Just for Fun

After the Cliffs Notes from Monday, it appears I am on an editing spree. Ah well, *two* edits don’t make a spree, but anyway. We were discussing how we might need a whole course “Armitage 101” in order to understand the master himself when he crypto-tweets at us. Raven Grace on Twitter suggested a sweat shirt with a RA university logo. And this happened.

Yeah, maybe I need to rethink the placement of the logo…

Anyway, just some silly fun while we are imagining Richard in the shower, singing ‘Love in an Elevator’ by Aerosmith.

*snorts* That really dates you, Richie! LOL, I just can’t get over how 1980s this video is 😂. Whoa, Tyler suggestively dressed and dancing; skimpily clad models writhing in the background. *muhahaha* I am surprised that Richard likes that sort of stuff *winks*.

PS: The song was released in August 1989. Happy memories of Richard’s 18th birthday party??? 😁


9 thoughts on “Just for Fun

  1. I can remember some years ago that he stated that he liked this song and I believe sang it in the shower or something like that. Since I am on YouTube I will give a listen, I heard on the radio in the car on Monday too.


    • Iirc he first mentioned it was in response to a question that Abby asked him. I think it was at the taping of Anderson Cooper, way back in 2012. In the Q&A segment she asked Richard what his go-to song in the shower was – and he said Love in an Elevator… Unfortunately that bit was cut from the show. But here is the clip, with RA coming in at around 11:56.

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