Welcome in my Holiday Home

Hi there,

you are reading this because you followed my link from me+richard. Well, thanks for checking me out, but unfortunately you are a tad too early. There is nothing here yet. Zero. Not a sausage. I will be posting my *ooof*s, specifically written for FanstRA 2013 here, from

Monday, 11th March until Sunday 17th March

But since you are here, I thought I’d at least reward you with a little eyecandy.

ImageNot enough *ooooooooooooooooooooooof*? If you really can’t wait, you can read some of my “historic” *ooof*s on my tumblr page guylty.tumblr.com or on me+richard. Otherwise – see you on Monday!


12 thoughts on “Welcome in my Holiday Home

  1. Hi S., whooohoo, it’s great to have the opportunity to leave a direct comment. I’m looking forward to what cards you have up your sleeve. Actually one can’t say that you have been idle lately and BTW, loved your pictures from Berlin!!! Finde es toll was Du machst!


  2. Hey, hallo G!!! Oh, what a lovely comment to read on a Wednesday morning when the week seems to be soooo long… Thanks for getting in touch – and for the compliment on my photos. I love taking them, but more often than not my private snaps never see the light of day and I never get any feedback. You have no idea how much it thrills me to hear someone comment on them. (Vain photographer – fickle artists *haha*) – I am really looking forward to FanstRA and my detour onto a RA blog of my own. I hope that I will not bore my esteemed readers with the picture analyses… Anyway, lots of love to Bavavavavaria 😉 xx


  3. Better late than never, and how could ever not want a bit of Richard eye candy. I really needed that bit of eye candy today. Day two of school over and I am tired, but it will get better soon. *ooof* day Wednesday works for me too.


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