Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/36

Hello m’dears. It’s two weeks since the last round-up. I guess I should delete the “weekly” from the title… it’s week 45 of the year and I have only compiled 36 of these yokes… You may have already copped on to what that may mean. I have been away. In New York. And yes, I have watched LLL. The week in New York meant that I did not have time to compile a round-up last weekend. With the big apple waiting outside – and Richard and fans at the stage door – I could not/would not justify spending time cooped up in my hotel on the laptop.  I returned home on Thursday morning and plunged straight back into my normal routine of work and life, after a 3 hour nap. I was completely out of it for a day, the jet-lag had me firmly in its grip. I felt as if I was walking around in a cotton wrap – strangely removed and wobbly. Or maybe those are the symptoms of the effect a close encounter with RA on the stage and at the stage door have on a sensitive fangirl? In any case, I acclimatised on Friday, and now am largely back on form.

Enough form to compile the round-up. I know, many of you are waiting for my review of the play, my account of the successful stage doors, and a word on the fan encounters I was lucky to have. Stage doors and fan meets are first and foremost on my mind, but somehow the weekly round-up has become a bit of a duty to me, and I feel that I need to get this out of the way before my mind is free to deal with a write-up of all the things I have done and seen over the last week. I will get to the play, the stage doors, the fan meets, my New York photos over the next days. I’ll only say this for now: It was brilliant, in almost every way, and I was lucky to have been able to make the journey. Seeing Richard Armitage live on stage is *always* worth it. But what made this transatlantic journey extra-special, was the wonderful, meaningful encounters that took place in New York. I’ll get to it in due course!

As for now, the round-up is extra big this week, thanks to the backlog of noteworthy posts. Since I am covering more than one week, I have actually organised and grouped the links a little bit according to show/chaRActer and RL New-York related stuff. I guess, my mind is still looking for ways of finding perspective on my own various interests – the unfinished analysis of BS, the ongoing stage door excitement in New York, and the various other chaRActers popping up on tumblr. You’ll notice it when you go through the links. Enjoy!


  1. I have never been a vampire fan at all, but riepu10’s manip of Daniel as bloodthirsty creature of the night somehow gets me…
  2. Moving Daniel profile porn. Aw, and the family connection… giffed by riepu10
  3. Black/white makes everything look so artistic! Love ninapenyap’s desaturated versions of the BS stills
  4. Richard-crispin-armitage is on to something! These stills from episodes 5 and 7 of BS really do look like fashion photoshoots. Probably also remind us of Anders Overgaard taxi shots from New York, 2013. Nice!
  5. Intense gaze-work by Daniel Miller, courtesy of drldeboer (episode 4)
  6. Queenoferebor1204 has just the right priorities – I totally noticed the low neck of the t-shirt that Daniel is wearing, too. Neckitage, anyone?
  7. Daniel smiles. A gif by miworldstuff that you could watch on endless loop
  8. This is just gorgeous. Daniel. Shallow dof. Sigh. Posted by zhitavok
  9. And another by zhitavok – Daniel eating Chinese… He sure knows how to use his chopsticks…
  10. Drldeboer again with caps from episode 4. All Daniel
  11. Intense, close-up caps of Daniel. Always welcome. Thank you to ausschweifendemotte
  12. A little game of “spot the difference” courtesy of Lucas North, Daniel Miller and queenoferebor1204
  13. Richard-crispin-armitage has put some of the new stills from BS in a set. Not quite sure about the make-up… or what do you think?
  14. Mezzmerizedbyrichard mesmerises me with a mesmerising close-up of – Daniel swallowing *LOL*
  15. The dreaded C word* comes to mind when looking at this compelling gif set by ghisborne. *CUTE!
  16. A fairly typical reaction to seeing Richard Armitage act. Confessed by richarm
  17. Somehow this picture of RA’s producers Bradford Winters and Larry Cohen visiting the stage door passed me by… Posted by chrisdurin
  18. A short post on the LLL play and stage door with photos by jkrfan7
  19. Some shots from the stage door on Saturday, 5th November, by chrisdurin. The shoes… *coughs*
  20. Kimanne723 has been a regular at the SD and posted more pics from the very busy SD on the 5th, too
  21. And the same night, from richardcfarmitage, with commentary. I wish I had known she was there – her tumblr is a name that has popped up here, frequently, and I would’ve liked to say hello to her…
  22. Balswing shares her experience of New York and watching LLL on post-election day
  23. Assassin’s Creed anyone? Guy is more than fitting. Manip by not-possess-but-marry
  24. Love this graphic of Guy by prongs-deer
  25. Zeesmuse has posted another chapter of her “Aside from Heaven” on rasexualfrustration. Compelling, as ever!
  26. Oleron, I think you should re-think your breeches. *stifles giggle* Gifs by serik27
  27. Never not reblog a smiling dark knight. Guy… by ghisborne
  28. A nice little comic of Bilbo and Thorin by lis-alis
  29. This post by fizzy-custard had me laugh out loud. Convincingly argued!
  30. And passing on the message by fizzy-custard who is calling all UK-based fans of RA, TH and LOTR for a meet-up

Hope you have enjoyed this packed edition of the Weekly Round-up! If anything, I hope it has distracted you from the dire political news of the world. We all need a bit of distraction, I think, and messages of love and appeals to concentrate on our shared characteristics rather than what separates us, are needed and appreciated. I don’t feel like dancing right now, but I definitely believe that we should not waste our lives arguing destructively, but working constructively to overcome division.

❤️ and ☮,



76 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/36

  1. Ah, die erste Aufgabe 😀 ist abgehakt – vielen Dank für die Zusammenstellung. 🙂

    Re #19: Darf ich davon ausgehen, dass dein Husten bedeutet, dass du diese Stilmix-Schuhe auch als Katastrophe einstufst? *g*


    • Ach ja, es geht auf Weihnachten zu – netter neuer Header.
      Im Dezember erwarte ich dann aber ein Bild mit aufgesetzter Weihnachtsmannmütze, dass das mal klar ist! *streng guck*



    • Jawoll, erster TOP schon mal abgehakt. Das andere wird allerdings auch schwieriger und länger und bedarf eigentlich vollständiger Ruhe und nicht die ständige Ablenkung durch Mann und Familie…
      Die Schuhe sind… interessant. Da will wohl jemand voll auf der Höhe der Zeit bleiben…


      • Ich hab seit den bunten Socken den Eindruck, dass da jemand einfach gerne irgendeine extravagante Kleinigkeit an sich haben will.

        Der Zyniker in mir hält es allerdings auch für möglich, dass ihm jemand zu einem Tick Auffälligkeit geraten hat, damit er nicht nur als liebe, nette, wohlerzogene graue Maus wahrgenommen wird.


          • Ist ganz gut, dass wir es vermutlich nie erfahren, denn … mir persönlich behagt die erste Erklärung entschieden besser als die, dass ihn jemand erst mit der Nase draufstoßen musste.


            • höhö, och, das letztere macht ihn doch noch menschlicher. Mir gefällt ja eigentlich der Gedanke mehr, dass er von Mode keine Ahnung hat. Damit kann ich persönlich mehr anfangen als mit einem “fashion victim”.


              • Fashion victim? Das wäre er aus meiner Sicht eher, wenn er irgendein auffälliges Detail nur deshalb trägt, weil ihm jemand *gesagt* hat, dass das gerade hip ist.
                Wenn der Wunsch nach bunten Socken zum Anzug oder diesen eigenartigen Schuhen von ihm selber kommt, dann kann ich mir wenigstens noch vorstellen, dass da irgendwo ein Rest vom möchtegern-rebellischen Teenie ist, der orangefarbene Hosen einfach nur deshalb haben wollte, weil es unangepasst war (oder einem dusseligen Teenie zumindest so vorkam).


  2. Sorry you caught a cough in NYC. I managed to catch a cold (or whatever it was) but think it is almost done without slowing me down too much. Think I gave it my girlfriend because she was showing symptoms as I was leaving. Feel very guilty now too. Thank you for posting the round up and especially alerting me to Zeesmuse’s new chapter. She has me addicted now and as far as I’m concerned, her ending/continuation for Sir Guy is better than the series.💟


  3. Loved all the Daniel Miller stuff. When I am watching BS his face goes by too fast to really appreciate it. Why do other actors have to be in the series? Couldn’t he play all parts like he does in audio books? My favorite roundup number has to be 21, because my favorite person, next to Richard of course, is in one of the photos. Me! Lurking in the crowd.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL – I just checked the photo in #21. Loud and clear. (I have even spotted evidence of myself in the pic – just about in there, I can see my colourful scarf…)
      And yes, why can’t Richard take over *all* of the roles, please? Not just in Berlin Station but anything, anytime, anywhere.

      Liked by 1 person

    • YES #21. I saw a short video of that scene somewhere online, and my favorite part is the soundtrack which has you, Kathy Jones, laughing as you turn away from RA with your signature. The mix of giddiness, thrill, embarrassment (maybe a bit) and near-hysteria in your laugh epitomizes the fandom to me. You are all of us in that moment. And I’m so glad to have met you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, there is a story behind that video. I wanted Richard to sign the back of my shrine. I tried to give him a special sharpie that was for writing on metal. So I said to him, as far as I can remember, “Could you sign this please with this pen. It’s for metal.” So I passed the shrine to him (upside down of course) and he said” Oh, you’re giving me a medal?” Because the shrine box kind of looks like it could be holding a medal. So I replied, “Oh no, not a medal, it’s metal. M E T A L” Then I laughed at how stupid I was, spelling the word to him in a loud voice so he could hear me. I used a tone of voice that was rather chiding. People around me laughed as well. Richard did not laugh I don’t think.I did get direct eye contact when he asked about his medal. He was probably disappointed there was no medal and had to go on down the line. I hate my high-pitched giggle in that video. I sound 12 years old. There is a whole other chapter to this story. Involving a real medal. Maybe I will write it up for the next roundup if Guylty wants me to. It is really funny (at least it was to those of us who were there.) It was fun meeting you, too.

        Liked by 1 person

          • I like your laugh Kathy. You are good at making me laugh too. I also enjoy a perverse thrill seeing the joy on your face and Guylty’s now too. It made the whole experience all the more joyful, more memorable. Does that the fact that I am so easily amused make me easy? Hmmm Have to think about that now. 😈

            Well if either of you want to use any of the quick pics I grabbed for your account and our impromptu imitation reenactment of the SD on Sunday . . . there are visuals at your disposal and conveniently accessible. No strings attached. 💕


  4. You two are right! He probs could do all the roles himself.😈 BTW🌻 I spotted you right off in that #21 crowd shot Kathy. 💕 Impressed with your stamina after our adventures in the Met museum the afternoon. I have to go back, when does this play wrap? 🎟Should we try and sneak in another trip to NYC before the play ends? I think I’m getting the hang of doing non work related activities🎭


  5. Yay! You made it! So pleased for you and I can’t wait to hear more.

    Thanks as always for another great roundup. The BS snippets are making me impatient for the DVDs. And I’m another who’s always in the market for a smiling dark knight.


    • Yes, I did and it was FANtastic. Unfortunately I got quite distracted today – that’s the naked truth. But soon I will recover from this cracking episode of BS and get stuck into the write-ups.


    • 😂 touché Jenny. The moon is fully rounded and fully visible, right now, as I am writing this. I wish I could get a bit closer and take a better look. I hope I can sleep with this supermoon playing tricks on my mind tonight…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Well, in my defense, it wasn’t me that caused the trouble. The man I cannot seem to get enough of, is a horrible tease, shameless flirt, and can usually charm everyone senseless too, which he had, until the young archeologist went into great detail about the matriarchal society they believed was the foundation of this particular area. Needless to say, the man responded with several man-like rebuttals to the theory. I kept elbowing him and telling him to shut it, but eventually, he was told he wasn’t funny by our guide and if he didn’t stop, he would be no longer welcome on the tour. Did I mention, he was the only man on this tour of about 25 or more women? I was speechless. I have since learned he has done this sort of thing before. He ridiculed Jane Austen mercilessly in an English class while getting his bachelor degree that he was regularly thrown out of class. He still got a perfect score on all exams tho. It infuriates me that he ridicules her work when I’m talking to someone about it if only because he actually knows all her work so can poke fun from insight. Grrr I love him, but sometimes want to spank him. Not that I could, he is too big to bend over a knee. 😈


      • Sadly, he has not. I was so embarrassed. Is it petty of me to still remember and still feel embarrassed about it? He really is a ton of fun 99% of the time, well when he isn’t working and I see him. Contrast that to me, where I am fun about 2% of the time. Ask Kathy, I get up and rarely am I fun. Usually dive into work. Although listening to audiobooks while working probs made sharing a hotel room with me bearable for poor Kathy last July. Well . . . now as this spills out, realise Hubs definitely has the short end of the stick in our relationship. Guess I should not be resentful of his few embarrassing moments at all. 🌞 Thank you for the therapy session Guylty🌻


  7. ahhh, the goodies 🙂 Allll the goodies! i a so glad i finally got into BS because now i can praise the DOP wholeheartedly! I mean look at those screen caps, every single one of them could be a near perfect pic, i love the lighting (and yes also the way the shades in less light play so well on his features, funny how he does know himself so well, i mean physically i’ll never forget how he said he looks better i the dark and i do think it is true :-))

    While clicking through to the links and from there-on to more BS links it really is striking how good it looks on screen. Thankfully the plot and script is finally also delivering.

    How lovely to remember Guy’s smiles as well, i never tire of him, always happy to bump into him!

    love to see the SD pics as well, the excitment, the endless array of jackets and enormous bags the man has and yes the amazing shoes! I love those! I’d buy them for myself as well – doubt i can afford them 🙂 But have treated myself to not 1 but 2 pairs of shoelaced blue boot things, both with white soles 🙂 Just need to break them in 🙂


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