The Fixed-Price Sale Now LIVE!!! #RA50Auctions

I’ll keep this short because I suspect nobody has time for my lengthy waffle 😂. You can now find the sale open at ScissorsandSmiles on Pattern by Etsy.

However, if anyone *does* want to read more, here is the marketing blurb 😉. We have an amazing number of items on offer for you, all for fixed-prices. There are 13 different offerings, made or designed by fans, for fans. Multiples of the items are available – some more, some less, but a total of 180+ individual pieces. All prices are per 1 item, and include postage and packing.

The fundraiser items are clearly labelled so you know that you are buying an item whose proceeds go into our donations pot. The listing thumbnails have the red-and-yellow logo (see right) in the top left corner and have the hashtag #RA50Auctions in the title. Also, each listing descriptions starts with the note “THIS IS A #RA50Auctions ITEM!!!!!”. Note: As this is my own Etsy shop, there will be other items visible that are *not* part of the fundraiser. So look out for the #RA50Auctions hashtag.

These items are also fan-made, many of them hand-made and therefore vary in details. You can buy multiples of the same item (via the “quantity” button in the individual listing) – or put several different items into your shopping basket before you pay. That will make the shopping process easier and faster for both you and me 🙂. You don’t have to register for an account there in order to buy on Etsy! In order to save on shipping costs, I will try to combine Etsy purchases with eBay wins. Therefore processing times have been extended to 1-3 business days.

Here come the items:

Audio book fan? And you like Richard Armitage? Keep your table spill-free with a colourful coaster featuring some of Richard’s audio books. The coasters are specifically made for this fundraiser and feature the covers of three of RA’s audio books: Romeo and Juliet, David Copperfield, and Classic Love Poems. Designed and donated by Young.


Never forget anything – with Richard on your mind! These memo pads are custom-made for the fundraiser and feature some of RA’s best loved chaRActers – the fierce Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit, glowering Mr Thornton from North & South, and angsty Adam Price from The Stranger. Choose your favourite chaRActer – or treat yourself to the collection of three. You can choose quantity and style in the drop-down menu in your shopping cart. The memo block is 8 x 8cm and approx. 2cm high. Sorry, I haven’t counted the number of memo pages – but they’ll last you a little while! These have also been designed and donated by Young.


OMG, I nearly missed the adorable Harry dangles. Adorn your phone/handbag/keychain with one of these gorgeous dangles – unique and limited in number, they are hand-made and feature RA’s chaRActer Harry Kennedy from The Vicar of Dibley. Each dangle is unique in its combination of image and little handmade danglies in the shape of mini books, chocolate bar and pencil – no other copies available.


Miniature John Thornton captured in a glass bell jar, perfect for the pocket or purse. This item consists of a carefully hand cut Mr Thornton, delicately decorated with snow and a yellow rose for a teeny tiny vignette that will delight all N&S fans. You get an impression of the miniature size in the photo – in relation to a 2 Pound coin. Made by Jane.


Find your favourite chaRActer and adorn your desk or use one of these gorgeous tags as a one-of-a-kind book mark. Unique and limited in number, they are hand-made and feature various chaRActers from RA’s oeuvre. Each tag is entirely handmade and unique in its combination of image and decoration – no other copies available. Made by Kate.

1 left in stock SORRY – ALREADY SOLD OUT

Also by Kate: Unique and limited in number, these are pompom tags, hand-made and featuring various pictures of RA. Each tag is entirely handmade, has one large and one small tag, and is unique in its combination of image and decoration. These tags come with a handmade pompom in matching colour.

1 left in stock SORRY – ALREADY SOLD OUT

You can never have enough magnets, right? Especially when featuring Richard Armitage! These magnets are specifically designed for this fundraiser and feature three different RA looks. Yes, we cover all states of (facial) hair, from beard to stubble to Astrov mane! Choose your favourite in check-out – or get all three for all eventualities. Designed and donated by Esther.

1 left in stock SORRY – ALREADY SOLD OUT

For the discreet Armitage fan, this is a face mask, handmade from two different cotton fabrics. You can see the two sides of the mask in the picture – a custom designed Richard Armitage newsprint fabric, and a fun, light summer fabric with polka dots, pink check or pastel stripes. If you feel the newsprint design is too much, you can reverse the mask and wear it inside out – for fangirling on the stealth ;-). Made by Sonja


You like books – and you like Richard Armitage? Here’s a fun item for you. This is a hand-made teeny tiny book with real pages, made into a pin. The books do not actually exist, and the covers are designed as a little insider joke. These are smaller books than the ones I have sold before! Made by Sonja

23 left in stock

Some chaRActers have coined unforgettable phrases. Why not adorn your wall with a quote from of RA’s most memorable roles? This piece of vintage-style fan art consists of a textile collage, with a printed quote stitched to a custom-printed page from the original book/play. The collage is machine stitched and comes with a mount, ready to be placed in a frame of your choice. Each mount has a removable paper clip that is decorated with a paper cluster to suit the quote. Made by Sonja

2 left in stock

Keep your passport or other small documents safe in a fabric holder – and have a discreet little glimpse of RA news in the fabric lining. This item is handmade from two different fabrics. The outside has a neutral fabric, the inside is lined with the custom RA news fabric. The inside of (4 of) the passport holders has a clear plastic pocket to keep items like an identity card or vaccination card on side, and a fabric pocket on the other side. Made by Sonja


A big thank you to all crafters and makers for their donations to this part of the fundraiser!

I very much hope that everyone will find something to their liking.

PS: I will update this post to include the links to the individual items, but can only do so once the listings have been published. So there may be a little time lag here 😉


13 thoughts on “The Fixed-Price Sale Now LIVE!!! #RA50Auctions

  1. I think I managed to buy a pin badge
    My skills at online purchases are virtually nil😂
    You will need a long restful holiday after all your efforts
    Thanks for everything you do


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