RA Pocket Shrine 212/? – Get Your Irish On!

Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone. It’s a strange day today. Even though I haven’t been to the parade for years (I thought I had done my duty long enough, taking my kids to the parade for a minimum of ten years), it feels weird that today will not be celebrated in public. No fly-over at noon, no drunks staggering ’round the city centre, either. I am home alone as Mister and Miss have decided to indulge in the one “sport” that you can safely play these days: They are hiking in the Wicklow mountains, up to Prince William’s Seat. And I am trying to do some work that needs silence – I want to shoot a couple of videos.

But most of all I want to post here. And I am interrupting the newly started Distraction Challenge with the customary RAPS post. In the last few years I have made it a tradition to create a RAPS on the occasion of St Patrick’s Day. To be honest, it is getting harder and harder to find some snazzy Irish slogan’s to put in those little boxes… But *phew*, found one for 2020.

Um, no, “I love lipbalm” is not the Irish slogan I meant… I just kept the outside of the tin more or less intact – best way to disguise something is to just leave it as it is… But not on the inside. The lipbalm has been removed and replaced with…

Get your Irish on, Seán Proctor!

Doesn’t he look gorgeous in velvet green? He deserves a flower in his hair! This is a pretty small tin, only 5.5cm x 4.5cm (2 1/8′ x 1 3/4′), so there was not that much space. I *had to* include a shamrock, of course, but I decided to forego the candle hole.

So, anyone want this? I think we need to get some happy mail out there, the times are dark and hard. So I am going to send this thing anywhere in the world. Leave me a comment here and you are in – no matter whether you are Irish, of Irish ancestry, married to an Irish man, have once sat next to an Irishman/woman on a plane or drunk a pint of Guinness in an Irish pub… Raffle closes 11.59pm (GMT), Wednesday, 18 March 2020. Good luck!

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!


58 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 212/? – Get Your Irish On!

  1. Hi Guylty,

    Well, I wouldn’t say no to a bit of Richard in green, my v own lepruchan!!!. St. Patrick’s day is never a favourite of mine, I suppose it comes down to when I was a kid, taking part in the parades over the years and it was always wet and cold..
    I hope the family is staying safe at this time.

    Là Fhéile Padràig Shona daoibh go léir💚💚


    • This shrine would be perfect for you, staying in the country and all!!!
      It’s almost like a law of nature that Paddy’s Day is cold and wet, isn’t it? The amount of times that I have stood with my kids in the drizzle… I used to bring a ladder along so that the kids could actually see something. (I only saw the backs of other people’s heads 😂) Best place to watch is RTE…


  2. Happy St. Patrick‘s Day!

    “no matter whether you are Irish, of Irish ancestry, married to an Irish man, have once sat next to an Irishman/woman on a plane or drunk a pint of Guinness in an Irish pub…” 😂😂

    Let’s see, I fulfill some of those. I have drunk many pints of Guinness in Irish pubs in my younger days, some of them served by an Irishman, and I’m married to someone of Irish descent. I award myself 2.2 points for this. ☘️😉☘️☘️☘️


    • I was actually thinking of you when I put the “married to an Irish man” in there 😉. Irish descent counts, too. Everybody’s Irish on St Patrick’s Day, anyway, and with St Kilian such a big influence on the area where you live, you are surely covered! You can add 0.5 points to your count 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Woohoo! 🙌🏻

        Definitely adding .5 for the Kiliansdom, even if the bishop has canceled all services until further notice via official decree yesterday.

        If the Catholics in Lower Franconia are told to miss church, things are dire indeed!


  3. Great job on the RAPS! I proudly wear my shamrock flowers as a sign of my Irish ancestry. Once again, I would like to enter to win the gorgeous tin, but only to send it on to a friend who does not have one.


  4. Ooooh, it’s cute! Well, I drank some Guinnes sometimes, and my husband made a trip to Ireland in the early ’90. Am I worthy?😉
    Happy S. Patrick Day 🍀☘🍀


  5. With all the craziness here in the states, we aren’t really having a St. Paddy’s this year. Does it count that I have Irish friends and gave my doggy clients adorable pot of gold with rainbow toys? RAPS is fabulous, though, as always.


  6. This isn’t a comment, but happy Saint Patrick’s Day to everyone, Irish or anyone with the remotest connection. 🍀 The best I can offer is that the Scots are descended from Irish clans that went over to Argyll under King Fergus Mor in 500 AD and I have very remote Scots ancestry on one side of the family. 🙂

    Gorgeous RAPS. The winner will be very lucky. And much love to everyone – hope you’re all staying safe.


  7. Happy St Patrick’s Day – at least here it’s the nicest day we’ve had for ages! Sunshine! Gentle breeze instead of a gale! Takes a bit of the sting out of imminent self isolation…

    Lovely green RA! Mmm. Though I feel guilty about the number of RAPS I have already so leave me out of the raffle 😉


  8. “Get your Irish on” with *Sean Proctor- lol, your subtle humor describing your RAPS often makes me giggle 😂 And yes, I think he’s lovely in green. Adorable shrine, G. Happy St Patrick’s Day ☘️💚

    Liked by 1 person

  9. My introduction to the chaotic mess that is the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York City was the first year I lived here (1980). I was working in an office that was about 1/2 block from the parade zone of Fifth Avenue. Around 11:30 in the morning, my boss walked into our group and announced, “Shall we spend lunchtime today at the parade watching drunken Catholic school girls puke on Fifth Avenue?” And we did. He was a great boss, and I’ve never been to the parade since.


    • 😂Oh gosh, that sounds pretty traumatising. I don’t blame you for giving the parade a wide berth since then. I also have to add here that the parade in Dublin is nowhere near as long and interesting as it is in NY or Chicago… it’s usually is actually a bit of an anti-climax.


  10. I really like this RAPS but I have absolutely no connection to anything Irish 😔… Thanks for brightening my evening…


  11. You know how to warm the cockles of my heart, and I thank you for that vision in green. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🤗☘️🇮🇪


  12. Happy St Patrick’s Day! ☘️ He looks gorgeous in green. 💚 I love that I have Irish ancestry (great-grandparents on my father’s side who came out to Australia in the 1870’s) and will always have wonderful memories of our month long holiday there.


  13. What a perfect way to say “Happy St Pat” with little RA. This little RAPS will get our Irish up, or Scot-Irish on my part. Love the flower is his hair…is he going to San Francisco😉


    • I was exactly thinking of that song when I stuck the flower above his ear… Really, it should’ve been a shamrock, but I didn’t have one as small as that 😉


  14. My family’s first dog was an Irish setter, so I definitely qualify. Hard to celebrate with all bars shut down so we had Mexican takeout withCorona beer. I am green with envy for the winner of this lovely shrine, more precious than a pot of gold.


  15. Happy belated St. Patrick’s!

    I actually miss going to the parade in Savannah (yes, they really do dye the water in Forsyth Park’s fountain green, as well as serve green grits & beer).
    I’m partly Irish – my great-great-grandfather immigrated from County Cork in the mid 1750s. The rest is Scots, Welsh, & Native American.
    Richard looks quite handsome in green, too. 😍


  16. Happy belated St Pat’s day! The name of my son is Patrick and each year we make our little green party. A trip to Ireland is on our bucket list.
    This kind of green suits him


    • Oh, a belated saint’s day greeting to your son! He definitely needs to visit Ireland. There are plenty of Patricks here. And Paddies, and Paurics, and Padraigs 😉


  17. Again, late reading this and alas, alas too late for the raffle but I love this shrine so much. Richard with beard is my thang and these images are just… ❤️❤️ Great job yet again, Guylty!


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