Bingo! Identified the Photographer!

We interrupt our regular scheduling to swoon over this:

RA reads.                      Photo by Chris Sanders for audible

The image is not new as such – but since we now know the photographer’s identity, I am taking the opportunity to show it again. (I am still laughing about the silly thought voiced on Twitter that RA is looking at the mic as if chatting it up for a date… )

Top sleuthing by SueBC, btw, who found the name of the photographer. He is actually mentioned on this announcement by audible (featuring the image above) from way back in November 2016. So glad to know who the photographer is. I have scoured his professional website but have not found any further images of RA. Yet? If he was on Twitter, I’d tweet at him. Really hoping the we might get some more un-used images from him – because what I saw in that atlantictv/audible BTS yesterday was really intriguing!

So thank you, Sue!

Back to weekend now.


15 thoughts on “Bingo! Identified the Photographer!

  1. RA reads… into the minds of the fingirls 🙂 is what i wanted to add to that looks as it ever so slightly mischievous 😉 Great spot and lovely intensity… ‘unfortunately’ i am irrevocably distracted by the open collar and little sneak peak of hairy chest 😋😍😚


    • It’s always the little details, isn’t it? Especially when one is fairly familiar with the general facial set-up… My gaze definitely wanders, too – to the arms, the waist, the chest. There’s always something to see…

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