2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #1

The first round-up of the year is finally happening. Apologies for missing one last week – I was still in holiday mode and stayed away from the blog for a bit. But now it is time to see what has piled up since last year…

Time for a clean slate new header:

  1. So, did anyone else watch Bridgerton recently? Bygone-age asks this question… and I, too, had been wondering whether there would be any little space and role for Mr A in that series…
  2. Thewarriorandtheking has a few new Thorin memes for us
  3. This kind of thought sounds to me like that old experiment of looking at a mirror in a mirror… Posted by estethell
  4. Those tattoos never get old. (Or maybe it’s just the guy beyond the tattoos???) Gifs by riepu10
  5. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has created a lovely manip of Richard as Dr Astrov
  6. Oh, anon is wrong. There is a lot of thigh love out there, right Violet??? Posted by fizzyxcustard
  7. Astrovian has put two passionate kisses into one set. Aside: That Astrov kissing scene looks a bit… IDK… strange
  8. Spot on observation by astrovian. Also every stage director: We love the left nipple
  9. Mezzmerizedbyrichard zooms in on Adam Price’s eyes
  10. I haven’t seen the filmed version of UV yet, and I am kind of deliberately ignoring all the gifs that are already in circulation. But kind of standing in for all those gif makers, here is one set of Astrov made by astrovian
  11. Delving deeper into tumblr, I am catching up with New Year’s: Here is mininottingham’s new year’s wishes
  12. New Year’s manip by riepu10
  13. Ok, no, this set of screenshots by astrovian *has to* be seen. Shirtless Astrov
  14. Mezzmerizedbyrichard’s New Year’s message
  15. Join the queue, deepbluesunlight
  16. I very much like this piece of digital fan art of John Proctor by astrovian

I’m not going to go back to Christmas on tumblr now, but I think that 16 is ok for the start of our new tumblr year, right? There’ll probably be older bits and pieces turning up when I search for RA in other tags, too, so I’ll leave them to be discovered later.

Meanwhile I hope you have started nicely into 2021. It hasn’t really been a smooth start in all respects, I guess. There have been good news in that some very very late auction parcels have finally made it to their buyers. But well, there have also been some less than happy news. As always, I believe and I hope that it will get better. I am not looking any further than our current lockdown – taking it in small steps works best for me. But just in case I haven’t said it yet – happy new year, everyone, and let’s make this year better than last year. *That* surely can’t be a very difficult task to achieve 😉


Sonja ❤️


26 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #1

  1. regarding thighs, trying not to go absolutely crazed fangirl here-to me he literally has the most divine figure-everything is exactly how it should be-thighs, arms, shoulders, chest, nose…. lol
    love Riepus gifs as always
    regarding the Astrov/Yelena kiss- i never really liked the whole her jumping on him thing-it’s just a bit too Hollywood

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  2. What Besotted says. Thank you for the mentions, it’s been a while since I’d done any edits so was a bit rusty getting back into photoshop again.
    I binge watched Bridgerton last week and loved it! Richard would be perfect as a love interest for Violet.
    #6 oh anon, you are so wrong, there is a lot of ATA out there!
    #15 yep


    • Bridgerton was fun – even though the story itself was predictable and far too rushed to be believable. But the costumes – anachronistic as they may have been – were gorgeous to look at. It certainly whiled away the time.


  3. I have been enjoying ogling at shirtless Richard as Astrov. Just wondering whether a shirtless Astrov was intended by Chekhov’s stage directions for the play? Or is it gratuitous?
    Whilst I am in no way complaining, he does seem to have to disrobe/ take off items of clothing for a lot of his roles….😆 Can’t help wondering whether it’s a stipulation in his contract?
    Whatever the score, I admit that I am more than happy to view/regard/ogle/gawp at his torso (and anything else he cares to expose to the audience, whether intended or not😉). Confession over.

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    • No complaints about shirtless RA from my side, either. It’s just so ironic that he has been complaining so much about taking his kit off – and then he has to do it again and again. I remember sitting in Uncle Vanya and sniggering to myself when that scene happened.

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  4. Ode to Thighs

    Whether uncased in leather,
    Or denim or bare,
    RA’s thighs are beyond compare.
    Enticingly they invade my dreams,
    While prettily bulging,
    Under straining pant seams.
    Poor Richard in his closet,
    After a hard day of reading,
    His thighs might need some serious kneading.
    Who is up to this arduous task?
    Need I ask?

    Kathy Jones
    I think his thighs might be under appreciated because he has so many delicious body parts. 😉

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  5. Lovely new roundup, Guylty, thank you! Love all the comments too, especially Kathy’s brilliant Ode – I’ve still not worked out how to ‘like’ them without signing up, but be assured I do.

    Happy New Year, everyone. May it be a good one this time.

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