Richard’s Mystery Project Revealed: A Marvel

Wow, Richard sure knows how to make a splash! The internet is awash with breaking news pieces on his forthcoming stint as the voice of Logan/Wolverine. Here’s a quick compilation of links to the various articles in the nerd boy press:

Breaking the news: Mashable “Marvel is aiming to create the next ‘Serial,’ starring Wolverine


Screenrant: Richard Armitage is Wolverine In Marvel’s New Scripted Podcast

Fast Company: Marvel just got into the scripted podcast game with “Wolverine: The Long Night”

AV Club: Marvel announces Wolverine: The Long Night, its first scripted podcast 

Variety: Marvel to Launch Wolverine Podcast ‘The Long Night’



So yet another new genre. Well, sort of new. He’s done Captain America I guess, and in a roundabout way, both Hobbit and Hannibal were pretty fan-driven as well. First response: Looks like Richard is really making himself comfortable in the world of supernerdism. Not a bad move, if you ask me: Comic-based movie franchises have been massive in the last few years. The zenith may actually be already over, but with an innovative (as they claim) new approach, this could be something outstanding and ground-breaking. Although I find the concept almost diametrically opposed to the origins of the source text – graphic novels do what it says on the tin: They are graphics, they are drawn stories. There is text in it, but the genre as such depends on its graphic representation. Which was still fine when the comics were translated into film. But when turning them into podcasts, you are completely letting go of their actual USP, the *graphics*… A risk, but also a chance. I have no doubt that Richard is a great choice for such a project – a consummate pro in the recording booth, with much experience, and – what is even more valuable – with huge enthusiasm for the audio genre. I just wonder how this will go down with the hardcore fans… and I am wondering why Wolverine himself (Hugh Jackman) is not taking on the role? Sure, he’s stepped back from acting Wolverine, but a voice role would’ve been the perfect way of maintaining a continuity while retiring from the movie franchise.

Well, whatever, I once again have to say I am utterly surprised by Richard’s project choice. Not exactly my genre. But I am open for all. Bring it on, Richard!


21 thoughts on “Richard’s Mystery Project Revealed: A Marvel

    • Interessante Sache. Ich kann jetzt nicht von mir behaupten, dass ich mich a) mit Marvel auskenne und b) Fan von Wolverine bin, aber das große Echo in der Fachpresse zeigt ja schon, dass das ein dicker Brocken ist. Schön für Rich.


  1. I am literally tearing up from joy! This is too good to be true for a nerd like me. I LOVE Wolverine (and Hugh Jackman, of course) and was sad there will be no more films. This project is a risk, yes, but the Castlevania fans will give it a chance and when Richard is inevitably awesome, they will have a nerdgasm and spread the word. I’m happy for our lovely man. 😀💕


    • Hehe, you won’t be able to miss it. The internet is buzzing with it. Well, at least the kind of comic geek sites. Even the tech sites that I read every morning for work, are full of it… It’s probably bigger a thing than I realised…


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  3. Me and Richard (blog) and yourself did such a detailed summary of Berlin Station I felt I was part of the loop but with the way things are progressing I feel completely left out I never imagined the world of entertainment would be so insular.
    Even if someone could tell the Wolverine story there wouldn’t be any photographs.


  4. Das wäre tatsächlich eine großartige Sache. Ich bin von Wolverine sehr begeistert, er ist einer meiner liebsten Marvel “Helden”. Die Figur ist vielschichtig und RA könnte sich da so richtig austoben. Noch viel lieber hätte ich ihn allerdings in einer verfilmten Wolverine-Reihe gesehen. Das wäre ein Anblick…


  5. This sounds pretty cool to me! Wolverine is certainly one of my favourite Marvel characters, and the “Logan” movie was wonderfully dark. It sounds like we are really going back to the era of full-blown radio plays, but with modern technology.

    I looked at the Stitcher Premium pricing and it is $4.99 US per month or $34.99 US per year, although there seems to be a free trial… doesn’t say for how long a period. This is exciting enough to me that I’ll sign up in the spring when it comes out.


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