RA Pocket Shrine 149/? – [Bitter]Sweet Berlin

When I made today’s shrine, I did not think that it would become a bittersweet farewell to the Berlin Station as we knew it.

Breaking News

Yesterday the news broke that BS was going to move the production from the eponymous Berlin in its title to Budapest.

In translation:

“Berlin Station” heading for Hungary
by Jana Haase

PHOTO CAPTION: Missed connection. Studio Babelsberg loses the US spy series “Berlin Station” due to lack of certainty regarding subsidies. The third season will be shot in Hungary, said Babelsberg board member Woebcken. The background to the decision is the struggle for a coalition in Berlin – and the federal budget that has not yet been passed. 

Studio Babelsberg loses an important project because the release of federal funding has stalled due to the  negotiations for a grand coalition. Film makers are pushing for the improvement of film funding.

Potsdam – The struggle for a coalition in Berlin has a dramatic impact on the local film industry. Because as long as the federal budget for this year is still not approved, film subsidies can not be paid or only to a small extent. Due to the financial insecurities  some productions are now “in trouble”, and the first international film project has already been lost, said Carl L. Woebcken, the CEO of Studio Babelsberg AG, on Monday at the Berlinale press conference in the Brandenburg State Chancellery. Unlike the first two seasons, the third season of the US spy series “Berlin Station” will therefore not be filmed in Babelsberg and Berlin, but entirely in Hungary. “That hurts a lot,” said Woebcken.

It hurts indeed, and will be a great loss to the local film industry – but also to the series itself, at least when it comes to Berlin as a “character” in a show that has been named (partly) after the place it is set in. I have no doubt that conditions will be great in Budapest – a beautiful city that has much to offer – but I do wonder how the series will progress from now on. Will BS return to Berlin for location shoots only, or is Berlin Station becoming Budapest Station? From the article above it sounds as if the latter is the case – “filmed entirely in Hungary” doesn’t sound as if it only refers to the interior scenes. That may mean a complete re-focus of the show onto a new station, a new team even. Changes all around – I guess. I hope the cast have left a suitcase in Berlin… just in case…

Shrine Reveal

And so it is with great regret that today’s shrine offering is tinged with a little bit of sadness. When I made it in a mad rush of creativity last week, I did not think this would be a bye-bye to Berlin.

Then we *leave* Berlin, more like… Bittersweet. But look, here’s Daniel:

He shoots flowers, not bullets.

And I think his heart will continue beating for Berlin.

So, this is a historic piece of fan memorabilia if Berlin is to be no more. Maybe there are one or two Berlin or BS lovers out there. If you leave a comment on this post, I’ll put your names in a hat and draw a winner of the shrine. Deadline is Friday, 16 February 2018, 8am GMT.

And else…? Valentine’s Day and Lent

What a morose post on Valentine’s Day… Could also be because today is also Ash Wednesday, and the annual Lent purge has started. As in previous years, I am taking the opportunity to test my resolve and my discipline. Since there isn’t much *food-wise* that I can give up, due to my already established WW diet, I have looked at other sacrifices. In a bid to make my diet even more healthier, I will now completely cut Diet Coke. Social Media is always a big addiction for me, but Twitter has somewhat tuned down on my list of obsessions and Facebook is virtually non-existent. So Twitter can stay. But the big culprit when it comes to wasting time, has been Youtube. I’ve been obsessively watching craft videos for the last while, and even got sucked into haul videos *ugh*. It’s got to stop, and so Youtube is off limits for the next six weeks (the only exception being the YT clips embedded in blog posts by others – I can’t and don’t want to avoid those, especially in case there are important news there *coughs*. You never know.) Are you giving anything up?

However, let’s finish on a positive note. Whether you like Valentine’s Day or not – it’s never wrong to spread a little love. Over on Twitter, Sinnamin had organised another card swap for Valentine’s Day. Cards have popped up in the posts all over the place, and since *my* cards refer – you guessed it – to our favourite movie boyfriend, I am sending you virtual love by way of some of the cards that I made for the occasion. So, have a lovely day, tell your loved ones that you love them, and add a comment below to be in the raffle. 



51 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 149/? – [Bitter]Sweet Berlin

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! The cards look very crafty; I wish I could claim to have that talent. As for Berlin Station, it is devastating to find out about the move to Budapest. My gut tells me we won’t see the cast again, but a new one. At least I can think of Daniel and Esther going off together into the sunset, holding hands…


    • Oh, the card making is easy, Violet. Scissors, glue, nice papers. You could even just make do with magazine cut-outs. Just choose a colour scheme and off you go 🙂
      Yeah, I am wondering whether the cast is going to change, too. How would they justify the *whole* station upping sticks and moving to Budapest? And yes, there was a certain feeling of finality to season 2, anyway… I won’t be too sad to see RA leave the show – BS never really gripped me. But as always, I would regret not seeing him on a regular basis…

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  2. It’s really sad news about “Budapest Station” since Berlin played such a beautiful part in (especially) series one and it was great how it added such a unique charme to the show.

    I’m also making grabby hands for the shrine (with a bit of drooling ;-)) so this comment is not just an expression of disappointment but also a raised hand.
    Have a lovely lentne’s Day despite the meh news about lost film funds. ❤

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  3. A. You are so wonderfully crafty.
    B. You will feel so much better without the Diet Coke. I gave up Coke Zero and I’d say within 2 months I lost close to 20lbs.
    C. I am sure Budapest will be lovely, but will it have the same grit? I don’t think so. Plus, we will have to listen to Valerie pronounce it as Budapesht – which is correct apparently, but when it comes from a North Americaner it only sounds pompous.
    D. I would like to enter my name for the pocket shrine. “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.”

    Oh…and happy valentine’s day, I suppose. 🙄


    • I am wondering whether the craft urge has been caused by cleaner living?! And yes, the whole diet fizzy drink thing is really counterproductive. I’ve switched to fruit tea – yum.
      As for Budapes(h)t – IDK, but I could imagine it edgy, too. (Maybe because I am thinking of Mission Impossible or other related genre films that partly filmed there.)
      And indeed – first we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin was exactly on my mind when I designed the shrine’s outside. Fingers crossed for you!


  4. I’ve still not seen Berlin Station, but I have visited Berlin, which we went to last October. So much to see, so little time to see it. I shall have to return!

    For Lent I’m cutting back on my Twitter feed – but not friends, because they are important to me – and I’m staying off Tumblr. I shall therefore be relying on your posts to ensure I don’t miss out on Important Information.


    • Oh, how did you like Berlin? I really want to return, too. Even after several visits I still find it exciting.
      Yep, I’ve done the Twitter abstinence in previous years. This year I don’t really want to miss the interaction with friends there. The weekly Tumblr stroll is not too distracting for me, so I am happy to continue providing the service 🙂


      • Berlin was amazing. We hadn’t really known what to expect and were really taken by the city. Getting around was easy and there was so much to see. We didn’t manage to go inside the Dom, although we walked past it. And we only managed one museum on Museum Island, because by then our legs were worn out.

        One of the highlights was going to the free lunchtime concert at the Berliner Philharmoniker – just awesome.


        • Yep, public transport is pretty easy in Berlin. I don’t think you have missed that much in the Dom. The museums are way more interesting. So you need to come back and explore more 😉
          And I had no idea that the Berlin Philharmonic actually does free lunchtime concerts. What a great tip. I will keep that in mind next time I am in Berlin.


          • Oh, definitely!

            They’re on Tuesday lunchtimes from September to June. They restrict the numbers they allow in (for safety reasons) to 1,500. They ask for a donation to UNICEF, but there’s no pressure.


            • Great, thanks for the info. I am keeping that in mind. – And I think it’s great that they are generating donations that way. Plus, you get to hear the Berlin Philharmonic – pretty amazing!


  5. Happy Valentine’s day to those celebrating 🙂
    Never meant much to me i have to say as we don’t celebrate it, ie i didn’t grow up with it, we only celebrate 1st March coming of spring which i certainly intend celebrating this year as it’s been a particularly nasty winter! Also i guess as we grow older our views on ‘love’ of any kind change and it’s more about continuity and support and sharing in time rather than on a certain day 🙂

    The shrine is lovely and although i never was a big fan of BS as a series i do have quite a few fond memories of Daniel and Esther as well and of them together. So at least there is something to take away from it. I hope this move, which is sadly financially driven will mean he will definitely not be part of it in S3. I’d prefer it tbh. I am sorry though for all the really good crew they had and local people who worked on it as they obviously had a great team. (The controller in me says that if they had saved some money in S1 and 2 and avoided some silly unnecessary trips around the place they would have been able to afford staying in Berlin for another season since it is the key part of the series.. hohum).

    Lent.. not much for me to give up really…. something that i spend a o lot of time with and enjoy excessively one could say i assume.. opera, theater, ballet.. yeah. Not going to happen. What would be the point of that and who/what would benefit from it? I think i might do the same as last year and do 2 vegan days a week, at least i feel like i am connecting with a real tradition as it is not some modern fad but traditional lent where no animal products are allowed. It’s always a bit tricky with my stomach as diary is key in keeping acidity away but as long as i keep it low in sugar and with lent that’s just a by product i should be ok. I can just about tolerate almond milk or if pressed oat milk in my tea for 2 days a week. I just need to make sure my Calcium intake doesn’t suffer as at my age it is crucial i keep it up and the body really absorbs it best from diary. It’s not a big change as i eat mostly veg anyway, but making sure i avoid milk and eggs as well makes it tricky as even vegetarian substitutes most often contain at least one of those. But i always wanted to include more walnuts and almonds in my diet, so hopefully it won’t get too boring over 6 weeks. I always get reminded by what my grandma used to say about lent, it’s not a sin what you put in your mouth, it’s more of a sin what comes out of it.. ie what you say and by association what you do. Maybe for next year i’ll think of something positive to do during this period rather than trying to cut where there isn’t real excess of anything.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry for the late reply – I always want to take proper time to reply to your comments, Hari.
      I am with you on VD – not my kind of ‘holiday’. In fact, hubby and I have a pact that we do *not* want to mark it in any particular way. In Germany it’s mainly an artificial holiday for flower shops. However, in blog land, I think it is simply a nice occasion to spread love.
      I found your comments from the POV of a controller particularly interesting. Without having the insights that you do, I would have also thought that there are ways and means to keep costs down if you *really* want to shoot in a particular location and with a particular team. Shooting on locations that are abroad (from the main set), i.e. Norway and Spain last season, surely must have bumped up the costs. Also, I am wondering how it is cost-effective to recreate already established interior fittings in a new studio – that’ll cost extra, too, even if the running costs of crew and studio rent are cheaper elsewhere. *sigh* We’ll never know.
      And yes, don’t you give up opera and theatre. Absolutely no point in that. Those things unequivocally enhance your life for the better. Giving up sweets and snacks and other unhealthy habits, is a different kettle of fish. Tbh, I don’t really have that many vices at the moment, too, due to the diet. (The big one would be smoking but let’s draw a veil of silence over that…) But there are a few annoying habits that are not adding much value to my life, and those can be done away with. I simply like the handy time frame provided by Lent for a little bit of refocussing and re-establishing of *better* habits. Mind you, the one thing I dislike about the Lent idea of “giving up”, is that its starting point is a negative idea. Psychologically, I think it is bad to think of “loss”, and better to do something positive. Not “I don’t want to eat sweets”, but “I want to eat healthy foods”.
      Oh, and I appreciated your note about calcium. I have more or less excluded dairy from my diet. Without toast and sandwiches on my WW diet, I don’t eat butter anymore. I have long ago replaced milk with almond milk, and I don’t particularly like yoghurt, so there is hardly any dairy in my diet anymore. I got a big fright when you mentioned calcium there, wondering whether I am developing calcium deficiency. But thanks be to Mother Nature for almonds… They seem to do the trick nicely. (I checked it out.)

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      • yeah almonds are good, but eat almonds not the almond milk, the added calcium in it doesn’t really get absorbed (not like in diary) but eating the actual nuts is great for us, supposedly a small handful a day is ideal. That’s what i’ll aim for 🙂 I’m not a big nut eater or snacker of any sort, i just have my fruit in the afternoon so i have to make an effort to get the nuts in. Maybe i can sneak them in at dinner time and reduce that, would definitely help. But i’ll take the food discussion to the other place 😉 Before we bore people with it ;-))

        And yeah the inside sets will have been ditched…. i guess there was doubt over a potential S3 so that played into it. And tbh the inside set for the station was so bare and poor that it was hardly more than a couple o chairs and tables and cardboard/wood panels. The screens if they had any sense would have been rented and if it was me the furniture too, so that won’t dent it much. I sadly suspect it is people cost which is much smaller, they will pay Budapest crew much less which is a sad reality… And maybe there are some local filming incentive too which would put some money back in their budget. And they lost the ones they had in Berlin. It’s the way in the business. I will keep the hope alive that he will end up landing a lead role in one of the many series being created, fingers, toes crossed for him as boy does he deserve it!! He’s still heads above the average of actors i see on a daily basis on telly… sigh.

        I have to shamefacedly admit that even in that book i get caught up when he reads! It’s just the flow of the voice, he makes even text which doesn’t flow naturally to feel natural and the harsher edges get smoothed away. I guess this is as good a place as any for discussion about it ;-))) I did get slightly startled in the first scene but in the end i thought he …’handled’ it ok LOL sorry teenage giggle here ;-)))) I just don’t find the writing good enough for the scene to find it really hot. It’s an odd thing. I think it could be if it was better described. Maybe the narration is too elegant for the writing LOL I did get a sense of amusement out of it though maybe because he relished using language he otherwise wouldn’t; I remembered what DT also says about playing naughty, you gotta relish it as when else will you get to do it? But weird how some words sound sexier in his voice than others, i find he wraps his voice much nicer around ‘breasts’ than ‘tits’ and makes it sound more sensual. As with everything there is always potential in his narration , it’s sad when the words don’t quite live up to it. It did make me sidetrack and think about seeing him in grittier roles, even seeing him again in Urban for example , in roles and set ups where rougher language is more casual and natural. Wish there was a role which would roughen him up a bit, you know, Trainspotting style :-). He can certainly do that, but it’s not the voice he employs in this as it wouldn’t suit the general description of the character. And coming back to the book i always get a jolt when the characters switch, meh. The lilt of his voice more than the text almost sucks me in and then dash, you get thrown out again. Well, 4h of sorting and cleaning round the house yesterday were nicer in the company of his voice.. mostly. I guess i’ve proven that i am pretty much addicted to it and i just want him to read to me every day 🙂


  6. I could not view Berlin Station on Epix, so had to buy dvd .Now Looking For Season 2.Hands Waving In Air For The Shrine.Happy valentines Day To You.


    • Hehe, dad roles. Well, I guess he is that age… And let’s face it – he is one sexy daddy *grins*. Technically I liked him in BS, he always plays his characters well, but I think Daniel should have been given much more oomph in the show.

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  7. Happy Valentine´s Day!
    You´re right, this shrine is something really special now and I really like it… It´s really bitter for Babelsberg to lose Berlin Station… but let´s see what happens…

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    • Yep, it’s a massive loss. But it’s understandable. Shows cost money. With such a big move, I expect major changes in the case too, though. We’ll have to wait and see…


  8. I don´t know what to say. Somehow I´m moved by this more than I expected. Strange. I love this very special shrine. Certainly BS was not on the highest artistical level but it combined two things I like – RA and Berlin. That´s why I enjoyed it. I really appreciate that you choose pictures from S2, because I liked Daniel more in that season (that beard 😉). And I have to confess as well that I especially like the outside of the lid this time.
    So it´s really sad that they are moving to Budapest. It was so nice to see these familiar places on the screen. Berlin is a special city. I still remember my first visits there as a child when the city was still divided. So much has changed ever since but lots of places are familiar nevertheless. Well, I think it´s time for another visit to Berlin soon.
    Re lent: I´m afraid I have not enough vices to give something up. The only thing that comes to my mind is chocolate. But no, I don´t want to live without chocolate now. I´m too weak for it. So maybe that´s a good plan for next year: indulge in more vices to give something up for Lent.


    • You are very right. The show never fully convinced me, but the combo of Berlin and RA was a big winner. Ok, well, I generally am happy to see RA in *anything*, but just the fact that he was in a show that was set in a place that I *know*, was special. Such sentimentalities don’t count, of course. Money rules.
      And hey, good for you, that you don’t have too many vices ;-). Chocolate is a great mood enhancer, so yeah, don’t give that up! And I like your conclusion that you need to build up more vices in order to have something to give up next year *hehe*


      • Yeah, probably I´m too sentimental as well. Of course, if he´s part of the cast of S3, I´ll watch it no matter wherever it is set. But I´ll never forget Berlin. In fact, I guess I would have watched S3 in Berlin even without him. And as you said in another comment, it´s also a pity that German actors will most likely not participate anymore. Well, it´s mainly Mina Tander but I had a little hope for Heino Ferch to return as well.
        Btw, if they only change place but keep the US characters they could justify it with a kind of spy exchange… just kidding.
        I really admire everyone who´s able to give something up for lent. This morning another thing came to my mind I could theoretically give up: coffee. But I don´t know if this would be a good idea. So I keep both, chocolate and coffee but I´ll try to reduce chocolate at least. Anyway, wish you success with your waiver of diet coke and youtube.


        • I might have watched BS3 even without RA for the same reason as you – it’s fun when you recognise a location. Likewise, I totally admit to watching anything as long as RA is in it – his performances are simply always good to look at. For the cast members who are now left behind, it is a massive pity. I agree, I would’ve liked to see more of Heino Ferch.
          And thanks for your virtual support of the Lent resolutions 🙂


  9. Not a comment! Loving the shrine, though.

    But I’m really sad about that BS news. I’ve only just got round to watching my season one DVDs and I’m enjoying it a lot.

    I don’t do Lent, but I shall hereby give up cake for the duration, in solidariy with those of you who do — that’ll work for the WWers too. 😇


  10. Oh I really, really love this shrine! The lettering is so cool, with the blackboard effect. And you know I am a big fan of the beard and I even came to like the haircut!

    Yeah, Budapest Station? Not sure how that can work.

    Your VDay cards are great! (Hopefully you didn’t give one of those to your hubby! Lol.)


    • Oh, I am glad you have spotted my attempts at hand lettering. (I am looking into bullet journaling at the moment, and when I was faced with hiding the printing on the back of the tin, I thought I’d give it a go.)
      Daniel’s look in BS2 did really strange things to me. I am not a fan of the beard at all, and some of the neo Nazi style is naturally not up my street, either, but *boyo* somehow Daniel/Trevor was really fascinating to look at. Maybe because he didn’t look as if he was dressed in designer wear. More relatable because he looked normal.
      Budapest Station… well, now that you mention it, wasn’t there something in season 1 about Daniel’s predecessor being moved to Budapest?
      And hehe, no, those VD cards all went to ladies who appreciate RA. Same can unfortunately not be said about Mr Guylty… 😁

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  11. Not entering. Just giving Valentine greetings to you and my fellow commenters. Loved your shrine. I really liked the grittiness of it, kind of like parts of the city shown in BS. I don’t think they will change the name of the show. It probably has a following (modest or vast) and it would seem like a totally new show to many people. Too confusing.


    • And back to you. Hope you had a nice, lovely day.
      Yeah, if they changed the name of the show now, it would look slightly stupid – after two seasons. It would also confuse people and lack recognition. Who knows, maybe they will film in Budapest and leave the show set in Berlin.


  12. I am also sad about Berlin, but will give Budapest a chance, especially if the cast remains (or some of them, at least). I really enjoyed the second season.

    And, yes, I do love this shrine. I can almost smell the flower from here XD.
    I am taking opportunity to thank you once again for the card and the present. I had, on paper, everything sorted out how my room will look like in Spring, after all walls are painted anew and things rearranged in sections. Now that beautiful collage messed up things and have to sketch de nuevo Richard’ corner 😀 That will be sweet task 😀


    • Budapest definitely deserves a chance. It is a great place, btw – I visited loooong ago, but I thought it had a beautiful lightness to it. (Although the same does not quite apply to Berlin…)
      So glad the card and present arrived on time. Sorry that I got the fabric choice wrong. (I really should keep track of what I am sending whom…) And oh, I’d love to have a look at your ‘Richard corner’!!


  13. Sorry to hear about them moving the show out of Berlin. It makes me wonder if they will keep the connection by simply referencing “Berlin Station: Special Undercover Mission -Budapest” or some such silliness. I guess I can’t fault them if it comes down to funding. They certainly are keeping mum about what members of the cast are returning. Maybe they are still in negotiations. Bravo on the Berlin shrine. It is striking inside and out and even more of a keepsake in light of the news. The flower in the gun barrel was my favorite surprise. .brilliant.
    The Valentines are really lovely. They’re kind of like your pocket shrines only flat and made of paper. 😉
    Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day. 💕


    • Ha, that would be a way of keeping the continuation going. Budapest Mission sounds suitably spy-ish. Do we know yet when they are filming the new season? I am trying to remember when they announced the cast for the second season. It took a long time for them to confirm RA, too…
      Glad you have spotted the flower in the gun barrel. As a rule, I do not really like firearms in my shrines (or in RL, for that matter. Yesterday’s tragedy in Florida confirms that. So, so horrible and saddening.), so I had to disarm the gun.
      And what a nice thing to say about my VD cards. I guess you are right – in a way my shrines are 3D collages, and the cards are similar, just in 2D.


  14. Love the Berlin Station RAPS! And Happy Valentine’s Day! Bummer about the shift from Berlin Station. And I would think that some of the cast would have to carry over to “Budapest Station”–if only to provide some continuity. But they could still interact with their Berlin counterparts–clandestinely. Ha! Daniel and Esther would really use up some frequent flyer miles. Unless she get’s promoted to more of a diplomatic post–yeah right up her alley, Ha! Then she gets posted to Budapest. Hmmm. I know, I’m dreaming. Cheers!


  15. I hope the cast has left a suitcase in Berlin. In season 1 someone was sent to Budapest, maybe some investigations are now necessary and there are enough shots of Berlin to start and to end the season in the station.I am sorry for Babelsberg. The german politic is awful in the moment
    So your RAPS is perfectly wonderful. It resemble a bit a suitcase. I hope you have had a lovely Valentines Day


  16. I’m always amazed at these wonderful tins you find. The only ones we have are Altoids. I wonder why tins are in such shortage over here.
    I love the Berlin tin. I love Berlin Station. Bought season 1 on DVD and a waiting for season 2. But I’m sad that production is moving although I love Budapest. Berlin was as much of a character as the humans. How is Budapest going to fill its shoes?


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