RA Pocket Shrine 175/? – I Spy

I am treating myself to a shrine reveal today. For reasons. Hehe. Our latest fundraising project is already more than two months in the past. As always, I threw a custom RAPS into the mix, and to my shame it took two months and a couple of very patient reminders from the generous buyer to get me into shrining mode. The RAPS has now reached its destination, and I can finally reveal it here, combined with an apology to the recipient – thank you for your patience!

And yet another apology has to precede the shrine reveal. Upon re-reading our initial conversation about the custom RAPS, I realised that I had more or less ignored the recipient’s wishes. For some reason I got the character combination wrong. Hmph. I can only hope that she still likes what I made for her. It was designed with her preferences regarding RA in mind. And thus I present…

This is my preferred shrine format – a slightly larger, almost square tin. I have had a few of them in the past. They are tins that cigarettes or cigarillos come in, and I recently got lucky when I saw the tin as a freebie, accompanying a packet of female hygiene products. I bought them immediately. They come with various lid designs, so what you see above is actually the back of the tin. The front looks like this:

“My pretties” is spot on. Because this RAPS contains two of the recipient’s favourite chaRActers. Let’s start with the diorama top of the shrine.

The background of my impromptu photo studio already gave one of the chaRActers away. Daniel Miller. He is being spied on. Incidentally by spy-ace extraordinaire John Porter, bottom left. So what’s he staring at? It can be revealed when the BS brick wall opens like Aladdin’s cave.

???? Can you tell already? Here, let me put you out of your misery.

*coughs* Yeah, iconic scene from the Armitagean oeuvre.

The “I spy with my little eye…” phrase continues in the bottom of the shrine. You may have already spotted him in the first image.

Something black indeed. I can’t quite imagine Guy as a 12th century spy – I mean, honestly, a man like *that* would never go unnoticed. And then there is that temper… so yeah, probably not a great spy. But always worth including in a shrine, don’t you think?

Even Claudia Gartner is intrigued…

Right, before I finish this post, there is yet a little bonus to reveal. If you refer back to the fourth picture above, you may have noticed a small, secret door marked “enclosure” behind Daniel. Do you want a little peek? Warning – it’s definitely cheeky!

There. Maybe I should’ve labelled this post “NSFW”. I hope your lily-white reputation hasn’t been smudged by this. But hey, with *such* material to work from, it’s no wonder the mind strays into murkier territories. In any case, the new owner can keep this little extra under wraps. And spy on Daniel only in private.





87 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 175/? – I Spy

  1. Well I’m still beaming and I noticed the secret passageway when I opened it last night. Once I finally fell asleep I was dreaming of Richard er um I mean Daniel in the showa!!! I love the tin too b/c I remember when you posted buying it and both sides are sooo on spot.. you are a creative powerhouse and I will treasure this foreva!! definitely ausgezeichnet!

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  2. I spy with my little eye something beginning with G…
    A cheeky little Gluteus Maximus?
    Or by Guylty’s Genius, all of the above?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This shrine is oh-so-lovely!!! Of course we always love a “cheeky” RA to drool over. But seriously I really love how your RAPS are evolving into little treasure hunts. You never know where another delight is to be found -whether it’s behind a spy’s secret door or under a dark knight’s blankie 😉
    Congrats Michele you lucky gal. So happy you won the custom RAPS and for helping such a great cause…a bonus ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, with the brick wall opening to reveal something behind it, it is a bit like Mr Thornton in the train compartment. It’s fiddly work, I agree. But great when it all comes together in the end.


  4. Btw, I can’t believe I forgot to pay homage to your description of the ‘cheeky’ extra and worrying about our ‘lily white’ reputation, butt better late than never, right? 😉 I wish WP comments had gifs because I need the “laughing while spewing water” one pretty urgently right now!! 🤣🤣🤣

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  5. Oh wow! Gorgeous shrine! All the hidden delights – yum. 😍 Congratulations Michele!
    Guylty, I think you’ve just set the bar even higher for yourself with this one 😉
    PS loving the comments


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