RA Pocket Shrine 278/? – Check Me Out

What’s mood-lifting? A RAPS. And making a RAPS as well as revealing a RAPS. In the last throes of my little flirt with Covid-19, I decided to amuse myself with a bit of creative fangirling again. Not least because the December fundRAiser is coming up and I wanted to contribute something to that. Check this out…

Who loves a good lumberjacking check? Yep, himself.

Those pictures by Leslie Hassler – all the way back from *gasps* 2013 – were stunning. But wow, that’s 9 years ago. Hard to believe, isn’t it. And really, I don’t think RA has aged at all…

Well played, indeed.

Certainly worth checking out.

This RAPS will go up for auction on Sunday. So get ready, put some pennies aside and tune in then…


19 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 278/? – Check Me Out

  1. Brilliant RAPS! Checks all my boxes. That shoot was absolutely wonderful. I should do that sometime. Pick a particular shoot and create a project around it. 💚💙💚💙💚

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  2. Brilliant idea and execution as always G! Covid certainly hasn’t muddled your creative mind. Sunday marked on the calendar. Let the bidding begin!


  3. Gorgeous! So glad that you had something fun to work on while recuperating, and hope that you’re feeling much better. Have your senses of taste and smell returned? Obviously your vision is 20/20! 💜


    • Hehe, 20/20 I wish… But it was really fun to get back into the swing of rapsing… So much so that I made two more. Soon to come.
      Sense of smell and taste are back, but I can’t shake the sniffling and the cough yet. However, finally been allowed to visit Mr Guylty in hospital again. Setting off soon.

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  4. Hurray, the RAPSs are back. Wonderfull that you can visit Mr Guylty again (sorry, I didn’t know he is still in the hospital). The RAPS is great.


  5. I love this one, well done, I´m happy you could see your husband, I´m sending best wishes to both of you 💕. I´m looking forward to Sunday 🥰.


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