The Fan A to Z – #V

New week, new start. My mum is still here and time is short. I haven’t even been able to reply to all the comments that accrued over the weekend. The parties were great, btw – I even danced!!!! *gasp* I think it has been several years since I last danced. In public, that is. I dance a lot at home, alone.

Today I am planning a bus trip with momma dear. There is a new bus route I want to explore. It’s basically from my street to Ikea. 😂 No, seriously… but dangerous, I know. The only good thing about that is, that you can’t really buy that much because you will have to carry it all on the bus. Anyway, worth exploring…

But before I go, I looked at the Fan Challenge again. With limited blogging time at my disposal, it looks as if I may actually and finally finish that fan quiz… Here is V – only 4 to go…

V – Your favourite fan artist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for?

Um. First of all, *who* is my favourite fan artist/author? I’ll say this: *One of my favourite fan authors of all time* unfortunately has gone into retirement. She was a fantastic writer and wrote a few really gorgeous (and wickedly funny) one-shots that I loved. And I was lucky enough to be given access to a longer work by her, that never went online. It was an RPF and it just really worked. Unfortunately it was never finished, so my one request would be to her to finish it, because I just would love a ‘happy ever after’ there. (I don’t think this little wish of mine will get her out of her fandom retirement, though 🙂)

Maybe I could appeal to my favourite *active* fan author, to spend *all* of her well-earned summer holidays adding on to her fan fic universe? The last instalment of “Aside to Heaven” ended *coughs* frustratingly *coughs*. I am looking forward to more. No pressure, Zee… 😉

Or maybe I could order an RDC plushie – all black, with a hoodie and in stubble – from my favourite fan art maker, .

I especially want that piece of lint recreated, right on the zipper. That would make the perfect stress-relieving fidget device… Wait, did I honestly write that???

What about you? Any fan fic sequels you are particularly waiting for?



39 thoughts on “The Fan A to Z – #V

  1. Zee is a phenomenal writer ! I really wish she could get her stories published! I see some of the stuff out there now (Er Coben ) and think her writing is much more well developed, visual, creative, sexy, romantic with such imagination and insight!
    That cake looks great! If I may ask where are you and your mum headed on the bus? Have a wonderful trip!! Hope the weather is marvelous!!


    • Michele – since you have a German mother: did she ever bake the German classic for you? Marmorkuchen? (marble cake) It’s a rather simple cake, nothing special, but beloved especially by children. And my daughter wants it for every birthday even though I’d much rather make an elaborate cream tart for her *hehe*.
      The bus trip would be to Ikea – the store. But as you can see, I am still here at the computer rather than on the road… Better get our skates on.


  2. Ode to V

    How I love to escape,
    Into ff that’s great.
    But holy moley,
    Posts come in slowly.
    Updates are often so late.
    I am driven to tears,
    ‘Cause some tales take years,
    For the plot to unwind just a bit.
    Or authors not sorry,
    For dropping a story,
    Please, can they just finish it?

    Kathy Jones

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  3. I have quite studiously studied the supposed lint.
    I think it is metal — It seems there’s a glint.
    So it could be a zipper or a button-up fly
    That is drawing in many a fangirl’s eye!


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