RAPS for Charity is Taking Shape

The headline already says it – my plans for a charity auction of a few pocket shrines are taking shape. First of all – thanks to all of you who clicked my polls the last couple of days. You really helped me figure out how to put my idea of auctioning a few RAPSes off for charity into practice. Vox populi has spoken and I received these results for my questions:


I have not set the dates for the auctions yet, it’ll probably be some time this weekend, running into early next week, and the following is not the definite small print, but this is to give you a general idea of what I am planning to do:

  • I will auction off three pocket shrines in the coming days, all in aid of Nepal Earthquake relief.
  • The auction will be held on-blog and not on eBay.
  • The auction items are: 1) #Boldly Becoming Red Dragon RAPS, 2) Guy Pleasure Bound RAPS 3) a blank RAPS, the subject of which will be determined by the winner of the auction.
  • Each RAPS auction will have its own post on-blog to keep the bidding transparent and separate.
  • Bids will be submitted to me by e-mail. Bid updates to be posted by me in the comments/on-blog.
  • After the end of the auction, winners will transfer the sum of money to me via Paypal, and I will transfer the collected results to Save the Children’s Nepal Earthquake Relief
  • As a little incentive to bid, I am going to raffle off one other shrine (not yet made) among *all* bidders in *all three* auctions.

Dealing with money is always slightly… let’s say… unsavoury. Just Giving is always great because the donations (can) appear publicly visible on RA’s Just Giving pages. Unfortunately there are no specific Nepal Earthquake relief donations possible through his sponsored charities, so you will have to trust me that I am going to transfer the money as promised. However, I would like to ask for a volunteer to act as an “independent arbiter” whom I will forward the transfer receipts to – just to make sure that the money has gone where it is supposed to go.

Phew, with that out of the way, now on to a couple of things that always boost my mood. Last weekend, Suzy brought along a stash of goodies to keep the RAPS production rolling. Look at this:

2015-05-14 11.08.32

So, more tins for future projects – definitely an XL Pirate!Guy in that!!! – and especially so with those amazing little swords and sabres which Suzy snapped up at a flea market and immediately assigned to a future RAPS project or eight.

2015-05-14 11.09.49

So, definite announcement of the charity auction coming soon. Any suggestions/questions etc very welcome! I am following the lead of Agzy’s Silent Auction from 2013, btw. She raised the amazing sum of almost 670 £ back in 2013. I don’t think we will reach that, but I am hoping we can raise a bit of money for a good cause.


27 thoughts on “RAPS for Charity is Taking Shape

  1. Reblogged this on My Sort of Bloke and commented:
    I am getting more and more excited about Guylty’s RA Pocket Shrine auction! Please go read her post. All proceeds will go to charity, specifically to the victims of the Nepal earthquake.

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  2. A wonderful idea. I am so looking forward to these auctions. And thank you so much for all your efforts. Nepal deserves all possible help.


  3. Brilliant, Guylty. You’ll have to hold me back 😉 Those swords are fabulous, btw… I’m thinking if I was lucky enough to win the blank RAPS it might have to be Guy with his big sword 😉

    Happy to act as arbiter though you SO don’t need one! 🙂


    • Great – I’d love to have you on board as my arbiter. Appointed!
      And yes, those swords are fantastic. I wonder what they were made for – maybe for holding nibbles or something…

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  4. can’t wait! and the new tins are swish 🙂 Those swords must have made some fancy toothpicks 🙂 I can totally see Guy holding one of them in his teeth 😉
    My only worry is i really want to bid but am off on that holiday in 2 weeks’ time and the funds are all locked.. but i’ll see what i can do as i really want to pitch in and i really want one of them 😉

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  6. I am so excited I could just pee. Can’t wait until the bidding starts. Hope I can figure out the bid price (pounds/euros/dollars).
    You have so much on your plate but I hope one day to hear that a new version of #46 No Frills RA is ready.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL – hold it, hold it, Snowyjo 😉 The announcement for the auctions is due to come out in a few minutes.
      A variant of #46 is in the planning stages – has been for a while *grah*. I keep getting distracted by new projects of our OOA and then inventing projects of my own. Thank goodness it is summer now – the days are longer, and the energy soars 😉 Thanks for your patience!!!

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