2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #32

Flat Richie out of the way, here’s the weekly round-up.

Wow, that was a fast intro…

  1. Even if we have seen the BS BTS, RA’s bits in endless loop via a gif set by riepu10 is always good
  2. I don’t know why, but I got completely mesmerised, watching these Guy of Gisborne gifs by spockemon. Nothing new. But IDK. Just something about RA totally *living* that character… fascinating!
  3. Interesting info for those who are attending RDC5 – or who would like to attend but didn’t get a ticket: Apparently the organisers are allowing ticket transfers. So if someone has to give back their ticket, it can be transferred to a new buyer. Only through official channels, of course. More info via link by the-winnowing-wind
  4. Moodyhedgie draws again. This time it is Dr Scott White
  5. What a timely repost by deepestfirefun of an older RA quote. He’s talking about “making hay while the sun shines”. Apply that to RDC5 and maybe it makes sense??? What do you think?
  6. I love this “Armitage phone dump” by armitageadoration. Great idea. I’m gonna dump my phone Armitage at the end of this post. What have you got on *your* phone? Care to share?
  7. Oh LOL, I am grinning from ear to ear as I am writing this link. Alright ladies, I dare you! This is the oh-so-taboo masturbation scene (yawn) from Wanderlust. Abysmal prose, but check out if and how professional the narrator is. If you dare. Posted by ohmysaintedpyjamas
  8. So, Trevor and Thorin apparently share something more than just the first letter of their name… Spotted by angedemystere
  9. Deepestfirefun has written an ode to long legs
  10. Mezzmerizedbyrichard not only gifs a nice profile from the BS BTS, but also has the perfect caption.  Many a fangirl’s thought…
  11. It’s when you watch gifs like these by riepu10, that you notice what a sleezeball Claude Becker is. Or how genially acted by RA he is. That look at the passing woman’s bum… 
  12. Is this Daniel’s ID photo??? Posted by jassy2101 Yep it is
  13. oooooh – aaaaaah, I don’t recall having seen this picture before? Posted by ausschweifendemotte
  14. Mihatrochael is going to RDC5 con and is organising a fanbook to give to RA. If any attendees want to submit anything, you can contact her through this link
  15. A little TBT – an old newspaper article about RA around Between the Sheets time. Bed boy? You bet! Posted by deepestfirefun


And now – the phone dump:


What a weird mixture. They do not appear in chronological order here, but I am amused by the choice. Interestingly – mostly RL RA and only John Porter and Guy of Gisborne otherwise. A couple of very amateurish edits of mine, some photos of photos, and mostly my self-referential own pics. *tuttuttut*. But a resounding #TEAMSTUBBLE! Yay!!!!! So what’s on your phone? Show and tell!

Right, with the weekend now ending, I am wishing you a good start to the new week.

Guylty ❤️

PS: Smoke-free life update: I confess now – after starting my mission to stop smoking on my birthday, I was not really there for the first three weeks of my attempt to stop smoking. I *did* reduce my daily intake of nicotine – but I was still smoking. However, last Wednesday evening I finally pulled the plug. Four days, and I haven’t touched a smoke since then. But boy, is it hard! After every meal, I want to have a ‘digestive smoke’. Or coming back from a long walk/drive, my first thought back home is “I’d like a cup of tea and a cigarette now.” I have been strong and not given in, but damn, it’s hard. And I have only been able to do so because I have essentially replaced the cigarettes with other ‘bad things’ – shitty food like biscuits and crisps and chocolate. Sigh. I am disgusted with my own weakness, and I am fully aware that I am merely replacing one problem with another. I find it all incredibly discouraging, but I do want to stop poisoning myself with nicotine. (I also wish Mr Guylty stopped smoking in my presence, but he unfortunately hasn’t taken the cue from me…) So next year you can probably watch me start a new anti-addiction mission – trying to stop eating crap… It never ends, does it?

PPS: Sorry for whining.

Edits: just some typos.


221 thoughts on “2018 Armitage Weekly Round-up #32

  1. Oh Guylty, well done for keeping on with trying to banish the evil weed! I know how hard it is (it has been 23 years since I smoked and I am still counting) and I totally get the whole replacing one thing with another, but you are a strong woman, you are not weak, you are addicted, if you set your mind to it, you can do it! For me, it was being aware of my triggers and actively trying to put something else in place. I got really good at procrastinating, saying to myself, I don’t need a cigarette RIGHT NOW, and doing a distraction thing, like ironing 5 shirts. You can’t really smoke whilst ironing, so it would mean that I was distracted long enough for the craving moment to pass. Other good avoidance stuff was a brisk walk around the block and planning my next day’s activities, I should also have taken out shares in extra strong mints, but everyone has their own path through this, and it will get easier, I promise! Perhaps if Mr. G sees you succeed, he will come to it too xx


    • AW, thanks for the encouragement. As I have said before – I am annoyed with myself for being so whiny and needy, but apparently I need all the encouragement I can get… It’s really tough – and it’s not so much the nicotine addiction but the actual habit of having one of those stupid cigarettes in my hands/mouth. You are absolutely right in saying that I need to distract myself. I find that I hardly think of the smokes at all when I am all absorbed by crafting. It’s when I am writing at the laptop that it is worst – because I had allowed myself the extremely bad habit of smoking while working… I am now paying the price… But well, I am going to be stronger than this stupid smoking thing!!!


  2. So really lucky #7 is me like a moth to a flame he can say f***k as much as he wants to me I’ll never get enough and oh that was a masturbation scene?
    As for your cig project listen there will be good days and bad days. It’s not a crime to sub unhealthy toxic cig for crackers chocolate cookies cake as your nicotine withdrawal calms down you’ll taper off these things. You are walking you are active on other projects and you are aware (Mr Guylty needs to join the train now sorry!) uou have a wonderful outlook and the long term goal of a smoke free life far outweighs the short term measures to get there! We love you hang in there !!💗💗👍👍👏😘


  3. Both my mom and my mother in law used to smoke since they were very young, but they both succeeded in quitting, so you can surely do it (and Mr Guylty should too) 🙂 Chocolate is better than smoke and in time you won’t need it so much.
    On my phone I have LOTS of Guy pics (and mini Guy photos too), maybe even too many because I ran out of space. :O
    As background pic I use a lovely Guy/Marian painting, while the lock screen is Guy looking all sad after being left at the altar ❤

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    • I’ve been a smoker on and off for about 25 years. (Started late when I was already in my 20s, and gave up every time I had a child.) But it gives me hope to read other people’s quitting stories. So thanks for mentioning that!
      Yeah, Guy is just so pretty… even when he is devastated after being jilted…


  4. good luck with quitting! i quit sweets/chocolate,etc last month and lost half a stone but i’m now back to my terrible habits -it’s the only thing (bar Armitage!) that i’m addicted to!


  5. Hello Sonja,

    My RA contribution, indeed -like yours- many Guy’s and #stubbleforever
    I wish I could in any way help you quit smoking. I really hope you succeed.




    • Thank you – just the support in terms of a message is actually already helping. One day at a time… My aim is to make it to 21 days – which should be enough to establish a new habit of NOT smoking.


  6. Augh! Argh! I’m driving to the office (yes, its 9 PM on Sunday) and I thought I found the right BS billboard but I’m not sure now. It’s close to where I work in Beverly Hills but I’ll have to compare my photo more closely to the one RA took. I think his is on Sunset Blvd and I don’t have time to cruise the Strip tonight. 😢

    False alarm! I got too excited for my own good. His billboard has a different logo at the bottom so it’s defo not the same. Plus I think his is much larger so it must be on Sunset. (No wisecracks about RA’s size, ladies. This is a family show…not!) The one I stumbled across is normal billboard size. Phew! I’m still out of breath from seeing THAT face so large while I’m out trying to drive like a normal human being. Gah!

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  7. Oh dear lord, I saw another BS billboard. Thank goodness there’s little traffic tonight because Swerve ‘R’ Me. Getting myself killed while driving would be a rather unfortunate side effect of Armitage Obsession, wouldn’t it? Now it’s time to hunker down and get some work done. *grumbles incoherently about that damn man*

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  8. Thanks for the round-up Guylty and good luck with your project ,- you’re doing well. Some wonderful pics in your RA dump, particularly the one of Scott in the car. Seeing RA emerging or disappearing in the shadows is a current fascination of mine and I have several on my desktop slideshow


    • Thanks J!
      Oh, and that is not Scott in the car but Daniel Miller 🙂 But that is a very interesting point – RA in shadow. With his strong facial features he definitely lends himself for such pictures. I’d love to know which other pictures you are referring to!


  9. I am half way through The tattooist of auschwitz, perhaps I should reward myself with Wanderlust when I reach the end.
    Having your partner trying to quit smoking would be beneficial as long as if he didn’t cheat as mine does with dieting lol
    Six weeks of Weight Watcher menus has been beneficial to us both then he ruins it by eating a large packet of peanuts or similar! !


    • I don’t mind the cheating – as long as I don’t know. I.e. he could easily smoke as much as he wanted – outside or away from home… But he does it right in front of me in the living room. *annoyed*
      Jeepers – following up “Tattooist” with “Wanderlust” – I don’t think there is any greater contrast possible…


  10. Oooh, I wasn’t expecting a roundup after all your hard work on Flat Richie. Thanks, Guylty. 👑 Sending encouraging thoughts for giving up smoking. Would having something to hold instead of the ciggies help? One of those squeezable stress-reliever things maybe. As everyone says, don’t worry about the extra cakes and choccies. They’re much easier to give up.

    Love the selection of goodies you found for us. I so agree with you in #2. It’s funny, I usually spot that it’s RA behind his characters, sometimes more than others, but Guy seems only Guy and no one else. (But don’t mind me, I’m a little odd that way. 👽)

    I’ve chickened out of #7 so far… I’m telling myself it’s because present tense narration is not my thing and first person present is even worse. Besides, I blush too easily. ☺️

    Great phone-dump, meanwhile. First among equals has to be that nape and ears shot.


    • Ah, I have missed so many round-ups this year, I really wanted to keep going now.
      Good point about some stress reliever thing. Or definitely some zero-cal sweets or chewing gum that I can keep my mouth busy with.
      I couldn’t agree with you more re. #2 and Guy – that character could’ve so easily become a cardboard cut-out: always with the temptation that the actor plays him with irony (because, admittedly, there is a certain amount of cheesiness involved in the RH show). But RA totally resisted that temptation and played Guy in all seriousness. And that shows.
      #7 – you haven’t missed much, Jenny. Honestly, just watch any of the wall-nailing scenes, and it’s a hundred times more evocative…


  11. Das ist ja erhöhter Schwierigkeitsgrad, wenn dein Mann weiter direkt vor deiner Nase raucht. Ein bißchen Rücksicht sollte er schon nehmen. Drück dir die Daumen, dass du weiter durchhältst!
    Wie gut, dass es auf Weihnachten zugeht, da gibt´s soviele leckere, ungesunde Sachen, mit denen man sich ablenken kann 😉. Da nehme ich auch ohne Zigarettenentzug regelmäßig zu. Und im Januar ist immer noch genug Zeit, sich darüber Gedanken zu machen, wie man davon wieder los kommt. Gib nicht auf! Such dir Ablenkung, dekorier das Haus von oben bis unten neu, was auch immer dir das Ganze etwas erleichtert.


    • Ja, ich hab’s schon echt schwer hier *sniffs und lässt sich schamlos bemitleiden*
      Jou, ich habe jetzt schon gefühlte 5 kilo ohne Weihnachtsleckereien zugenommen. Und das nach 5 Tagen. Ohweia… es kann nur noch schlimmer werden. Aber gut, dann mal lieber fett als nikotinabhängig… Und mit schön dekoriertem Haus.


  12. Soll ich noch was zu Nr. 7 sagen oder nicht?! Ich hab weder das Buch gelesen noch gehört. Ist einfach nicht mein bevorzugtes Genre. Den Ausschnitt fand ich weder anregend noch erregend. Bestenfalls komisch. Seine Stimme… ja, die ist natürlich sexy. Aber mir wär´s doch lieber, er liest (ganz Klischee) das Telefonbuch. Ich hab kein Problem mit Sexszenen, aber hier spricht mich die Umsetzung nicht an. Ich gebe Guylty recht, es gibt Fanfics, die das besser können. Ich fürchte, wenn ich mir den Auszug noch ein paar Mal anhören würde, bestünde die Gefahr, dass meine RA-Phantasien unwiederbringlich ruiniert würden 😲.


    • Jou, bitte lass es. Ich muss sagen, dass meine Fantasien einen echten Knacks gekriegt haben, seitdem ich Wanderfrust gehört habe. Ist natürlich einzig und allein meine eigene Schuld. Ich wusste schon nach dem ersten Kapitel, dass ich den Schrott scheiße finde. Aber ich musste ja un-be-dingt zu Ende hören. Und wenn du ‘komisch’ willst, dann guck lieber nochmal den Vicar of Dibley. Da war noch mehr zu lachen – und Harry ist auch sexy…


  13. Couldn’t sleep but couldn’t get out of bed either. Leaving now for the hospital but am running too late to take an Uber. Feeling decidedly awful. Who would have guessed that being shot up with nuclear isotopes would make you feel so ill? 🤔🙄😩🤢


      • Thank you all so much for the support! I really appreciate it. Am finally home. Unfortunately I couldn’t take an Uber home because that would mean I’d have had to leave my car at the hospital. No one to help me either. The only friend I have who lives on my side of town works at the same place I do and is under the same deadline pressures.

        But I’m used to looking after myself. I had surgery on both knees in April 2016 and again in August 2017, the latter being when I got the partial replacement in the right. No one to take care of me but the two little old lady cats but we managed. I’m just hoping that this time, I’ll need surgery on only the right knee.

        Sorry I missed such a lovely chat day. Guylty, please hang in there. You are doing a terrific job and we are proud of you! Worry about the crisps and sweets later, please. 😘


  14. LoLoLand Productions Presents “RL with RA”
    Tonight’s episode: “Nurse Armitage”

    RA: Oh good, you’re awake. I’m just back from the store with some ice cream for you.
    LL: *grumbling* Chocolate?
    RA: No, you ungrateful woman, raspberry.
    LL: Thank you, husband. You’re very sweet for someone so pretty. I do like you occasionally.
    RA: Well, you’re very pretty for someone so short, wife. And I like you all the time. Besides, raspberry goes very well with chocolate. Here’s some more juice; drink up, please.
    LL: No, not thirsty.
    RA: You have to get some liquids in you to flush that nuclear muck out of your system. *kisses her forehead* Hmm, you still have a fever. You really need to eat something.
    LL: No, not hungry. Want to go back to sleep.
    RA: Please? You haven’t eaten a single thing since you got back from hospital yesterday afternoon. How about some soup?
    LL: *petulant* Hate soup. Going back to sleep.
    RA: Tosh, you loved that tomato soup I made using my mum’s recipe. There’s some in the freezer or I can warm up the mulligatawny from that place we went to on Sunday.
    LL: I feel too awful to eat; everything hurts.
    RA: Come on, sweetheart, it’s the only way you’re going to feel better. How about I read to you for a little while first?
    LL: *changes her tune damn quick* Yes, please!
    RA: Uh…have you seen my iPad?
    LL: Last time I saw it, it was mixed in with your dirty clothes. On. The. Floor.
    RA: *cheerfully* Yep, there it is! Scooch over and let me get into bed. Let’s see, we need something to wake you up.
    LL: Weren’t we about to start a new chapter of “The Last Unicorn?”
    RA: No, I don’t think that will do. *scrolling* Ah, here we go! *begins reading* ‘As my breathing calms down, I strip off my running shorts, step into the shower and turn the water to hot…’
    LL: Nooooo! No “Wanderlust!”
    RA: ‘Thinking of her luscious red lips, I grab the base of my swollen…’
    LL: Okay, tomato! Tomato!
    RA: *grinning* And at least half of a grilled cheese sandwich to go with it.
    LL: *as he leaves for the kitchen* I take back what I said about liking you occasionally!
    RA: Tell it to the soup, wife!
    LL: *waits till she hears the godawful clatter from the kitchen* I like you all the time, too, tall man.

    [For Guylty, Kate and Michele]

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    • Damn, I want to be looked after like that. (Mind you, you won’t ever find me say “I don’t want to eat” – it’ll be the other way round for me…)
      And you have no idea how loud I laughed out at the “threat” in this dialogue. Bingo! I think I would cover my ears and start singing at the top of my voice if RA (as my lover) started to read that to me. Unfortunately having listened to that audio book has really left some nasty scars. Can’t unhear what he said.


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