RA Pocket Shrine 117/? – Love Cats

PopThorin in MalmaisonGreetings from London! I may be on my first business trip this year to the big city, but I have an hour to spare before I head to see Les Blancs in the National Theatre later tonight, so I might as well pass the time with a quick post. I am not in my usual plush hotel, but in a stylish “boutique” number. Pop!Thorin is accompanying me, and he slightly pulled his nose up at the room when we arrived late last night. With the big station clock above the bed, and the rough charm of graffiti’ed concrete walls, he sniffed that we had been asked to sleep in a railway station. In fact, the bed was very comfy, and the breakfast quite nice, too (although not served in bed 😣), so it is fine as it is.

Last week I had a creativity flash that found its outlet in a spontaneous shrine design for a particular fan-friend. Since my return to Twitter it has occurred to me, that there are a lot of lovely ladies on that platform who inform and delight me with their tweets. Sabine aka @heyerette  is one such lady. I have known her through Twitter and blogs for a while now, and I love her dry humour directed at RA – and I enjoy her beautiful photos and posts about sights to see in London/England. Reason enough to say thank you for entertaining and informing me, by a special little RAPS mini for her.

There is no doubt from *that* shrine outside, what Sabine’s favourite animal is… The darling little tin was given to me by Hariclea, and with the cat theme now settled, this is what happened on the inside:

miau kater sm

You can probably all figure what “miau!” means. “Kater” is German for “tomcat”. And “miau! Kater” could be construed as a comment on the hot human rather than the cuddly kitty in the tin. (If Sabine doesn’t like the “Kater” bit, she can actually take a scissors to the tin and cut the word off – I only stuck it into the tin under the word “miau”). Unfortunately I did not photograph this very well – you can’t see that I also pasted the word “schnurrrr” into the tin. It means “purrrrr” 😊:

But here is the bottom of the tin:


Baby!Richard getting cuddly with another cat. Well, in case Baby!Richard is not quite Sabine’s thing (even though I hear she has a weakness for some long-maned Royal), she can play with a few further pics that can cover RA’s early headshot thanks to a little magnet on the back:

A shrine for Love Cats *cue The Cure*

IMG_5686-smHope the love cats shrine hits Sabine’s taste 😍. If you know her on Twitter or on tumblr , then go and give her some love ❤

50 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 117/? – Love Cats

  1. Dearest, loveliest S, I just signed up with WordPress so that I can hit “like” (why am I not allowed to do it a thousand times? Rude.) and leave you this as a big, big THANK YOU! You´re lovely and I heart you and I´ll treasure my shrine and protect it from both sticky RAdmirers´ fingers and any dragons that can´t control their hoarding impulses. ❤ P.S.: *purrrrrr* 😉

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    • So lovely! Thanks for sharing the details of the “making of” this amaaaaazing purr-fect shrine! ❤ Hope you have a wonderful experience at the theatre tonight!

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      • It’s always great fun to “personalise” a shrine for someone whom I “know” a little bit through Social Media. So this was great fun. And pssst – thanks for your help, Judit 🙂
        Re. theatre – an absolutely stunning production by Farber. It deserves an OT post of its own because it was one of those rare, truly unforgettable plays.

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    • Aw, Sabine – that’s lovely of you (hehe, so I lured you onto WordPress, finally *evil laugh*). I am truly happy if you had a nice surprise. You so deserve it, with job search etc. And as I said – I love being entertained by you on twitter, so it’s only fair to give back. ’nuff said. Enjoy!

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    • Things happen – they take a loooong time. I wish I could say that was deliberate because I am trying to draw out the surprise as long as possible, but it’s actually because I am a slow worker…


  2. Wo er doch eigentlich lieber Hunde mag…
    Aber er ist Schauspieler und bringt auch die Katzenliebe (wie immer) überzeugend rüber. Und wenn er dann auch noch mit tiefer Stimmen zu schnurren anfängt… hach – ich bin ganz hin und weg.


    • Tja, da muss ich zugeben, dass ich ja auch eher der Hundefan bin – trotz eigener Katze. Aber RA muss sich die Katzenliebe gefallen lassen, nicht zuletzt weil er die (Raub)Katze Gisborne ja mehr als überzeugend gegeben hat… Ach ja, und seine Cast-Rolle aus. Falls du es noch nicht gesehen hast, solltest du dir die einschlägigen Videos unbedingt angucken. Auch wenn RA sagt, dass Musical Theatre letztlich nicht sein Ding war – er hat schon sehr elegant und geschmeidig getanzt!


  3. Love the idea of multiple choices of RA pics. Makes the shrine very versatile. A face for every mood. Very cute tin full of furry fun and RA love. Can’t beat that.


    • Yup, I totally appropriated the truth for the purpose of this shrine. Heck, I’ll make a shrine with a pet goat if that’s what rocks someone’s boat… 😉


  4. Wie wars im Theater? Bisher habe ich nur Gutes von “Les Blancs” gehört und gesehen. Yael Farber scheint für Qualität zu stehen, ob mit oder ohne RA.


    • Das Stück war fantastisch – ich war sehr froh, dass ich mich dann doch durchgerungen hatte, es anzugucken. Ein sehr eindrucksvolles Stück, eine fantastische Inszenierung mit tollem Bühnenbild und Effekten, und großartigen Schauspielern, von denen ich sogar einige kannte. Ich werde wohl auch noch darüber etwas ausführlicher schreiben – das hat es verdient. Yael Farber ist damit endgültig bei mir als eine Top-Regisseurin etabliert.

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      • Das freut mich aber, dass sich der Weg durch den Berufsverkehr Londons für dich gelohnt hat.
        Frau Farber beherrscht ihr Fach und sucht sich wohl auch immer Stücke aus, die berühren und eine gesellschaftliche Relevanz haben. Gut, es mag an ihrer Inszenierung liegen, dass die Zuschauer so ins Herz getroffen werden wie du es auf Twitter beschreibst (hab ich jetzt erst gesehen). Ob dieses Stück wohl auch gefilmt wird?


        • Ja, ich hab ziemlich geheult – mehr als bei Crucible übrigens. Da lastete dann aber auch noch das gesamte schlechte Gewissen der weißen Unterdrücker auf mir *grins*.
          Gefilmt für Digital Theatre? Das wäre es auf jeden Fall wert, allein schon wegen der tollen Bühneneffekte!

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  5. Ein schmuseweicher shrine, perfekt für die katzenliebende RAfanin. Und auch noch für jede Altersklasse! Wieder mit sehr viel Liebe fürs Detail gemacht ❤ Wann kommt das Hundeäquivalent?

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  6. I think the idea with the little magnets is brilliant. “We” have now adaptive RAPS! Just think of the possibilities: are you dreamy? choose RA in Berlin and start dreaming! are you upset? choose the majestic king to make you justice! I’m not a cat lover( like, RA, if I would ever decide to have an animal, it will be a dog) but it’s a lovely shrine!


    • I’ve used the idea with the magnets a few times, and I think it is quite handy. I’ll keep it in mind for future RAPS, too 😉
      I actually prefer dogs, too, but have decided against owning one because we travel too much as a family and it would be irresponsible to keep a dog when the owners are away often. A cat can deal with absences – in fact, our cat doesn’t really care, as long as he is fed on a regular basis. Diva.


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