price turns up unannounced on Hector de Jean’s doorstep in Spain. It strikes me that Rhys Ifans looks taller than RA in this. Is he? It#s kind of strange seeing that, because usually it is always RA towering over other people… Posted by riepu10
  11. I always find posts amusing where random tweets are combined with film scenes. Here is one such compilation by waywardrainbows. Only contains Claude Becker in two pics, but is still funny
  12. Who would’ve thought that Guy is so religious… What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  13. These pieces of Thorin fan art are by evankart, reposted here by someone else. But they are so beautiful, even I (who doesn’t really like long hair on men) have had to include it in the list
  14. Thewarriorandtheking posted pictures from a printed book of evankart’s Thorin fan art. I had no idea that evankart had had them printed. Some gorgeous art in it

There would’ve been more posts because Tumblr was overflowing with the new pictures this week. However, I have ignored those posts for the most part in the link list because we have all seen them already. Although I was absolutely delighted to be greeted with so much pretty on my dash… Hope there was still enough for you in it… It’s always uplifting and satisfying for when the tumblr round-up has more than 10 links…

But in any case, I am in a good mood still from last night. Little Miss Guylty needed a lift to a seaside town on the outskirts of Dublin where she was going to have a “cheese and wine evening” with her friends from school. Really, my children are so much more sophisticated and sociable than I am. The town is called Bray and her friend lives about 45 minutes door-to-door from where we live. Since it was only going to be a 3 hour meet, Mr Guylty and I decided to hang around rather than cover the distance four times in total. So after dropping Little Miss, we drove down to the sea front and had a little stroll.

Bray is an old seaside resort that was very popular with the middle classes in the last two centuries. So much so that the Dublin trams actually stretched all the way to Bray (about 20km)! The sea front still has all those Victorian, bay-fronted lodging houses – except they are not really B&Bs anymore. These days people holiday somewhere where you have a sunshine guarantee. Not Ireland 😬

We were lucky with the weather because it stayed dry (despite forecasts of rain) and mild. It was clouded, though, and later in the evening it became a bit chilly. Anyway, we ambled along the promenade with the intention of finding a chipper for a portion of fish & chips on the go. In the end we actually decided on chancing it and sat down in a little café by the harbour where we had our fish & chips. The absolute joy of living by the seaside: proper *fresh* fish. *chefs kiss*. This was the first time since March that I have sat down in a café (not counting the hotel on our short holiday in July) for a meal, and it felt really special, luxurious even.

After our chip stop we wandered back and passed one of the many houses in (and around) Dublin that James Joyce lived in. It is a beautiful Victorian terrace slap-bang on the edge of the promenade. Joyce would have seen exactly the same view as the one in the vintage postcard above, when he looked out of the window.

Joyce lived in the corner house of the terrace

With still more time to kill and the evening lovely, I did something that I rarely do – I had a craving for ice cream. (I am usually more of a “I can take it or leave it” girl when it comes to ice cream, but not last night… the fish needed a bit of sweetness on top.) It was just the perfect occasion, sitting on the promenade, watching people walk by, looking out at the sea, and enjoying being outside… We eventually picked up Little Miss Guylty at 8.30pm and then were gifted a gorgeous burning sky on our way home.

It felt like summer. And that definitely makes me feel happy.

Hope you have a lovely, not-too-hot day wherever you are!

Sonja ❤


19 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #31

  1. According to Google Ifans is 1cm shorter than Armitage 😁
    The last link is really fabulous
    Your evening sounded wonderful…really chilled and relaxing. I could do with going out to somewhere like that.


    • Well I have rented a cottage in Lincolnshire
      Probably the sparsest populated county in England for a week in September lol
      Hopefully it will be low risk
      I shall shop before we go and cook in

      Liked by 1 person

      • That sounds like a great idea, Yve. I’m sure it is low risk – after all you are staying in a cottage among yourself, so not that much contact with other people. Something to really look forward to!


  2. Great collage on the list and thanks for posting these great photos of Bray. I did not make it there when I was last in Ireland. We went over to the West Coast from Dublin. Looks beautiful.
    I love everyone’s travel photos as I despair of ever being able to travel anywhere due to the stupidity of our so called leaders here in the US.


    • When our coastal towns fill up at weekends there is always a great cry of despair from the media but I really feel for folk that have been confined to flats all through the lockdown, perhaps we should have introduced some plans like they did in Spain so certain age groups were able to exercise at quieter times.


    • In fairness, Bray isn’t exactly on the tourist map, Ricky, so you are ok. The West coast is really where it is at.
      I agree with you – seeing holiday pictures online is giving me a holiday feeling, too. Armchair travellers, we are.


      • We spent a lot of time in Connemara, which I loved. It totally has that quaint country feel where there are sheep in the road around every corner and every country road is the width of one car. SO beautiful!! I miss the smell of a peat fire in the fireplace. I loved that so much.


        • Connemara is absolutely stunning. One of my favourite parts of Ireland. I’ve been on many a trip to Connemara, too. (Oh, and you are probably aware that RA spent a couple of months filming in Connemara, too – for ‘Pilgrimage’, in 2015.)


  3. That’s nice that you parental duties turned into such a delightful evening. Cheese and wine, wow! Bray looks very pretty. The postcard reminded me of a seaside scene in ‘Ulysses’ – one of the few chapters I liked and understood – so no wonder if JJ lived there.
    Thanks for the great ‘pic and mix’ round-up . The slo-mos of Guy and James are mesmerising and I like Vampire Thornton! 4) I find the little gurning Thorin above that pic scarier. 13 /14) Evankart’s book look’s fabulous, what beautiful artwork.


  4. Sounds like the absolute lovely and perfect summer day 🙂 Fish n chips and ice cream sounds like the perfect meal in my book, especially if it comes at the seaside 🙂 Wish sunshine could be packed and shipped, i’ve got a whole load of excess at the moment i’d be happy to share! 🙂


  5. Bray looks lovely- thanks for sharing the photos, Guylty, especially the Victorian one. I was going to mention the song about The Vicar of Bray but then I realised it refers to the one in Berkshire.

    I loved the roundup. I assumed the height difference in #10 was down to doorsteps. And #1 shows some of my favourite Guy shots, though they make me feel so sad for him. 😢 How daft can a grown woman get? ☺️


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