Bubble of Luuurve

I’ll only leave this here:

*thud* or what? – Richard Armitage as Dr Scott White in Sleepwalker 

And I’ll confess now that I *still* haven’t watched BoF although it was passed to me through dark channels earlier this week. There is a definite message in the fact that I haven’t made time for that… and the fact that I have been invigilating exams this week, beside my regular work.

However, the Sleepwalker trailer? Very, very intriguing. Guylty approves so far. Not that that matters. I love the darkish tone of the piece, the subdued colours, all greys and muted. Not too mad on the frilly romantic style of the heroine, but that’s personal preference. I do, however, approve of caring doctors who take their work home, as well as tight grey jumpers. The story seems suspenseful, a proper psycho thriller, where much is unclear. Who is the woman? What is wrong with her? Does she suffer delusions? Is she mad? Is she the victim of a sick game? And more importantly, what role does the handsome doctor play? Is he on her side, or is he nailing her to the wall? Ahem.

I know you’ve already seen the clip, but I want to have it handy here on my blog.

In other news, I have just uploaded the grey/lilac chaRActer pattern up to Redbubble. Reminder that all proceeds from sales will go to charity. I am actually adding a couple of buttons on my side bar   that link to my stores on Redbubble, where the designs can be bought ready-printed on items of clothing, phone cases, note pads, mugs, and cards. The designs are also available as fabric, printed on demand, at Woven Monkey.

Apparently Redbubble currently has a sale on on phone cases and wallets – code CASE30. 

Right, otherwise back to reality, in which the summer is rainy, a president is a liar, and an election outcome is eagerly awaited…



44 thoughts on “Bubble of Luuurve

  1. “Nailing her to the wall?” HA! Most definitely, yes. I have a feeling he’s the baddie; hopefully, I’m wrong. I feel worn out from the Comey Testimony. Like you said, that – combined with your elections over there (no clear winner yet) – has made this quite a day. Over here we’re celebrating National Best Friends Day. I think it’s safe to say Mr. Trump is not celebrating. 😉

    Happy World Ocean’s Day! (we like to multi-task)

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  2. Saw Flaming Brain, otherwise known as Brain in Fire today. It’s not terrible, unless you are a frustrated RA fan who wanted more screen time for him. I had no idea Sleepwalker trailer was out. That was a nice surprise. But why? Is it being released or shown somewhere?


  3. Thanks for the Sleepwalker trailer I had not seen it. It looks promising though, I like thrillers.
    I haven’t watched BoF yet either. I have a link to it but strangely I’ve been putting it off the last few days and instead watching happier fluffier films. xx


    • Yes, I am feeling the same. BoF is one of those projects that I am merely ticking off the list of “things to watch because RA is in it”. Sleepwalker, OTOH, is becoming a contender for the “must see because it looks interesting” list.


  4. I have watched Brain on Fire twice now and I like it. Maybe I’m weird. I read the book two years ago and it was interesting.

    Sleepwalker’s trailer looks very promising. For me it looks like Dr. Scott White is some kind of “villain”. I hope they don’t shoot him, it looks like that in the trailer. I hope it’s a dream/nightmare or something like that.


    • Arrrrgh, not another dead body at the end of a film… That possibility had not even occurred to me, but well, it seems to be one of the requirements for RA’s role choices 😉
      You are the first positive reviewer of BoF I have heard of so far. I take that as encouragement, actually!


  5. I got several links to watch BoF. When one finally arrived from a pretested source, I happily watched. It wasn’t as bad as some of the reviews stated except I really can’t stand the perpetually overacting pouty poufy-lipped Moretz. I always want to slap her. Very disappointed in how little screen time HRH Armitage has but when he is on screen…oh mother. Carrie Ann Moss was also very underutilized. If it’s released in the US I’ll go see it. I’ll buy the DVD for my library. I’ve also lost my patience waiting for Pilgrimage although I hear that it’s going straight to DVD this summer. I wish to God they’d send Urban directly to DVD. Or someone needs to pirate them too.
    I’m thrilled with the new Sleepwalker trailer. It looks like a very good thriller. Is Dr. White good or bad? Can’t tell but the Armitage is sure hard on another wall. I hope the trailer means it’s going to be out in general release or DVD soon. If not, pirate that sucker too.
    As you can tell, I have lost my patience with all 4 of these films.


    • You see, that is exactly what I was worried about the moment I saw the first stills of Moretz. I just don’t find that little-girl look believable in such a role, and it totally puts me off watching that film. After all she will have most of the screen time.
      I’m still hoping that Pilgrimage will make it into the cinema, so I am holding out until I (pre)order that DVD.
      As for Dr White – I think he’s good. If they had cast someone with a less evil face (…) maybe it would have been clearer that he is… 😉

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  6. I watched BoF yesterday and I am with snowyjo on slapping 😛 – Moretz is really weak and always has the same expression. Wrong actress for this role, definitely. AS for RA, he used his limited time well – i loved that scene when he was yelling at 3 doctors; his eyes ❤

    p.s. love the fabric, need to think what it would be good to buy it for 😀


  7. ooops still have not watched, i will get to it though. But yes, Sleepwalked at least will keep us guessing and i had an inkling too he might be the baddie… but there is in any case some interesting ‘plot’ in there
    Lovee the fabrics and good idea with the links because i always forget where to look!


    • You haven’t watched the Sleepwalker trailer yet? ONly takes 3 minutes… but yeah, lots of wall action again. Seems to be a new Armitage tic, much like the eyelash flutters and the hand-across-the-mouth gesture… *hahaha*

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      • ah yes i watched THAT of course i did, we even discussed the wall tactics 😉 and i think it will be an exciting watch, intrigue and all that 🙂 BOF is what i haven’t yet, maybe at weekend though i am totally Jonasing it Sat at 11 am Otello rehearsal (i’m totally excited and totally anxious for him too)


        • Ah yes, BoF. I can’t say I felt particularly compelled to watch it. I should’ve added that to my post – it felt like I was watching it out of duty, ticking something off a list.
          And what? WHAT???? You have a ticket for the rehearsal? Fantastic. They did the right thing!

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          • I did the right thing ie chasing the site for some to get released paid off and i bought one they sell them at a standard contribution on 19 pounds so worth going esp if you manage a seat that would otherwise cost a lot more than 100


              • yes, 4 live shows plus one cinema ticket for rehearsal.. somewhat keen :-p still i am missing one which is unusual for me but it will be more than enough 🙂 It’s not my favourite opera tbh


                  • It is and it isn’t! you have no idea 🙂 The stuff i have done when i was really keen.. like book expensive hotel in Venice carnival just for the chance to see his Romeo in a French R&J i love.. and which he had to cancel due to bruised ribs. Or have tickets for all 6 performances of a 5 h epic French opera about the Troyans (which he also had to cancel, but i loved it nevertheless and went all times ) and see i dunno.. i think 9 Don Carlo performances with him, including one rehearsal Now that i really loved. This i will like but i can’t totally love it as it’s not my favourite music even if v interesting as a piece of theatre. It’s if i’m honest only 50% part enjoyment of the music and 50% wanting to be there for what is a historical event really. And because of conductor and the rest will be the very best this can be and then i’ll not feel even tempted to travel anywhere else to see him do it. Which i would if we were talking some other pieces i love much more. That’s the thing with opera, there only ever are 6-7 performances of one thing in one theatre… nothing like the theater 60-100 ones so much fewer chances really. There was to be fair largely more overlap between his tastes in music and mine in younger years and even generally.


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