Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition – #1

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Panta rhei. Everything changes. With the much appreciated weekly Legenda courtesy of Servetus coming to an end in its previous format, Agzy of Iwanttobeapinup has been busy behind the scenes to come up with a scheme to continue a regular round-up of the goings-on within the web-based, public fandom. As a blogger with an established base on tumblr, I have been flattered roped in to provide a weekly compilation of note-worthy posts from the world of microblogging. Under the heading of “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition” I shall do my very best to present to you what I found new/funny/interesting/puzzling/original/sexy/outrageous/smelly/awe-inspiring or drool-note-worthy under the Richard Armitage tag on tumblr. To access the posts, simply click on the numbered item.  Agzy will do the same for the blogosphere while The Arkenstone is going to give us the best of fanfiction per week. Saturday mornings will never be the same again! Read Agzy’s round-up here.

Disclaimer: I will not even *attempt* to aim for an exhaustive round-up – tumblr is too fast, varied and big for that. The weekly compilation will be subjective and exclusive – but it comes with the appeal to you to pass on any relevant (tumblr-related) links that you might find noteworthy. Please leave them in my comments or contact me via mail at guylty(at)photographer(dot)net.

I would like to shamelessly copy continue Servetus’ approach and encourage you to leave comments on anything that you liked in the round-up on the respective poster’s blog. You can only comment on tumblr if you have a tumblr-log yourself. (For a short intro into tumblr, check my blog post from FanstRA 2013) In the absence of a tumblr account, I welcome comments on the weekly compilation post, too, and will do my best to pass on your comments to the respective authors over on tumblr. However, it is free and easy to set up a tumblr account should you not have one already.

Before I present my first subjective weekly Armitage round-up – tumblr edition – I would like to take the opportunity and thank Servetus for her pioneering work. Her weekly Legendas were a fixture on my reading list and an incentive to de-lurk and start interacting with the extraordinarily creative, talented and opinionated articulate RArmy from all corners of the web. Legenda will be missed but I anticipate new exciting posts on me+richard. I look forward to reading Agzy’s and The Arkenstone’s round-ups and hope for your kind consideration and support of their efforts.

SpReAd the bloglove, girls – comment and interact!

Round up header

  1. Crystalchandlyre says “Kiss me, I am Richard” and sends sweet New Year wishes.
  2. The amazing artist Evankart has published new Thorin drawings.
  3. Guy back to front. Still pretty effective. *sighs* Check out the gif from gif-maker extraordinaire circusgifs.
  4. Circusgifs is not just a gif-whizz but also a graphic artist. Her Armitage Army coat of arms is very appropriate. Check it on a t-shirt.
  5. And on a phone case.
  6. Still undecided on “Nose-Gate”? RAloversFYI may sway your opinion (or not).
  7. On a personal note: Con4cyn has an accurate description of what happened to her, me and countless others in the last two years.
  8. This has been going around for a while, but I just discovered it this week. Controversial, but undeniably baaaaad in a hot way, as The Heirs of Durin have found.
  9. Now’s the time to invest in a new calendar. SceithAilm’s  amazing artwork featuring Richard Armitage’s characters in all their glory. Blogged by firafyrngeweorc.
  10. And lastly two gifs by circusgifs. Straight into the eyes and right into the feels.

[Header graphics courtesy of Agzy @ Iwanttobeapinup]


38 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition – #1

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  2. Thanks for all the great links and for doing this! This is really a moment where “panta rhei” not only applies but is going to mean something good.


  3. What a wonderful round-up, Missy! I missed the coat of arms T-shirt (although I have long admired the design) and now I’m getting all grabby hands because me wants it, My preciousssss…. I can see myself wearing the baseball version next year in London and it’s that kind of thinking that breaks the bank…


    • So much for the Army uniform… The coat of arms is very classy. I’d be happy with a little badge of it. Not sure if I really want to display the sign sprawled across my boobs 😀


  4. This is great Guylty — thanks so much! You’re totally right & others have commented about how quickly things pop up on Tumblr. Every time I spot a new (to me) gif or picture of RA & I stop for a loooong appreciation 😉 about 15 other things whizz past me!! Thanks again!


    • I might be too old for Tumblr :-D… But in any case, I have appealed for help on Tumblr, too, so hopefully we’ll catch enough posts every week to get the round-up out. (I’ve already got the first link for next week’s instalment sorted…)


  5. Thanks for doing this. I’ve discovered some wonderful blogs that I’ve never visited before.

    And yes, #8 gave me pause at first. But I missed Percy and dug him up from my archive a few days ago. Sorry not sorry 🙂


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