Aside From The Challenge: Favourite Fan Art Pieces

I’m starting the day with a quick aside from the RA Challenge. A couple of days ago, the question was what my favourite fan art is. I kind of copped out by choosing to cite the “Original Portable Shrine” as my favourite piece. An easy choice, because no one would be upset by me hailing my husband’s gift as my “most favouritest” piece of fan art. You see, I have many pieces of fan art in my possession, gifted by my fellow fans and I really want to reassure the creators of all of them that I love them all. Singling any particular piece out, seems ungrateful and rude to me. So I am going to add to the original post by showing off *some* of *my* favourite fan art, divided into different categories, in no particular order, and occasionally also not owned but simply loved by me.

1. Crafts

My collection of Sinnamin’s plushies, including the latest addition, Claude Moody, on the left.

2.  Drawing

Original pencil drawing of Guy by Rachel Burns – this is art!

3. Digital Art

Digital painting by Yanagoya (via Deviantart) – not in my possession, of course, but a favourite piece of fan art

4. Fan Fiction

Long form: Manna From Heaven by Zeesmuse

For sweet and short: Chance Encounter by Rallatrix

5. Amulet

Tiny fan girl amulet made by Linnetmoss

6. Misc

ChaRActer frames by Riepu10

7. Video

Sexy Back 3 By HeathRA

8. Jewellery

Peach beads made by Helen

I could go on and on and on…, but ok, I’ll leave it with that, knowing with certainty that I have forgotten other categories and worthy mentions.

As for today’s RA Challenge – will come later in a separate post. We are talking least favourite character today…



12 thoughts on “Aside From The Challenge: Favourite Fan Art Pieces

  1. I love how fans express themselves in so many media. Mr. A. inspires them and they inspire me! Of the many wonderful items in your list, that pencil drawing really knocked me out. I love the sexy Thorin digital art, too.


  2. I find it interesting that your favorite fan art and my favorite fan art is basically the same still of Guy of Gisborne – just a different artist.

    Oh and blushes about the long fanfiction!!!


    • And you know what -long-haired Guy is actually not even my favourite Guy. But this drawing is simply amazing. The artist captured Guy’s facial expression so accurately. Stunning.
      And re. long fan fic – credit where credit is due!

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  3. Absolut großartig was Fans alles kreatives zustande bringen,ich bin immer zutiefst beeindruckt. v.a. da mir jede handwerkliche Fähigkeit dazu fehlt. gut dass so viele andere das (gut) können!


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  5. i love all these and it’s one of the things that always most cheers me up and makes me smile, the creativity around and all the lovely things people are able to make, draw, write! All of the above would be on my favourite list as well 🙂
    And i didn’t know Helen made the peach beads!!! How niceeeee! And Rachels’ Guy is just .. delish!


    • I think fan art is one of the absolute positives of fandom. Something that is created for no other reason than joyful appreciation of a character/show/performer. It also creates opportunities for interaction with others, and it is an outlet for us amateurs. Fabulous all around…
      And yes, Helen made these. I asked her to create peaches, and what she made was so much better than I had envisaged. Now that summer is nearly there, the peach bracelet will definitely come out again!

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