Richard Armitage’s Geneva Debuts Today

Wow, two-post day because we are being spoilt with news, audio, even moving pictures! As you all know, Richard’s debut thriller Geneva has dropped today via Audible. Yes, I have already bought it and it is waiting for me to be listened to. And it appears that Audible has spared neither cost nor effort to promote the debut of their esteemed audio king. They have not only made a short teaser interview (released yesterday), but there is even a little video trailer. Check this out (or don’t, in case you don’t want to be SPOILERED):

Well, there is the next project, presented on a plate to White Boar Films 😉. And Richard won’t even have to splash out to acquire film rights!


Jokes aside – I haven’t listened to Geneva yet, so I am equally delighted as surprised to hear Richard narrating the voice-over in first person singular. Which leads me to believe that there will be lots of “performance” in the audio book, including Richard as the main character’s husband. His involvement – the husband’s, that is – might be at the heart of the thriller? Only one way to find out…

But have we ever seen a full-fledged movie-trailer-style promo for an audio book? They really put some effort into this little clip, not only letting Richard enact the premise of the book but investing in a cast and a location to create a visual blurb. Don’t be fooled by the short length of the 30-second clip. That kind of stuff costs money… I am impressed!

Have you already bought the audio book?




28 thoughts on “Richard Armitage’s Geneva Debuts Today

  1. Listening to Geneva right now. Halfway thru and it’s really picking up speed. The video had no bearing on my decision, but do you think Richard is already considering a film or tv series from this story as well as the J&E books?


    • I don’t know, but in a way it would be prefect, don’t you think? Not least because he knows exactly the vision for the story, and he doesn’t have to pay for the rights.


      • And a new YouTube video was just posted in which he talks about turning Geneva into a movie. He says he’d be too old to play Daniel, but he might be up for portraying Pavel (sp?)


          • I’m now at chapter 24 of Geneva and I actually have already cast RA as Pavel in my head and simeone like Richard Madden as Daniel 😅 ready for the film to be released already, bring it on! 😁 👍 but also: I’d love to have a printed copy of the book, not “just” the audiobook!


  2. What a video!!! And it looks so much like my employers former building in Geneva, I first thought it was even filmed there.
    I just listened to prologue and first chapter during lunch break. After hearing a phrase like “the pharma industry is a fickle master” I had stop and dial in to my next meeting with my colleagues serving the same pharma master as I do.
    And the video adds to the strange feeling. Maybe next week I can even listen to a chapter during break in the office with the view on the lake and the mountains as they are described in the book.

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    • Wow, how cool is that? You have the location right there. (Even if it is not *actually* the location, but at least you have a real template to work from.) As I said, I look forward to hearing your insider’s take on how he represents the industry.


  3. And I am curious if RA will speak some French in the novel. So far I just have reached some names of places and for some did not recognise immediately what was meant.


  4. It´s in my library but I didn´t have time to start listening yet, I need to be able to focus. I thought the same about the promotion, I don´t think I ever saw a movie-style trailer for an audio book or at least none of this quality, I think it´s terrific and they´ve really put a lot of effort and resources into it and I´m so proud and happy. Now let´s wait for a movie/TV series adaptation 😉.
    And the news that he´ll actually play Jackman just added to that, it´s what I always wanted and I´m really happy ❤️. We´re being so spoiled right now 🥰.


    • I was able to start yesterday but only got 1 hour in. It’s been interesting so far, but it still feels as if nothing has happened yet apart from the character set-up. Unfortunately I won’t be able to listen much the next while – choc-a-bloc with visitors here. Ah well, that means I get to enjoy it for longer 😉


  5. won’t be listening unless it comes to BorrowBox-i don’t think i’ve used any Am@zon services for around 8 years know (political reasons) but i’m certainly interested in listening to it. reminded of the trailer he did for Their Lost Daughters, though this is alot more swish. Was more excited wit the news he will be playing Jackman from Joy Ellis


    • Yeah, the Audible exclusivity is an issue. Hopefully you won’t have to wait for too long. Congrats on your stamina with the boycott. I see where you are coming from but I am totally compromised in that regard, having worked for Amazon myself 😬.

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  6. Yes so much RA news all at once! It’s a great little movie and interesting that it is a visual promotion for an audiobook. It is a shame that the woman isn’t Nicola Walker and someone younger (although I don’t know yet if she is playing his wife). Really impressed by Geneva so far.


    • They really pushed the boat out with the promo. Audible knows that they have a gem in RA. His fans have been clicking the buy-button so vigorously that the audio book has immediately jumped to the no. 1 spot in the Audible charts. Power of the RArmy…

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  7. I’m super excited about Geneva but had absolutely no time yesterday. So now first thing after work I tried to start listening but guess what: my phone is too old to run the Audible app (requires iOS 15 or later) soooo I still have to wait some more until I can download it to my computer at home. About the Trailer for the book: Many of my favorite Authors for historical novels and fantasy novels also have super fancy trailers for their books (Giles Kristian, Lian Hearn, etc.) so I wasn’t really surprised that they would produce a trailer for this but it certainly is a very nice bonus!


    • Oh, interesting. I had no idea that they produce many such trailers. (As usual, I am a one-track pony when it comes to Audible – almost all of my audio books are Armitage-read 😂. Little did I know that they produce trailers for audio books.)
      Fingers crossed you get to listen in to the book, soon. I started yesterday but only got 1 hour down. And I won’t have much time in the next couple of weeks…


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