Armitage Weekly Round-up #39 – tumblr edition

Sorry, three daily updates in a row… I am exhausted. And you must be, too. Are you not over saturated in Armitage? No? Ok, I give up. Here is this week’s tumblr round-up. But really girls, I think Thursday night’s selfie topped it all… In fact, it totally dominated Tumblr. (Apart from the ensuing sniping over un/appropriate fan behaviour *yawns*. I’ll spare you details or links. It’s enough that it brought *my* mood right down…)

BOFA round-up 39

  1. So simple, yet unmistakable Thorin. A “doodle” by kkolmakov
  2. richardarmitage-poland puts Proctoritage into London context
  3. Sorry, this richardarmitageconfession is for Guy girl Guylty – who smugly adds “Why the past tense?” [Edit: Exchanged URL, now linking to my reblog]
  4. Planet715 delights again – with cutesy-cute Thorin. Awwwwwwwwwww
  5. Major Thorin spoiler by paula73aquino
  6. More naughty comic fun by nfcomics at the cost of Guy
  7. LOL. This is dorkface Armitage. Kinda cute. By oninha
  8. I really shouldn’t approve of such male chauvinist smugness, but when Guy is the culprit… Thanks to jollytr’s mind-reading skills
  9. Sketchlavie with a new interpretation of what lies behind that quiet exterior of Armitage’s. A rebel? Punk’d
  10. Not sure whether this is an edit or a digital drawing, but I really like the style of ohminastirith’s artwork
  11. gisbornegirl calls this the Thorin HairPorn Collection. Ehm. Apt
  12. mezzmerizedbyrichard tries her hand at a gif/still combo. Works!
  13. First time that I have noticed a gif set of Gary Fuller from ITS. By richardarmitage-poland
  14. susiederkinssd had a funny dash coincidence. So off, Mycroft!
  15. LOL. Circusgifs asks:  L’Oréal Erebor or L’Oréal Sherwood? Sherwood, of course
  16. ooooh, jassy2101’s gif looks pretty much like Guylty’s notebook…
  17. OMG – Abby, have you seen this???????????? Your coinage on a t-shirt!!!! You should ask for royalties! Posted by tigypopo
  18. There’s nothing wrong with *that* part of the Armitage, aphitaly! But yeah, auto-correct sucks
  19. Love roteronja’s watercolour of Thorin
  20. Whoa! And here is the first fanart of Dr Scott White. Made by gim-dwarf

Well, I’ll leave it at a nice tidy number. Hope you have enjoyed and the cuppa has not gone cold…

Happy weekend, everyone!

G. ❤


39 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up #39 – tumblr edition

  1. Have a great weekend and rest up. It has been a busy week in RA RA Land. And I have that t shirt in navy blue. My kids bought it for me on line. However I don’t look as good in it as the model in the picture.


    • Oh, navy blue sounds even better. Looks really great, I must say. And I think your kids are great for buying it for you! Top present – like that Hobbit cake, of course!


  2. So much fun 😀 Never Gonna Give You Up was playing on the sat radio while going through your round-up. Apropos? Okay, maybe a little Kathy Bates a la Misery 😉 Uh Oh! Still apropos.


  3. Aww! Thank you so much! (Ohminastirith speaking here!)
    So honored to be among this list! *hugs*
    Enjoy your weekend! ♥
    Ps: it’s a digital drawing, not an edit, anyways. 😉


      • Eheh who knows, maybe one day! 😉 I need to finish a couple of commissions, first (one of them features His Grumpiness Thorin and I already know the world is going to hate me for that), but maybe when I will have time… we’ll see. 😉


  4. Puh, schon wieder Samstag …?! Danke fürs Sammeln, Guylty. 🙂

    Du hast natürlich völlig recht, dass Chauvinismus absolut *in_ak_zep_ta_bel* ist. Wenn er nicht gerade so genial passt und zum LOL führt. 😀

    Die Links 18 und 19 führen beide zu armpit age. Der watercolour Thorin ist irgendwo verschollen. 😦

    Danke übrigens für den Hinweis im Abschluss – der hat mich gerade noch rechtzeitig zu meinem Heißgetränk gescheucht, bevor es ein Kalt- bzw. Igittigitt-Lauwarmgetränk wurde. 😀

    Wünsche ein schönes und entspanntes Wochenende (falls keine Notfälle online aufploppen)! 🙂


    • Oh damn, noch ein falscher Link? Und ich habe jetzt null Bock, den nochmal rauszusuchen… Trotzdem danke für den Hinweis xx
      Und ja, ein bisschen Ruhe wäre wünschenswert. Ich erhole mich immer noch von dem Anschlag auf die Reproduktionsorgane, bin aber ansonsten dankbar, dass somit mal wieder die *ooof*erei in Gang gekommen ist…


  5. L’oreal Erebor schwingt wesentlich eleganter als Sherwood . Da wurde aber auch budgetmässig mehr geklotzt und nicht an den Strähnen gespart 🙂
    Aber das smartere Prachtstück ist trotzdem der Chauvi aus’m Sherwald. Deshalb geht das Foto heute an ihn und er ist eine Runde weiter . Demnächst dann: Wer trägt den schöneren Bauernzopf? 😀


    • LOL – Bauernzopf. Und jahreszeitmäßig angepasst dann nächsten März ein Osterzopf?
      Und stimmt, Thorin hatte eine größere Hair Allowance als Guy. In Sachen Eitelkeit sind die beiden Chauvis aber wahrscheinlich ähnlich großzügig ausgestattet.
      Grüße in die griechische Außenstation 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ich war diese Woche kaum in tumblr — ich hätte Zeit gehabt, hatte aber ein schlechtes Gefühl. War gerade kurz da wegen Google Alerts, und es war wieder zum Kotzen. Was zu tun, wenn die Fanpolizei die Fanwelt übernimmt? Also war ich umsomehr glücklicher, Deine Resumée lesen zu dürfen. Vielen Dank und weiter so.

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  7. well this nicely rounds up a thankfully quiet Sunday, thank you for all the picking and linking, takes organisation and determination! I like your subconcious at work :-p you are obviously fond of the armpitage as it figures 2x 🙂 I’ll need more evidence to be convinced!
    Those Planet715 drawings are just sweet, can’t get enough but generally in awe of what people can draw and create.
    I falling for Guy and i can’t help it 😀 macho pig that he seems to be and all, still irresistible. You mean t tell me that Loreal Sherwood is as fake as Loreal Erebor???? i’m crushed! Hard to choose, there is some elegance in Erebor and it’s more kingly but i think i’d still go for the grip the Sherwood locks rather than the tangle in the Erebor ones, too complicated :-p

    Never seen such complicated two hands fingerwork for one button like in that photo-gif, fascinating.

    Have a good week everyone, may autumn treat us all kindly, less drizzle , more colour and sun


    • Oh, I am a total freak. I have a very kinky thing with the armpitage. Don’t ask me why – it’s probably to do with the fact that the armpits are usually out of sight, almost taboo, so whenever they are exposed, I find that very sexy… Ok, if you want to research the Armpitage, start here:
      And yes, there were extensions mentioned when it came to RH3. If I am quoting correctly, RA said he thought he looked like a “vagrant” with his long hair… He sported a little bun when he appeared on some breakfast show. Funny.
      And more sun and less rain – yes. 🙂


      • silly man! why would anyone tie up hair like that and why not just let it loose? annoying how even today society thinks there is an acceptable and an unacceptable way for a man to look, one can look very fine with longer hair in my book 🙂
        even though i’m just in lunchbreak i will not dare explore the link, think i’ll leave it for tonight :-p (ok, maybe just a tiny peek…)


        • I think the issue was that he was doing publicity for the premiere of Spooks 7 at the time, and with all that hair he wouldn’t have looked even remotely like Lucas North. It would have been jarring.

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