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Sunday is meant to be a day of rest, but I am working today because I was too lazy to fulfill my duties on Friday and write an article that is due for publication on Monday morning. Lately I have gotten into the habit of sweetening stressful work days by posting on my blog – hoping for comments which will punctuate my work flow with pleasant interaction. Thus, today’s post on Herba’s blog suggested a nice reason to post. Herba takes a look back on historic posts on her blog on a regular basis, charting how her blog, her writing, even herself have changed over time. I clicked myself through her past posts of “9th of April” and felt thoroughly entertained – and challenged to do the same thing here. I’ll cloak my self-referential reflections by claiming that yesterday’s weekly round-up was all-too-short, and to stay in line with my mission statement (see above right ⤴️) a Sunday post is needed…

So, this day in two thousand and …? Well, primarily, it is just fun checking what I did on this day in the last three years. (Caveat: Not always this *exact* day. Due to my irregular posting schedule, I do not always have a “9th of April” post.) And looking over the three posts (I only started blogging on on a regular basis in late 2013), they are a pretty accurate microcosm of what this blog usually does.

*ooof* – so long ago now, and still not released…

Going back to 2014, I didn’t post on the 9th but on the 8th of April. Those were the days when I was still doing *ooof*s on a regular basis, and this one was an “emergency *ooof*”, on the occasion of a new picture from the set of Urban and the Shed Crew. 

A year on, in 2015, it was again the 8th of April when I unearthed an article in a German newspaper which reported on Hobbitcon in Bonn – and which *scandalously* contained an unflattering mention of Richard Armitage. We had a long discussion about it in the comments. Check it out, it was an interesting debate about the misogynistic reporting on fan conventions.

Last year, 2016, the 9th of April was a Saturday, and so I posted a regular Armitage tumblr round-up. It’s always well-worth clicking back through those – we forget old fan art so quickly, yet it still has the power to punch! Oh, and I was playing with photoshop and posted a couple of cleaned-up pictures.

So, photography discussion, fandom reaction to news, and weekly round-ups. Adequately describes my blog, eh? What’s missing, is a RAPS reference. Well, I’ll add that as the contribution for 2017. In the shape of a sneak preview. Here goes:

I’ve been working on a couple of RAPSes this week. One of them was also inspired by Herba and her monthly creative challenge. This month it is themed “Easter Bunny”. I haven’t yet decided when to post it – the deadline for the challenge is the 15th of April (next Saturday) – so to avoid clashing with the Saturday round-up, I’ll probably post before that. Maybe you have something to add to Herba and die Pö’s challenge, too; all entries welcome, they don’t have to be written in German! For the sneaky peek I have decided on the other RAPS, although I am not sure yet when I will show the full project. The RAPS is already earmarked for a deserving fellow fan, and I am debating whether I should send it off and leave the surprise of a new shrine creation entirely to her, or whether I should post the pictures without saying for whom the shrine is destined. What do you think? Here’s the gorgeous little tin the shrine is made of:

Right, that’s my unplanned Sunday interlude on the back of Herba’s retrospective post. What did you do, this day one, two, three years ago? Care to share? Comment at Herba also – after all she is the originator of the idea!

Happy Sunday, all! 💋

50 thoughts on “This Day in 201? …

  1. 🙂

    Ya know, I’m scared to LOOK at what I was doing 1 year, 2 year, 3 years ago. ManCandy. Reading. Have some Richard. Maybe some whining. That’s about the extent – oh and adventuring….


              • I’ve tried very hard to be good over the weekend. If I’m going to cheat, that’s when I’m going to do it! Tonight for dinner, we’re having beef-veggie soup. Lots of sodium in it, but I”ll be drinking series dregs of water


                • My cheat day is usually weighing day. AFTER weighing, of course *haha*. Today was hard because I had been invited to a charity cake sale and had to buy (and eat) cake. Hence the salad. Umph.

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                  • My weigh in is on Thursday. We typically go out on Friday and Sunday and have Saturday breakfast at a fast food joint. Otherwise, I”m trying to be good.

                    This past week was really bad. I lost 9 pounds the first 3 weeks, but I’ve slowly been chipping away at that loss for the last 3 weeks. It didn’t help that last week, my system decided to sabotage me and shut down, no matter HOW much I tried to get it to function. I was hoping the fiber I consumed would kick in on Thursday morning, but it didn’t, so I waited and went to a Thursday evening meeting… yep, gained another pound.

                    I was sooo depressed, because I had been good. Either or, Spawn saw that I was upset, he took me to Great Wraps for a gyro and then walked me all over the mall for an hour. That did the trick, so the next morning I got on the nurse’s scale, which is 1 pound LESS than the WW scale and it weighed me in 3.5 pound LESS than the night before. I’ll take it!


                    • I think that is pretty typical, Zee. At least I remember such frustrating weeks from my WW times. My explanation was, that some of it may have to do with the female cycle, i.e. I always lost weight after my period, but not during. Don’t give up. Those are the days that the WW support group is for. You are doing amazingly well, and although you must ready yourself for smaller weekly weight-losses (the big losses are just a thing at the beginning), you can easily get into the swing of losing between 1 and 2 pounds every week for a longer stretch of time. Congratulations on all you have achieved so far!!!

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  3. Keine RAPS-Vorstellung! Die Empfängerin sollte die volle Überraschung genießen dürfen, ohne Spoiler vorher.

    Da ich nicht blogge, kann ich leider nicht sagen, was ich an diesem Tag vor ein, zwei oder drei Jahren gemacht habe. – Vielleicht sollte ich doch zum Blogger werden … 😉

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    • Ich begrüße es immer, wenn neue Blogger ihr Debüt in unserem kleinen, aber feinen Zirkel machen! Nur zu!
      Und ja, irgendwie finde ich ja auch, dass die Überraschung schöner ist, wenn der RAPS noch nicht vorgestellt wurde…

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  4. Awww…. It was a stroll along memory lane. I didn’t remember it was 1 year ago I started the ‘Guess the Character?’, thank you for reminding me. You made me feel like doing some again …
    Good work with the RAPS(es)! 👍😘


    • Hehe, glad that my post took you down your own memory lane, too. As a tumblrer, you could do it to?!
      And yes, please continue with the “Guess the character” series – it’s a nice challenge, in the best possible way!


  5. Nice little overview! I think I’ll join in as well. 🙂
    About the RAPS; selfishly I would of course love to see it now! But it may be nicer for the fan to keep it a surprise until she has received it…


    • Oh, please do! Not only because I am curious to hear what you did this day, years ago, but also because it is easier for your readers to have the historic view presented in a post ;-). Plus, I like the idea that we are doing a little group-thingie, all thanks to a post by Herba…

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    • Staying with the metaphor – “my lips are sealed”. Because I think that the readers are right when they say I should keep the surprise for the unsuspecting fellow fan… Sorry 😉


  6. I keep time sheets for my business (yes, I’m that person) where I also enter personal activities as a diary (yes, I’m really that person), so it is very easy for me to look up what I did on a specific day in years prior, though I’ve never done it. You motivated me to try it today. Oh, geez, it’s embarrassing. In more than one year, I spent a substantial part of this very day reading fan fiction. One year, I (dragged my ass to the post office and) sent a package to Ireland! Just for yucks, I looked at the year before Armitage Mania hit. My life was very boring before that fateful evening when I watched North & South for the first time. Thank you all for the fun and laughs. May they never stop!


    • Hey, I think that is very professional – and practical on a personal level, too. Great idea, a business time sheet. I should do that, too!!!
      And hehe, so the on-set of Armitagemania was the descent to hell? 😁 Sounds familiar.
      Hooray – and what a coincidence that I am actually featuring on your way down memory lane! Cool!!!


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    • Well, thank you to you and your idea. It really resonated yesterday, and I am so glad that so many people followed your example. To me, that also shows that there still is a demand or desire for opportunities for collective projects. Maybe it is time for an open blog challenge again – on the theme of RA, possibly… *puts thinking cap on*

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  9. ahh that’s a nice little dip back.. that Urban pics is always a winner, still like it all these years after. And i had a look back at the debate about the article as i couldn’t remember if i had been chiming in, lo and behold i was LOL I miss a good old outrage at some nasty prejudiced press person :-p The boy needs to get back on some big project which will attract fan attention 🙂
    And the lovely round ups!
    And we need some new photos for some new ooofs.

    The shrine is a beauty! But best kept secret until it hits the receiver, i agree 🙂


    • Yeah, a nice little finger-pointing session where the ‘enemy’ is not within our own ranks, would be quite the community-building project *grins*.
      Definitely need new photos. Of the proper, fashion kind even, not just press photography. I want some new drool jobs. Want want want…
      Shrine is now on its way to the recipient. I hope it won’t take too long…

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      • Yep drool project hits it on the head! I miss the Hobbit days and the family / community feel they had about them. Never thought I’d say that but there is appeal in participating in much loved franchises.. funny i just saw the Thor Ragnarok trailer and Cate B looks incredible and it made me think of the H too and also because there was a familiarity about the whole thing. I quite like these though not massively crazy about them but i realised i am looking forward to another Thor one focused more on the Asgardians again rather than a mish mash. Yeah don’t think I’d mind if R was to stumble into a Thor movie but sadly don’t think that will happen…


        • Agree. I would not have expected it, either, but I do like the Marvel franchise, and being part of one doesn’t seem to hurt the actors in question. Mind you, I’d probably prefer him in a supporting role rather than a lead character. (The idea of RA as Batman really put me off…) But as you said, it is not likely that RA will look for one of those.

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          • yes a supporting role would be nice! i miss the exposure a bit and the mega press tours when we could chat eternally about the new fashion outfit and the silly interviews and so on..


            • I don’t even know whether I want the mega press junkets, either. I wold love a mix of TV and press interviews, some new photography, and a regular TV series, too. And on top of that, a few big awards. Too much to ask?

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                  • Egal wie’s klingt. Ich kann euch beiden nur zustimmen. Leider habe ich ja die guten alten Hobbit-Zeiten noch nicht live miterlebt, aber RA in einem Marvel Film… Nicht nur mit Kurzauftritt als deutscher Hilfsschurke, sondern eher so Loki-like, vielschichtig, mit seelischen Abgründen, sexy (natürlich!)… hach, ein Traum würde wahr. Ein Traum, den ich dann auch tatsächlich im örtlichen Kino bestaunen könnte und später dann immer mal wieder einfach so im TV. (Ich schaue mir den Hobbit wirklich im Fernsehen an, einfach weil er gesendet wird und obwohl ich ihn in Extralänge auf DVD habe. Verrückt, ich weiß.)


                    • Ganz richtig – nicht wieder den deutschen Hilfsschurken, sondern ein Guy mit dunklen und lichten Momenten. Alles andere wäre Perlen vor die Säue. Ich hege da doch noch Hoffnung für Berlin Station…

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