2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #38

Um. I have no intro today. Nothing of note to mention. Well, possibly that Mr Guylty has received his booster shot of the Covid vaccine *hooray* and that one-shot me (Johnson & Johnson/Janssen) feels a bit unsure. From Germany I am hearing that people vaccinated with Janssen are urged to get a booster; in Ireland there are currently no plans to facilitate that. Yet case numbers are significantly rising here, despite over 90% of adults being vaccinated. My brother- and sister-in-law (both vaccinated) have caught the virus from their children (all under 12), so… *meh*.

Let’s look at happier things.

  1. Just Guy, as riepu10 says…
  2. Another picture from the set of TSC which I hadn’t updated on my recent post. By astrovian
  3. Also from astrovian, her digital fan art of RA
  4. Grey hair appreciation post, also by astrovian
  5. Armitangel-1972 brings us a blast from the past. That lock of hair…
  6. Guy is easy to convince… at least in nfcomics’ version
  7. I am getting Christmas biscuit baking vibes from this sketch by tondwoo
  8. Pony tail-ed Thorin as a blacksmith, imagined by shrimpsthings
  9. Gosh, these stickers are the cutest. Posted by maalezzo

Hm, it’s quiet. Sorry. Although – there are a load of fan fics going on on Tumblr. I just haven’t really linked them because I haven’t read them and can make no recommendation.

Hope you all have a nice and restful weekend. My plan today is to venture into town to a craft-shop and look for Christmassy paper for a project I have brewing. And then I want to bake a cake and also do something with the surplus of beet root I have received in our veg box.

Sonja ❤️


33 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #38

  1. That devilish lock of hair, those devastating blue eyes, that desperately unfortunate necklace…

    Very glad to hear that Mr Guylty got his booster. Am hoping to get mine next month. I splurged at a lovely new-to-me craft store, although they didn’t have much Christmas ephemera yet. Gosh, I guess I’ll just have to go back. 😬


    • Yep, he really looks so good in those old pics. (The necklace is actually some designer piece. I’ve forgotten what, but a piece of gold iirc.)
      I took a leaf out of your book and went shopping today, too. Managed to reign in the craft expenses and only bought two paper pads. But splurged on funky storage boxes. Now that means I have to tidy up the craftroom again 😱


  2. The lock. 😻 *thud*

    I have now lost my train of thought for the rest.

    Very glad to know Mr. Guylty is boostered. Got my parents their appointments this week also much to my relief. I hope they’ll sort something for you soon. 🤞🏻


      • The statistics on the J&J booster are not bad — they still drastically multiply the antibodies (and there are a lot of questions now about whether J&J shouldn’t have been a 2-dose regime in the first place), but J&J plus an mRNA booster achieves a spectacular result. I’d have to look up the numbers but it’s shocking. OTOH as people keep emphasizing here, antibody numbers are not the whole story — they are only the active response to the infection. T-cells also play a role (if I am remembering that correctly) and long-term effect on t-cells has to be studied more fully. (Sorry for the info dump.)


        • I love the info “dump”!! Glad to get some reliable facts this way! And it confirms what I have read, too – combination of Janssen with an mRNA vaccine is the best way forward. I’ll be contacting my GP tomorrow to hear whether I can privately organise a booster shot.

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      • my recipe for harvest season: slice beetroot and potatoes in similarly thin slices (3-5mm) and layer them in a baking dish – one line potato one line beetroot and so on. then mix cream with egg, some herbs of your choice, some nutmeg, salt pepper – and maybe some fried bacon pieces for the non vegetarians – and pour the mix over the beetroot/potato slices. grated cheese on top and into the oven at 180°C for about 30-40 minutes until the potatoes and beetroot is cooked (depending on how thin you sliced them…) I usually turn the heat up for the last few minutes to get a crispy cheese crust. 😋 perfect to warm up after some late autumn outdoor work! the beetroot brings a very pinkish color to the whole meal and the gratin is both savoury and sweet. some salad to go with the main dish with baby spinach leaves and also some last herbs from the garden plus maybe some small apple chunks and pieces of walnuts with (pear-) balsamic vinegar, olive oil, spices, maybe sprinkled with some dried calendula petals – usually whatever there is left in the garden 😉 mmmmmhmmmm now I’m hungry again 😊


          • whatever combination takes your fancy, I would say 😊 thats the nice thing about these “put everything in the oven and get some more work done until dinner is ready” recipes 😉 personally I wouldn’t put parsnip in there because for me this is such a “soup-vegetable” that I always think it tastes strange in anything that isn’t a soup 😋 but that’s probably just my childhood conditioning


  3. That’s good about the boosters, I hope you get yours soon. There is always borscht for using up beetroot, with sour cream and potato cakes – yum! Thanks for the round-up, Guylty.


  4. Great that Mr Guylty has received his booster shot and that your mum has got her appointment for a booster. I’m vaccinated with not mRNA vaccine too (AstraZeneca) 😊. If you were between 18 and 69 you could get it earlier because a lot of people were waiting for the mRNA vaccine or J&J (because of one shot). I can make an appointment for me and all my relatives only in a month (6 months break, regardless of the type of vaccine and age; only Mr Grazas mum has received his booster shot already). I hope you get your booster shot soon and that you will tell me after that we have superpower with this not mRNA and mRNA vaccine mixture 😉


    • Haha, superpower would be great.
      Looks as if we are on our own in Ireland re. booster shots for “healthy” folks. Still haven’t been able to reach my GP, but that’s definitely on the list for next week.


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