2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #41

A weekend at home is also nice. I have got a loooong to-do list today. Some is work (3 translations due on Monday), some is basically fun (organising for the fundraiser, crafting experiments, restock for my Etsy shop). I like to be busy. The more is on my list, the more I get done. Especially if I actually write down a to-do list. First thing on my list today:

Weekly Round-up #41

  1. Oh, we are top top topical. Hot on the heels of Taylor Swift’s re-release of Red, lily-s-world finds that the song is totally based on Margaret and Thornton. I think she might have a point
  2. Mezzmerizedbyrichard spoils us with a gif and picture set of lots of open-necked shirts. Ahem, and RA in them
  3. LOL – that wouldn’t work for *this* horror-hating RA well-wisher, but astrovian may not be far from the truth with this edit
  4. Thanks to mezzmerizedbyrichard we now have proof that RA can still muster up *that look* – ah, sigh
  5. We recently had the 6th anniversary of the UATSC premiere. To mark it, here is richardarmitagefanpage reblogging the recorded Q&A session with RA, Candida Brady and Bernard Hare. Might be of interest to newer fans. Hehe, you can also play “spot Guylty in the audience”
  6. Novelty funsy 😂. Anybody remember what that is? Riepu10 has got the gifs
  7. Astrovian has put together some recent images of RA filming TSC
  8. Not sure whether this amazing portrait was actually drawn by the poster herself, but it is just stunning, so I had to include it here. Posted by iviasha
  9. Hahaha, family viewing and NS. Do you agree with sunnibits or does NS need a parental advisory sticker?
  10. ICYMI, White Boar Films has a Twitter, a website and a logo! See more on astrovian’s post
  11. 😂 Well, *that* facial expression goes extremely well with this quip from the What a Guy Wants series by nfcomics

There we go. I have just put my son to bed in his old room. He has come home from his weekend student job early, with a badly sore throat and a throbbing headache. Poor pet. It’s really sweet how the kids come back for mama’s love and care when they are feeling ill. ❤️ I gave him some lemsip, tucked him into his old bed and actually closed the shutters to make him fall asleep. Unfortunately sounds like a really bad case of sore throat, though, which might require antibiotics 🤕. And of course it’s the weekend… Fingers crossed…

Have a nice weekend yourselves!

Sonja ❤️


33 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #41

  1. Get well soon wishes to Master Guylty. Sorry he’s feeling so rotten but he has the best of nurses at least 😉

    Thanks for the roundup, Guylty. There’s something for everyone here. Belated congratulations on your blogiversary too. Apologies for being silent so long – I‘ve been reading and enjoying but not replying which is very unfair of me.


    • No need to apologise, Jenny 😌. There is no obligation to comment or to read – RL sometimes commands our attention 😉
      Yep, hope Master Guylty will be feeling a bit better soon. I’ll keep him here for the night.


  2. Hope your son feels better soon. Mum’s are always the best caretakers! Love the photos of Richard. How does he manage to keep looking better as he gets older? Wish I could master that trick!


      • Oh, poor Master Guylty. You probably got a lot of recommendations from people who know how to soothe the pain with poultice e.t.c. So I just hope that he will feel better each day.


        • Seems as if there is very little we can do. He has been given antibiotics, though, and is taking painkillers, too. Hopefully he will soon be over the worst of it. He doesn’t want to miss too much college time as this is his final year, and he is working on his thesis…


          • That’s great that Master Guylty is working on his thesis this academic year! But now he needs to get well so he can work hard on it afterwards. It’s November so he’ll still have a lot of time. He can also read when he won’t be in so much pain anymore. Fingers crossed for the result of the PCR test of Miss Guylty.


  3. I hope Guylty junior is feeling much better , there are a lot of sore-throat bugs around.
    Thank you for the round-up. 2) Open-necked Armitage is definitely worth highlighting and 9) Definitely not suitable for family viewing, same as Robin Hood, which used to make me squirm watching with my son e.g. when Guy was bare-chested.


    • Master Guylty still under the weather – and unfortunately no doctors available today. He’ll have to hold out until tomorrow.
      Oh yes, I know what you mean re. family viewing. I mean, even when nothing sexy happens, it still feels so… overwhelming 😂


  4. Poor Master Guylty! Sending healing vibes 🤒
    Swooning at #4 and cringing slightly at #5 🤭 What was I thinking, sitting in the front row 🙄🤣
    #11 – 🤣🤣🤣 And weren’t his medieval teeth blinding 😉


      • Oh yes, we were. Helen was in the front row, I was directly behind her. And after the Q&A, RA, Brady and Hare were chatting before they left, and RA stood *exactly* beside me. *faints*


        • Now I see you 😊 I was looking at the first row but couldn’t find you. Nice *seat reservation* 😉 for both of you. I saw this chatting before and thought it was extremely close, but I haven’t seen you because you were exactly beside RA. Hihi, he even looked your way when he come back for a photo session. Hmm, if you really fainted he would surely give you first help 😊


          • Ha, no seat reservations. It was funny because we were not really the first people into the hall for the viewing/Q&A, but for some reason the seats at the front were not immediately taken. I was delighted with my second row end seat – allowed me to take some pictures without obstructions.
            I am glad I didn’t notice him looking my way 😱. That kind of thing makes me nervous 😬


  5. Nothing hurts more than seeing one you love suffer, even a little bit. Hope your boy feels better soon G.
    Also glad you liked one of my WAGW posts and can’t help but agree with your assessment of his expression on that one.😁🍁🌻🍂


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