I Should Go on Holiday More

and thus take one or two for the team. I mean, every time I am off and away on vacation, some major stuff happens. Ok, not counting silly shitstorms like the recent ‘Black Sunday (And Monday and Tuesday)’, but fabulous little gems such as this Audible trailer/interview/clip with Joy Ellis.

I know you have seen this already, but I can’t go to bed tonight without leaving this here. I not only loved seeing Armitage in that clip (the way he greeted her with a double kiss was lovely –


I am probably reading way too much into it, what with his recent loss, but to see him so sweet and attentive with an older woman was just… heartwarming? Gorgeous in an old-fashioned, chivalrous way? Not to mention hearing Ellis herself being quite smitten with Armitage. Awww.

The main point, however, is that I loved listening to her. Just the way she spoke, even that tiny lisp, and the way she sat there, being interviewed, with a delighted, bright smile that nevertheless had a touch of “I can’t believe this is happening to me” in it, was just so likeable. Never mind her praise for Armitage – I like her without her validation of him.

I also very much liked the little excerpt he reads in the clip. It sounds as if Ellis writes crime with conscience and thought. An almost metaphysical subtext there between the two characters read by RA. I can’t wait to hear this audio book!

Gorgeous wide skies with water and green

Major plus: the setting. I have never been in the Fens but I have known about this region of the UK ever since I read Graham Swift’s Waterland in 1993. It’s a brilliant postmodern novel about history and historiography. And the Fens themselves, from what I have seen in the Ellis clip and from what I have read in Waterland, remind me very much of the part of Northern Germany I grew up in. Bare. Flat. Plain. Green. Water. Sky.

Note eyelash porn

By the way – my enthusiasm today reached all the way – I lived the editing on the clip, too, particularly Armitage reading the excerpt while Ellis is simultaneously shown typing at her PC. Big shout-out to the editor (or a lighting guy, if there was one) – the back-lit eyelashes and the play of light and shade on Armitage’s face made even more attractive what was already irresistible to begin with.

Oh, and coat!

Jeepers, I even liked the grey knitted jumper!!!

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, maybe the sun has fried my brain, but if you agree and want more of such nice clips and news of Armitage, maybe you could all club together and send me on a few cruises or something like that. With me off-comms, you’ll be sure to receive some gorgeous Armitage goodies!

They seem to have gotten on like a house on fire

Back to watching that clip again. Legs!!! Silver temples!!! Belly laughs!!! Tender hugs!!! Fangirl down!!!

Sorry, crappy screenshot from iPhone only, but you get the silver fox…


29 thoughts on “I Should Go on Holiday More

      • Oh no, I wasn’t trying to correct you. I believe he has always been that kind of man, but watching this video and knowing how he was feeling…I have no words.

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      • This clip is so heartwarming and she is so delightful to listen to and now it makes me want to buy her books bec I have only listened to 1 Audible book he did Juliet and Romeo on an airplane (fear of flying) and have a plethora of other Audio books to listen to. Those skinny jeans he has on omg too. I think this is how he really is in his element just so down to earth, respectful and convivial.


        • I found Their Lost Daughters one of the best pieces he has read so far, and a lot of that is down to the suspenseful story itself. Mind you, warning: It does get incredibly dark, to the point of haranguing/disgusting, so approach with caution. I am very much looking forward to the next two Ellis audio books, and have preordered them.
          The video of their meeting was really nice. It was just lovely to see how sweet he was with her. And how she obviously immediately liked him, too.


          • Thank you so much for the heads up on the audio book. I can see why so many commenters on here in your Challenge thought he would be great as Rowan Jackman. Maybe with enough buzz her books will be turned into miniseries w/him.


              • Well it would work out very well for him in several regards: 1. He would be in England actually Northern England if it was filmed on location for an extended time 2. He would be closer to his dad, his brother and his brother’s family 3. He has a house in London still? 4. If he wanted to do a play w/Yael Farber he would be there to commit to a 3-4 month run. (Is that the standard length of time?) By the way if I can ask are you planning on seeing her Hamlet play in Dublin this Fall? I saw her Salome production in Washington DC a few years ago and was blown away by it.
                Maybe he needs some new agents…we all could volunteer.


                • Well, the Fens/Nofolk are in the East Midlands, but he’d be pretty close to home (Leicester) indeed. His home in London – he used to have one but apparently put it up for sale after the Hobbit years and moved to NYC. But who knows, maybe he has already got new accomodation. Especially if he is still planning to collaborate with Yael Farber again. I really hope that he will.
                  Yep, I have got tickets for Hamlet. Three tickets, actually, because I bought a set for myself and then two more when dear visitors (from the fandom) announced themselves to come and stay with me. Really looking forward to that; I’ve seen two other productions by Farber (Crucible and Les Blancs) which I both enjoyed.


  1. I still don’t know if I’m interested in the book — will wait till the library gets it and see. But he should wear these clothes in front of this landscape every day. And livestream it to my house. With period closeups on his footwear.

    He would have known by this point that his mother was dying.


    • Lol. Yeah, can we please have a webcam to follow his every move , preferably while not working. Blue woollen coat, boots, knitted jumper obligatory. Ocean backdrop preferred but any scenery is fine.

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  2. I must have been the last fan to see this. Away from all media all day. Thank you. What a treat. He looks great, and in such a good mood.The fens much agree with him.


  3. Ein herzerwärmendes Video! Kaum zu glauben, dass man so liebenswürdig über das Beschreiben von Gewaltverbrechen sprechen kann.
    Sie scheint eine sehr angenehme Person zu sein und RA ist zeigt sich von seiner allerbesten Seite. Ich schau mir das gleich nochmal an. ❤
    Bin mir allerdings nicht sicher, ob ich das Hörbuch haben will und werde erst mal abwarten. Mittlerweile kaufe ich längst nicht mehr alles, nur weil Armitage draufsteht.
    P.S.: Mein Lieblingskinokritiker hat im Rahmen seiner Review von "Ocean's 8" RA's Namen üblich falsch ausgesprochen, als er ihn mit den wenigen männlichen Darstellern aufzählte. "grumpf" Hierzulande kennt man ihn wirklich viel zu wenig. Es ist nicht mal bekannt, dass man bei seinem Nachnamen mit der Aussprache aufpassen muss.


  4. Haven’t started the book yet, i am still finishing up Mary Beard’s Pompei and i am glad it is not an RA thing because i can’t hold my attention to anything these days with so much organisation and stress running through my head. I’ll save it for a bit quieter time although i have downloaded it.
    I loved the video too, how lovely he was, how lovely she found him, everything about it. His looks, tall, dark booted, jumpered and coated.
    My local RA friend said she say the add on telly and i thought it must have been the internet and then this weekend just zapping through things i caught it too! On my 42 inch screen nevertheless, wish i had the presence of mind to record it so i could play it back, the impact of his description of the beech and that wind blowing through his hair, the voice and looks so close on my screen. wow, still takes my breath away. Just wish i could catch it again!

    Looking forward to this in about a month’s time.


    • I can imagine that your mind is occupied with something more pressing right now. How far have you got? What does it look like out there on the market?
      The video was lovely. I’ve only watched it once – I need to rewatch again, not least for the nice look!
      Audible are advertising on TV? Wow, they’re really throwing money at this! Well done to you for fast reactions!!


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