Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #5

Happy Round-up Day, everyone! I am sending you my weekly review of all things mentionable and unmentionable on tumblr from a little trip abroad. I am slumming it in Munich – but thanks to my trusty little girly-pink (!) laptop I can entertain you from here.

Round up header 5

As usual I have kept tabs on the new arrivals on tumblr. Here is this week’s list of interesting visuals and funnies:

  1. Need a Valentine’s card? Well, say it with the majestic King!
  2. Not sure if I like the idea of that… for obvious reasons…
  3. For a look in your eyes, Armitage…
  4. A short piece of fanfic involving Thorin…
  5. I missed this scene in the EE – and the caption makes it even better…
  6. Not new, but good to see this as a gif set: Some notes on Thorin’s physicality. Straight from the horse’s mouth.
  7. There’s penis envy. And then there is bike envy. Or maybe including this post in my round-up is merely an expression of a leather fetish…
  8. Wardrobe choices the fangirls approve of
  9. No time to catch-up on Spooks? Well, here’s *one* episode in 48 pictures. All fits one screen!
  10. This really had me chuckle… Marian, you are late!
  11. I hardly have enough praise for this one-shot fanfic of Thorin. Tissues at the ready – absolutely stunning!
  12. This week’s blast from the past (for the beard-lovers among you!)

For all things fanfic and blogworld, please check the round-ups at Agzy’s and Arkenstone’s blogs.

Be good while I am gone! I’ve asked Sir Guy to keep an eye on you!
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11 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #5

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  2. Me! Me! I want to see the king jewels! Are they shiny? Do they catch the light? 😉
    Thanks for the round-up, I’m clearly getting a Munich and girly pink vibe from this week. Incidentally, great minds do think alike, my laptop is red. It was supposed to be pink but they brought out a new collection and deemed that that was a more appropriate colour!


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