2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #14

No way, it’s Saturday, and Sonja posts a round-up 😂. Miracles happen… Is it the sunshine (although still cold outside), or the prospect of asparagus with diced smoked ham this evening, that has dialled my mood and energy to eleven? The week started tough, with a trip to A&E Sunday evening. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know already that it was actually not for Mr Guylty but my own self. I had gotten worried about my leg pain and followed my GP’s advice to go to hospital as soon as the pain moved to the inside of my thighs. Perversely, my panic and worry *subsided* with every passing hour in the A&E waiting room – I figured that the initial triage must have put me as a non-urgent case, considering that several people who arrived *after* me were seen *before* me. Anyway, the (lovely) doctor after the examination merely confirmed that it was Sciatica. I came away with a prescription for medication that apparently is not a pain-killer but “changes the pain perception”… Who would’ve thought that my first experience with mind-altering drugs would be at this ripe age? 😂 I have hope that the pain will be manageable, going forward. So far the stuff has been working great. Could be a placebo effect, but the leg pain is less uncomfortable than before. That might also be the result of my super-comfy Sciatica gel cushion – feels like sitting in clouds – and doing my exercises as well as walks. Or of the boost of happiness I received when a gorgeous bunch of flowers was delivered, courtesy of my Irish fellow fan Deirdre.

Isn’t it beautiful? Thank you so much, Deirdre – it made me so happy!

As for Mr Guylty – still no vaccination appointment. When asking his GP, they hinted that he basically missed his slot to get vaccinated as part of the cohort of people with medical preconditions – and will now have to wait until his age group is being vaccinated. 😞 Stupid system, if you ask me, but there is no way of getting in touch with the authorities that are responsible for putting this list of vaccination receivers together. My in-laws have already received both jabs, and my mother in Germany is getting her first vaccine shot right now as I write. So there’s at least *some* of the worry off my chest. We’ll just continue being careful, I guess.

Ok, enough of the waffle, let’s do the round-up. There’s a nice list down below.

  1. This is a reaction called a “gateway”… Posted by msfcatlover
  2. Astrovian’s urge to include Richard in her work life sounds familiar to me. I remember using his work as examples in my photography degree homework 😂
  3. Universallywritinghotshotgaint describes her reactions to Astrov in UV
  4. Hehehe, just a small scene involving Thorin and Bilbo, by ghiva-shel
  5. In mininottingham it is already summer… Poor Guy, though, all in leather, head to toe
  6. TBT baby!Richard as Macduff in Shakespeare Retold. Such dark hair, so young. Thanks for the trip into the past, riepu10
  7. Thorinoakenshield8 googles Richard’s relationship status. I had to giggle
  8. Drldeboer is back with her screenshot collections. Here is a look at Astrov
  9. I love the idea of moodboards for chaRActers. Here is one for Guy, made by shutupthorin
  10. Totally selfishly including this 2-gif-set of Ricky Deeming – for the location. Filmed in Co. Wicklow, Ireland 😁. Posted by riepu10
  11. And another Astrov picture set by drldeboer – these images are just so f***ing dreamy
  12. Ladyngisborne has written a Guy of Gisborne time travel fan fic. I peeked into the first chapter and was intrigued. This could be good!
  13. Look at that. Guy’s season 1 + 2 leather jacket is apparently available as a copy. Here used for cosplay by ladyngisborne’s husband. (Hehe, the hubster is really adorable…)
  14. Interesting manip meant to illustrate ladyngisborne’s time travel fan fic
  15. A gorgeous photoshoot with a Thorin figurine that gets the scale so right. By thewarriorandtheking
  16. How cute is this Bagginshield fan art? I’m here for the cottagecore, t00thpasteface
  17. And look at this cutesy Thorin fan art 😂, made by izzywithapen

Yay, a very nice booty today.

No, not that booty…

Hope you enjoyed that.

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Sonja ♥️


25 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #14

  1. I’m sorry to hear Mr. G still hasn’t been vaccinated. As someone who has an underlying health condition he should be a priority irrespective of his age. They keep changing criteria for getting vaccine 😔. Take care😘

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  2. Glad you are feeling better. Sciatica is a pain literally, as you know. I’ve dealt with it for years., mainly stretches, exercise, gel cushions and ice packs help for me. Hope Mr. Guylty and your fine self get vaccinated soon! That is completely stupid that you now have to wait until his age group. Makes NO sense. Here, you can go in with a doctor’s letter/note stating your medical condition that makes you more vulnerable and get your vaccination now. In Florida they are vaccinating people age 40 and above. We have a lot of idiots in the US who are refusing the vaccine. I wouldn’t want the J and J vaccine, but there are 2 other choices! I give those folks the Darwin award for the year!

    Anyway, hope you feel better soon and get your vaccines sooner.


    • Good to hear you have got a handle on sciatica with the things you have mentioned. They are all on my list, too. (Note to self – haven‘t exercised today yet.)
      I wish we had a system for the vaccinations like you describe. It all seems a bit more rigid here.


  3. I am so sorry to hear about your A&E experience Guylty (I don’t always see your posts, or others, on Twitter for some reason) and hope that you are OK and will feel relief soon.  At least it must be a relief to have a diagnosis.
    1) Funny though it is, I think Richard would be a perfect subject for photography analysis: he is photogenic of course but he has been captured in so many ways and styles
    6) Wow, those shoulders!
    Thanks for the great round-up, what an eclectic mix!


    • A diagnosis is definitely the first step. At least I don‘t feel so anxious anymore. Tomorrow I have an MRI scan, so we‘ll see what they find out…
      1) Definitely the perfect subject for illustration when it comes to photography (and film)!!!

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  4. Dad’s personal care worker says the secret to dealing with sciatica is to find an especially attractive physiotherapist whom you want to please by doing all the exercises correctly.


  5. Not my joke, but she is really funny when she talks about how much she enjoys her sessions. Apparently she’s considered developing some other phantom ailment so that her insurance will continue to cover her visits to him.


    • Hehe, sounds like she is a formidable player! I like that she takes so much interest in her patients that she actually uses some tricks to get them what they need. Will she continue to look after him now that he is in residential care? (BTW, sending some virtual hugs your way – hope during all this upheaval you also find a tiny bit of pleasure and excitement in moving into a new house yourself.)


      • no, she meant *her* physiotherapist (she has sciatica and it’s a lot better now, but she’s looking into developing the symptoms of bursitis). She mostly plays cards and goes shopping and runs errands with him. I hope she’s going to stick with us, but during the summer she runs a sod farm and she doesn’t have much free time. So she may take the summer off.


        • Ahhhh – hahaha, ok, now, that makes more sense. Bursitis sounds like a very specific ailment. Hope it works for her 😉 Also hope that she can continue to visit your dad despite her private obligations!

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