First Armitage Ocean’s 8 Interview Drops

And to make an already perfect day even better, there is the first promo interview with RA from the set of Ocean’s 8.

Say what you want, but I love listening to Mr A talk about his work. It’s not just that beautiful English accent, but it’s also the way he thinks before he expresses himself, the little gestures, the sweet wonder and humility at being part of *any* project. The open collar look with cutesy Gucci elephants obviously helps, too πŸ˜‰.

So yep, marketing machine, you have my attention.


22 thoughts on “First Armitage Ocean’s 8 Interview Drops

    • Much different from what we have seen so far. Not as out there as the aubergine number in Paris, or the darker, distinguished piece in Berlin (although that remains my favourite).


      • Well, of course, he can wear (almost) everything or (almost) nothing and will always look good. But blue is my favourite colour and it suits him so well in my opinion. IΒ΄d like to see the suit in a total view(?). The suit even makes me forget the shirt (because this is meh for me).


  1. A friend who is in the industry was able to see this last night (May 29) and while he talked about the women’s performances (in a Facebook post), he did give it a very positive review. I asked him about RA and he said “He holds his own,” which given how he was raving about the women, is a good sign.


    • That is great to know! Sure, he is not the focus of the film, but it’s great if the film could show that he can match those female stars on screen.


  2. beautiful in blue! hope we get to see him standing up and moving about in this suit πŸ™‚ Saw some promos by the ladies online yesterday and really enjoying the chat and fashion choices. It’s truly striking when you see 90% female casts how it changes how we look at things. Been watching and enjoying Split on the BBC as well and i love all the various female characters, the bonding, the familiar feel of it but also the interesting stories and yes, the clothes too πŸ™‚ and all accessories as well πŸ™‚ Need to find out when this premiers in the UK.


    • Controversial opinion: I am not particularly keen on all the fashion focus associated with the promo. It’s the same old – why should it be important what the women wear? For me, that topic always distracts from the actual capabilities of the actors. (And I am excluding discussion of Armitage’s blue suit here – what else is there to discuss if he’s otherwise completely disappeared.)
      What’s Split?


      • well, Ocean 8 as well as previous ones have always been about the fashion and with the Met gala thing even more so. I like fashion, the high end of it especially, it’s creative and art and i like to look at it. What i particularly like in this case is that i think bar one all these women are older than 30, in fact most older than 40. Bullock is 53, which i would have never guessed. Screen are generally invaded by 20 and at most 30 somethings, especially women so i really like watching this bunch, mature, beautiful, articulate women. Maybe because due to my own age i can relate to them more than to 20-somethings these days. It’s the package i guess but also the fashion itself i find more interesting, less flesh on show, more original stuff. It’s not the skimpy as you can get away with, tight as possible stuff. But it’s also what they talk about, these women have nothing to prove at this stage and it’s a bit of fun. I like men but with all the super-hero stuff it’s nice to see and hear stuff that is not about bulging muscles and fights and stuff.


        • What? Ocean’s films about fashion? 😳Sorry, but that never *ever* occurred to me when I was watching the Clooney movies. Sure, every character in *any* film is always nicely styled and dressed, but I don’t think that fashion was a theme of those heist movies at all. In O8’s case I’ll give you that there is fashion inherent in the sense that one of the characters is a designer, and the heist takes place at the Met gala where the A list dresses to the nines for a society event. I didn’t read the promo so far as centering on fashion, though.
          I have no opinion on whether the fashion sported by the ladies in the film, is more “suitable for their age” or not (although I find that a slightly ageist argument) – simply because I don’t know anything about fashion. And funnily enough – the thing that you are applauding, I find actually slightly questionable. I am absolutely thrilled to see not only 8 women as the lead characters in a major film, but also that they represent different age groups. However, looking at the footage so far, it did occur to me (even before our conversation here) that the more mature ladies of the bunch (Bullock, Blanchett, Bonham Carter) certainly do not look their age. Well done to them. I wish *I* looked younger than my years. OTOH this kind of cult of youth and beauty really gets my back up. What’s wrong with women who look their age? Or are middle-aged women, who look their age, not employable?


          • I don’t think they don’t look their age, i think they look just fine. And yes the age and occupation, personality in the film is quite diverse. I am just tired of seeing just young actors and actresses, or mostly, at least in cinema and in the big block busters particularly. It’s nice to see one which doesn’t cater to quite the same. And i didn’t mean suitable for their age necessarily, but rather not about showing off the body so much or on purpose. There is a big difference at least for me between dressing in beautiful clothes and dressing to show off the body parts of an attractive body. Nobody needs to have a perfect body to wear nice things πŸ™‚ Anyway, for me it feels different than what i have seen recently from blockbuster cinema and i like it.
            As to youth and beauty that’s what i like about chats shows here, at least the only one i watch fairly regularily LOL it talks about theatre and books as much as it does about Hollywood films so there are thankfully plenty of older actors and actresses who get to show and talk about their work. Who wouldn’t want to be Judy Dench when they grow up ;-))


            • O8 is coming with plenty of advance praise, centred on the fact that it is a film carried by female actors, not focussing on men, representing different ages, backgrounds etc. – and I am increasingly thinking that we are setting ourselves up for massive disappointment. Fashion, non-ageism, women’s solidarity or not, at the end of the day this is an entertainment product. I mean, how many socio-political issues can they or do they want to realistically address in a movie? I really hope that it will deliver all the implied promises.

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              • Hm,. i really hope they don’t talk this up as some big socio-political statement piece which it clearly is not. I mean apart from the idea to cast all women and all that, there really isn’t anything political or social about the movie and it is just a big summer entertainment blockbuster about a heist. It’s not a female Robin Hood or anything like that LOL. I certainly don’t expect any of that with it. I just hope the heist bit and tension and ingenuity as well as the characters live up to the rest of the franchise. 90mins or thereabouts of good fun. And that’s about it πŸ™‚ The papers should really not try to make this into what it is clearly not. I suspect sadly for me i will have to then buy it on amazon or somewhere to even spot Richard in it as i watched that B roll and only saw him once. I either enjoy the movie for the heist thing or do a forensic watching and look for him, which wouldn’t be much fun.
                I mean to have fun, but frankly got quite irritated he had to mention the Kardashians in that little interview. I’d prefer to ignore the fact that they are in the movie too…


                • Yep. 🀐I want to enjoy the storyline without actually having to think about the gender issue all the time. I’d prefer it if that issue was only incidental to the plot rather than being shoved down my throat all the time.
                  I think you can do both – enjoy the heist/plot *and* watch forensically for RA. Even if he is not in every minute of the film, it looks as if he’s there when it comes to the climax. (eh, pardon the pun…)


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