2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #44

Without further ado – the weekly round-up

  1. Lathalea is still recording the reactions to the Hobbit DOS. Now on the appendices, part 4
  2. Astrovian is going back to O8
  3. And since Astrovian has gaplessly giffed every single scene from O8, I am choosing another one – this one for the hilarious vanity of Claude Becker by way of leaving a stack of magazines featuring his Leslie Hassler picture on the cover surreptitiously lying around (By the way, in case you haven’t noticed it: The headline on the magazine says “Claude Becker rolls up his sleeves” 😂.In a *complete* deviation from normal round-up practice, I think we *really* need to see the picture right now…*corrrr**phwoar*UNF
  4. The tumblr name is michelle-manips, but I don’t think this collection of RA pics has been manipped. Nothing new – but any new collection is always worth including, right?
  5. Timeladyjamie posts a character bio for Guy of Gisborne
  6. Including this here – reposted by richardarmitagefanpage; had also been RT by Richard himself, but I think it is nice to see what the Russian fans got up to. What a great idea, a collective response on UV in the cinema
  7. You know I love aninomori’s art work of Richard. This one is no exception, although a bit different – the longer hair combined with grey, and a vampire undertone… convincing!
  8. A piece of digital artwork by strange-deviant-reality, featuring a henna-red Thorin…
  9. And above mentioned michelle-manips – this time *does* manip: Guy of Gisborne with Eva Greene. They make an interesting pair
  10. And another aninomori drawing of Richard
  11. Riepu10 has put 4 gifs from last week’s Red Prod podcast into one set
  12. Poor Guy, it’s so hard… What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  13. Hehe, join the queue, emenem17
  14. Wow, look at this beautiful fan art by deyonside
  15. An idea for a modern AU!Bagginshield by snarkymonkeyprime. I actually would like to read that
  16. And more Thorin fan art – lots of sketches by hoarart. Very distinctive style, but I like it
  17. WTF, thelefthandbonch? (via fizzyxcustard)
  18. Ha, this is funny – thearkenstone-ck takes mini Thorin on a train trip. And wow, that particular figurine looks actually quite similar to RA
  19. *hahaha* fun piece of Bagginshield by mortemilia
  20. Ok, before I get completely carried away with all the Bagginshield fan art that miraculously has popped up in the Thorin tag this week, I’ll finish up with this cutesy piece by deyonside. More art than realistic likenesses, but the sentiment is sweet


Soooo – that was a good long round-up this week, and it wasn’t even dominated by late Halloween offerings. Funny. Sometimes there is lots, and sometimes there is less. Hope you have enjoyed that. Before you go and enjoy your weekend, I am adding on my

Small Business Shout-Out

Today I am going to England for my small business support. And this one actually comes by way of our dear Hariclea. (Side note: If you can spare some good vibes, send them to Hari. She has had very bad news, in that her dad has been diagnosed with Covid and had to go to hospital in Romania.) Hari sent me a gorgeous birthday present – a pair of unbelievably soft and cosy fingerless gloves.

Here they are in action…

They are made by a small company called TurtleDoves. The moment I opened the package, I knew that I would love what was in it. TurtleDoves create a range of garments, all made from recycled cashmere. Everything is hand-made, and since they are recycling cashmere jumpers, their items are sustainable.

They have some nice discounts when you sign up for their newsletter – which actually is worthwhile when you consider ordering from overseas. Anyway, give them a look – their business model is fabulous, their products look great, and I’m sure they need the support. And at least I now know what I am buying my mum for Christmas…

Have a cosy, happy weekend!

Sonja ❤


10 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #44

  1. love ya! hugs and looove how great the warmers look on your crafty hands! i am so glad i discovered them! What a lovely company they are and i like their packaging is also sustainable and recyclable etc. Perfect for anyone who lives through cold, damp winters and it’s timeless, guiltless fashion as well 🙂 xxx


  2. #3 and photo excerpted above: I had spied the fake magazine cover during the movie, but this gif lets me study it more closely. Even the lines of copy are in-the-know jokes, aren’t they? There is a prop person who is a fan, me thinks, who had a goooood time making that cover. Or she, we know it was a she, studied a bunch of fan blogs! As for the photo itself with the painted-on shirt? Melt.


    • The prop person definitely had fun with this one. Inwonder whether they actually asked RA for help, as in “Rich, we need a picture of you, staring assertively in the camera, for a fake magazine cover with Claude. Any suggestions?” And then RA pulls out not only the picture by Hassler but also a whole back story that he has written up about Claude in his notebooks 😂


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