Armitage Weekly Round-Up – tumblr edition #32

Oh my, have you recovered from the new reality of Mr A *twittering*? He’s keeping us quite entertained, isn’t he? For someone who only said a year ago that he “didn’t get Twitter” he is pretty adept at using Social Media. Tweets, Retweets, pictures included, some gentle teasing for interaction, promoting his friends’ projects – he’s got it down. And all with his inimitable humour. I must admit that I have looked at Twitter more than at Tumblr this week *ggg*. Nonetheless there are a few gems to be found on Tumblr, too, and this is this week’s bounty:

Round-up header crucible 32

  1. I laughed out loud at this little conversation between richardrmitage and an anon re. the bacon beard camouflage
  2. Now, here is a resource post for all those who want to have an overview of RA’s stage door outfits. Great collection by armitageuniverse
  3. Tumblr loves personal questionnaires. It gets really funny when a fictional chaRActer tumblr answers it. Here is sirguyjustforzee’s “Five things about me”
  4. This gif by jassy2101 looks so real, although I doubt that any photographs were harmed during the production of this gif…
  5. Tumblr RArmy veteran jmrichards has created a text post set that is really funny – as an explanation for those unfamiliar with tumblr: These “+ text posts” consist of photos/caps from a particular show upon which then texts/comments by tumblrers are pasted. They are hilariously funny and exist for more than just Richard’s stuff. This one is based on N&S
  6. Another recurring tumblr graphics format is the presentation set that aims to explain someone or something in a few simple slides as if it were a PP presentation. Here pushforthequorum explains Richard Armitage and the devastating effect he has on his victims’s lives
  7. This picture from the recent Dan Burn-Forti shoot with RA is not new. But I am including Tolkienette’s set here because I find these tumblr-typical photo sets that break one image into two or more parts very very visually pleasing (and not just for the model…)
  8. Another one of nfcomics’ What a Guy wants funnies
  9. Not a tumblr post as such, but another handy resource: r-armitage-characters has edited all of RA’s scenes as Paul Andrews (BTS) into YT clips
  10. Crucible fan-art by richardarmitage-poland
  11. A someecard by goodgirlheather that describes an aspect of the new Twitter-frenzy
  12. A Crucible experience I haven’t read before. By fan babydrache
  13. Another, longer Crucible review that resonated with me, by arrkenshield
  14. A not-so-nice SD experience due to overenthusiastic fans? Yungarnet got to see TC
  15. A Standring fantasy by triple-r-porn. NSFW!!! Don’t read if you don’t like explicit fanfic!
  16. LOL. Erepork. By oninha
EP wellies

Rock chic(k), festival style. Guylty is so ready!

There. Possibly a bit shorter than the last few times as I am finishing the round-up a bit early in preparation for my favourite annual mud bath. Heading off on my favourite music festival, a little affair in the sticks of Ireland, called Electric Picnic. You will be reading this post while I am going down memory lane to see the Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds and Chic, bopping to Blondie, spherically swaying to Portishead, moshing to Mogwai, shimmying to Sinead O’Connor, reuniting with The Blades (OMGOMGOMG), bumbling to Bombay Bicycle Club, hamming with Ham Sandwich, flouncing with Foals, the list goes on.

That means I won’t be replying to comments. Grah, missing out on the fun, because iPhone is going to die within minutes :-(.  But please go on and run riot in the comments. You could even amuse yourselves with a little brainstorming on what kind of questions you would ask RA if you were going to the conversation with Richard Armitage on Tuesday in the Old Vic Theatre. Will we receive new insights on his creative process and future plans?

Oh, and a house-keeping note: I have made the Birthday List of Armitage Photo Shoots sticky by copying it into a page of its own on the blog, for easier access, should you be looking for a specific photographer or photo. It’s up there in the menu bar.

Have a great weekend, lovelies, I’ll be back on comms on Monday, and keep your fingers crossed that this nasty rain will stop that is still lashing while I type… ❤ ❤ ❤

EP venue

Guylty wishes for sunshine


40 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-Up – tumblr edition #32

  1. I would like to know if the serious nature of the venue (The Old Vic) would affect the seriousness of the questions. “Popcorn Taxi” sounds fun, tasty and like it’s going somewhere. “Old Vic”, not so much. I hope someone will have the nerve to ask a less than somber question. And I hope everyone who has serious (or not) question ideas write them here. You never know who might be able to ask them for you. Here’s one to hopefully get you started. “When you Tweeted your ham or bacon or whatever meat it was, beard, were you making a comment on actors who are hams, or the fact that attractive actors are treated as meat, or both?” Just an example.


  2. Lol, Kathy!
    Hope you’re enjoying your musical trip down the memory lane, guylty, and that it’s less muddy than Woodstock. Real blast from the past!
    Thanks for keeping us up to date with Tumblr. I missed a lot again, and not just because Twitter is more popular these days…. Someone’s taken time to learn all the tricks of successful twittering, eh? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh boy, it was GREAT. Really, there is nothing better than being ripped out of RL every once in a while. Oh and out of virtual life, too. My iPhone battery died early on day 2, so I was completely off comms. And after an initial 10 minutes of worrying (but OMG, if someone needs to reach me… or if Mr Armitage *tweeeeeeeeeeeeets*…) I realized – “fuck it, Armitage. Whether you tweet or not has absolutely no bearing on my life, anyway, so I am gonna emancipate myself from the dictatorship of fangirling”. (I think there is a proper blog post in this, somewhere… The Emancipation of the Fan Girl…) So he can “twitter” away, while I can leave it. I think I badly needed this break – it taught me something.


  3. Really good Round as ever! I think the power-point image gets to the point. Very analytical. And for all I love the collection of the stage-door pictures. Especially the last one. Don’t no why 😉
    But honestly I have to tell you that a few weeks ago, I dreamt about standing directly beside him and touching his shoulder *sigh* Isn’t it coincidental, that there IS a hand to be seen there too? She must be a very lucky lady……. 😀


      • No dream, for sure!!! Und ich fühle es noch immer!
        Das letzte Bild, 1 aus 36, wie bei der deutschen Klassenlotterie. Dass ich das dahin geschafft habe: sagt das jetzt was über die Qualität des Bildes aus oder über die dann doch anscheinend überschaubare Datenmenge? War jedenfalls sehr erfreut, als ich es bei dir auf tumblr gesehen habe. Und hatte mir sooooo gewünscht, dass es in die Round kommt 🙂 Danke! Sogar die Fotografin war altersgemäss amused.
        Ach ja, die Boots sehen grossartig aus.


        • *kicher* Das Bild war auf jeden Fall wert, in die Armitage Lotterie aufgenommen zu werden. (1 aus 36? Ach so, 1 aus 49 ist Lotto?) Glückwunsch an die Fotografin!!! 😉 Das Einzige, was ich ja immer bei solchen Sets kritisch finde, ist, dass die Damen aus dem Bild geschnitten werden 😀 Das ist ja immer so ein bisschen fies…
          Tja, meine Boots sind schon was, gelle? Das war jetzt mein siebtes Mal Electric Picnic in Folge, und mittlerweile bin ich ein alter Hase. Du hättest mal meine Blumenkrone sehen sollen, ha! (Tutu habe ich aber dann doch zu Hause gelassen :-D)


          • Blumenkrone? Boah Sxx, das sind ja Abgründe. Dagegen ist die Guy-Obsession ja ein Klacks. Bist du ein verkappter Alt-Hippie?
            Nochmal zum Bild: genau, tolle Weiber wegschneiden ist fies. Aber klar, wir würden sonst vielleicht das Hauptthema überstrahlen…..Deshalb, weg damit. 🙂


              • NATÜRLICH bist du zu jung für einen Hippie!!!!!! Klingt wie ein richtig gelungenes WE. Schön, so kleine Fluchten zwischendurch.
                Bin grade ganz aufgelöst: die Fotografin geht morgen für 5 Monate nach Chicago und hatte bis um 11 Uhr noch keine Platzierung. Die kam dann glücklicherweise vorhin. Da machste was mit………Aber es reicht ja, wenn man 24h vorm Abflug informiert wird (grrrrrrr). Karll, mei Droppe!


                  • Yupp, High-school. Es gab noch keine Bestätigung durch die Organisation, ob und wo es einen Platz an einer Schule fürs Kind gab, ergo auch nicht, in welche Familie sie kommt. Stress pur, wenn man so ins Blaue packt. Und immer die Wahrscheinlichkeit, im schlimmsten Fall vielleicht doch nicht zu fliegen. Aber jetzt gehts morgen los ab Düdo. 🙂


  4. I will be at the Conversation with Richard Armitage. However,Questions from the audience had to be submitted in writing (via e-mail) by August 28th. I did submit a few – from serious to funny.


    • LOL.
      Thanks and I did. It was pretty muddy. And we had all four seasons in one weekend – as is typical for Ireland. Got spring rain on Friday night and it was really cold and miserable with, then turned into autumn mildness for Saturday and culminated in hot summer sunshine on Sunday morning.


    • Thanks Marie 🙂 – it was changeable, let’s put it that way. And the bad thing about the Picnic is always that by the time I am used to sleeping on the floor in a tent, I am going home again 😦 But yeah, old hippy me enjoyed it mightyly 😀


  5. Thanks so much – I missed most of these, so thank you thank you thank you!!! (Although I was shocked SirGuy responded to my request… hmmmmm…. ) Hope you’re having a great time!


      • I HAD seen the Sir Guy reply. I hadn’t seen anything else. I’ve not been online a lot for the past few days. Have a job interview coming up on Wednesday and I’m trying to corral a rather sweet Gary Fuller bunny into submission for a few months – until I get something finished! LOL!


    • Welcome 🙂 And boy, yes, I did. Although some of the new bands were actually really good, too, and the Pet Shop Boys did not really get me going at all… Hm. Must be regressing in age 😀


  6. Glad you had a good wallow in the good Irish mud! I am not one for sleeping in tents myself (to me, “camping” is a two star hotel) but I am told that it is very pleasurable to wake in the morning and find oneself in the great outdoors… the idea of being off comms is attractive, though I confess I am totally addicted to my internet fixes. I wish My Crush would tweet but it’s never going to happen. He’s just not a social media kind of guy. He’s more of a guy who sits in a café with a glass of wine and chats with friends. Or better yet, a pub. That’s his social media 🙂


    • I think *that* kind of social media is definitely more worthy and more valuable, tbh. And the novelty is already wearing off, anyway, in case of Mr A, it seems. Where does CH live, actually? Does he have a Dublin base? Or home up in the North?
      As for slumming it at a festival – invigorating :-D. But glad to be home all the same…


      • CH lives in Paris and also has a home in London. Not bad, eh? He’s been spending time in N. Ireland lately for the filming of Game of Thrones, which lets him see his Mum. She’s in her late 90s now. He’s also got a play in Dublin coming up, which I am going to see in October 🙂


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