James, My Zoe & More

James is taking more and more shape. Just to keep you up to date, there were a couple of pictures on IG yesterday in a post by Jay_Carpet. Extracting just the stills of Richard, I am embedding a tweet here by fellow fan Rita.

And just in case:

Damn. I sometimes feel so predictable. I don’t know about you, but seeing the OOA hugging/carrying a child – and a daughter, especially – makes me go all mushy inside. There is something instinctively attractive about a father’s love for a child.

Anyway, I haven’t watched the Q&A video from TIFF for fear of getting too many spoilers. If you have less scruples than me, HERE is the link to the video on YT. However, I did catch up with an interview yesterday. Unfortunately not available for embedding, but you can access it HERE. Anyway, this is the best bit from the video:

Eyebrow action and mole porn, not to mention some adam’s apple love. #TeamLawn is delighted.

Yep, Guylty is getting in on the gif game. Moving images are usually not my thing. But with RA – I mean, even *I* can not resist. 😍

Ok, tearing myself away from the tantalising view of that profile, I found Richard’s contribution to the interview interesting. Doh. I always do. I am a fan. But bear with me. First of all what he said about the set. “It’s not a comedy, so there weren’t a lot of laughs on set. In fact there was a lot of tears and, kind of, anxiety. Yet we still managed to have a lot of fun.” It always amazes me how actors – and Richard in particular – can switch off their RL and immerse themselves into these two illusory worlds – of set and film. And especially so at a time when his RL must have been harrowing enough… Also: Richard reiterates that despite having a pivotal role in the film and working closely with the director, he does not necessarily know what *exactly* the final version of what he is being a part of, will look like. Is that good, is that bad, is it inconsequential? It probably takes a lot of trust in the director and producer, as well as imagination and confidence in one’s own abilities to add your own best to what is essentially a work-in-progress. No wonder that the cast and crew always tend to be a dedicated and tight-knit community.

Lastly, what Julie says about Richard: “He was completely fine with going into the dark side of the character. (Interestingly, actors have no problem playing a serial killer but playing an actual, subtle, abusive man – a little more scared of playing that, somehow.)” Mirrors what he has said about himself, but goes a bit deeper because this character sounds as if he is less dramatically different from a “normal” man than a serial killer a la Francis Dolarhyde. I suppose it is testament to his craft – and to his absolute willingness to completely immerse himself in a character, no matter what.

So, well, what can I say except that it sounds intriguing? The only non-festival release date I have seen so far, is Germany on 14 November. Do I have to schedule a trip to the homeland??? 😁

14 thoughts on “James, My Zoe & More

  1. Beautiful post. And profile. And stubble. And eyebrow action. I could go on.
    He does play a good dad, though I am by no means team #HeNeedsToProcreateInRL (something that invariably gets thrown out when such pictures become available). That’s his business. But it looks nice on film.

    I think you should definitely come to the homeland to watch this! Preferably with me. 😁 Have to check and see if there are any showings nearby. Maybe I should email my local theater.


    • I saw the two seconds from the photo shoot, and was like “I need that on endless loop”. And where there is desperation, there is a solution.
      Yep, his turns as dad have been nice, so far. (I really look forward to his role as Adam Price, though, because there his status as a family man is integral to the part – and we’ll see a bit more family interaction…)
      Totally agree with you on the procreation. I am always tempted to say “aw, he’d make such a great dad” – but that is a) superficial (because what do I know about the way he gets along with children) and b) totally none of my business.
      Keep me in the loop re. the film start of MZ in Germany. I can *always* justify a trip to Germany *hehe*

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  2. The joy of finding and making a gif of a perfect moment! For me, I know I’ve nailed it when I end up with a gif I want to watch over and over….yours’ above is one of those, it’s gorgeous!


  3. I was wondering who the James was taking shape. Is he one of Guylty’s craft projects? Knitted maybe? Then the penny dropped, duh! How good-looking is RA in that interview, with his beautiful jaw- line on show. Daddy-Armitage isn’t a big draw for me but I can understand the appeal. It’s interesting when he said that he wasn’t aware of what the final version would be. He said something similar in the Q&A video when he was surprised, when he saw the film, by something about his character. I know that directing, editing etc makes a film but I marvel that actors can produce deep emotions etc when they don’t have the whole picture. Shows his trust in Delpy. I’m getting a bit worried that neither of his film will be shown widely in the UK, I had presumed they would be, perhaps I’ll be off to Germany too!


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