#FlatRichie’s Long Weekend

[As mentioned previously, Flat Richie reached Finland last week. Paula sent me a report on Flat Richie’s weekend a couple of days ago – apologies for the slight delay in posting. Also apologies for not having been able to catch up with comments. The move is now entering the hottest phase… I am having my boxes picked up today, to be transported to Ireland by haulier. My mum’s move will start tomorrow. And now over to Paula.]

On Tuesday 30.8. Flat Richie finally arrived in Central Finland, probably the northernmost place on his journey. I picked him up at the post office. For some reason the package went to the main post office in the Centrum and not the nearest smaller post office. When I got back to my flat, it was like a second Christmas to open the package. All those little wrapped treasures to explore. I went through all those little packages and after a while I finally choose those three things, I wanted the most.

On Wednesday Flat Richie was supposed to go to the work with me, but he was too tired after the long travel so stayed at home. In the even we went for a little walk and picked up my newest plushies from the nearest post office. The weather was quite warm and sunny, but it starts to feel a bit like autumn.


On Thursday Flat Richie finally came to the office with me. He met the King Under the Computer Screen and we had our morning coffee together. It’s a bit sad that Harry Kennedy does not work in here. It would be nice to have him as a co-worker. In the evening we did something completely different. Once a year there’s one big motor sport even here in Jyväskylä region and we went to watch fast cars. It was nice to have some company. This used to be something my dad and I did together (since 1996), but I’ve been there alone since my dad died almost two years ago.

I had planned to send Flat Richie to his next recipient on Friday, but my friend came to visit. I was not able to go to the post office, so Flat Richie’s departure in a bit delayed.

On Saturday we spend the day in the city. Because of the event, the city is much livelier this weekend. I med my friend and we went to eat in one of my favourite restaurants in the city. Later that day we traveled to a small village near Jyväskylä. We had a movie night and watched all five Jurassic Park/World movies.


Now Flat Richie is ready to travel to south and meet his next new friend!



Thank you, Paula, for a lovely post on Flat Richie’s time with you in Finland. Sounds like a great weekend – and I love the items you have chosen. Is that a mask???? Also, cool – Flat Richie has a gif!!! Well, Paula is one of our tumblr gif queens, in case you didn’t know! In any case – great post, many thanks – and have lots of fun with the gifts!


17 thoughts on “#FlatRichie’s Long Weekend

  1. just been pointed out I didn’t comment on flatrichies latest carer! amusing choices Riepu and the zox are great. How do you feel about putting your drinks on Guys face?! lol
    also all 5 Jurassic Park films! how many hours was that?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe I use Guy coaster only when I drink whiskey. I think he would appreciate it more than juice.

      10 hours of dinosaurs. We watched first two on Saturday evening/night and last three on Sunday.

      Liked by 1 person

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