Oooh, Some On-Set Sighting #TheStranger

Oh, just came across this on Twitter

Forget Rupert Giles, there is that swan-like neck to bestow your attention on. And I really, really like the hairstyle. Plus, I fully approve of the stubble. Take that, Team Shrubbery. Finally the Stubbelitas get their day!

Anyway, I am also intrigued by the rubble. Looks really familiar. Maybe they recycled? Or sold straight off the set to fund lengthy legal cases. Sorry, shouldn’t joke about that. Apologies.

Well, anyway, enjoy!


41 thoughts on “Oooh, Some On-Set Sighting #TheStranger

  1. Yummy! Hair, stubble, jeans and puffy jacket so I can take it off him and warm him up ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Also, if funds are needed for the UATSC legal case, I am happy to buy a brick from the set…


    • I’m stunned! He looks so young and gorgeous. And look what you have been missing, Team Shrubbery, with that magnificent jaw. I love how the Daily Mail article about Anthony Head (hurrumph) described RA as wearing ‘slacks’. I don’t think him and slacks have ever been mentioned in the same sentence before.

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