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This thing has been sitting in my drafts for a while now. It was coming up to this time of year, and with RA busy on stage every day, I felt that maybe we needed to create a few diversions once the immediate reporting and reviewing of TS and UV would fizzle out. Well, who would’ve thought we might need distRAction right now and more than ever? So, how about a little fandom challenge? Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s nothing new, we’ve done it before. But I have actually put 25 new questions together – so none of the old “what’s your favourite photo?” and “who’s your favourite character?” We’re drilling a little bit deeper this time. By necessity – it’s a bit like those doctoral theses which have to become more and more specialised because all the more general topics have already been done.


But anyway, don’t worry, there is no obligation to take part or find this original. It’s just a strategy to provide some points for discussion and create some distraction. You can read here and leave your own answer in the comments, tweet or tumbl a reply, or write a post if you have a blog of your own. With the latter, you can do it in your own time – one question per post, or all of them in one go. Whatever suits you best. I’ll probably do it a post per question, but I’ll blog other content, too. Anyway, here goes the 2020 Armitage Distraction Challenge #ADC1…

Which series would you like to have seen a sequel of?

Ha, with RA’s chaRActer death rate, that limits the options here. Darling Guy is excluded, and Porter is no option, either. Is Lucas really dead? We never saw that, and anyway, season 9 of Spooks never happened, right? Ok ok, I’m stalling. I thought of NS first, but really, there is a happy-ever-after in it, why continue on? Then Richard’s most recent series came to mind, because some of the plot felt a little bit too conveniently concluded. In theory there is a bit more meat in TS – what with the new secret that Adam and Johanna are now keeping. But a sequel to that would not satisfy my need for some fluffy happiness. On the contrary, it would turn Adam into the hunted. So – no. Therefore, of the available series I will choose – a really old one.

I mean, even just the physical metamorphosis from curly colt to snazzy stallion would justify a whole new series. Queer Eye Sparkhouse!

Sparkhouse – my choice. Yes, it’s so long ago, it’s almost forgotten. And Richard did not even play a main character. But that is exactly why I would love to see a continuation of the show. The ending of the 2002 show – oof, 18 years ago 😱 – was left somewhat open. John Standring had married Carol, and Carol’s old lover was dead by the end of the show. But how did it all continue? Did Carol ever fall in love with John? Were they happy? How did Carol overcome the death of her soulmate? How did her daughter fare? And how did sweet, calm John deal with it all? I somehow feel that the very last scene of the show hints that John really comes into his own. Because Carol is devastated by whatsisname’s death, John has to step up. We know he is a capable farmer – and a caring man. I can see him taking care of Carol and slowly building her up again, making her eventually see his strengths and falling in love with him. I’d also be quite happy with a film version of one of my favourite fan fictions, In the Bleak Midwinter by khandy. If you haven’t read it yet, please do! John is so faithfully drawn – and the story is basically a fangirl’s dream.

Mind you, I also have a suggestion of my own. Considering that the show is now 18 years old, I would actually love a continuation that picks up at the present day, with 48-year-old Richard playing a mature John, of the same age. Where is the Northern farmer now? How have the past 18 years been? Has he come into his own? Has he got family? Preferably – and for purposes of story-telling – not, so that a new love story can be woven around him. Hehe, maybe with elements of khandy’s story, thank you very much.

Standring the Elder – including gratuitous mole porn in relief

So, what about you? Which series would you like to see continued? And why? 


43 thoughts on “Ready for a Challenge? #ADC

  1. Thanks for the much needed distraction. Onto question number 1. Great choice, G. I would love to fast forward to see John’s story further explored as well. My choice is an old one too. I would love to see Harry and Geraldine coping with married life in a sequel to The Vicar of Dibley. The comedic possibilities are endless and I really enjoyed the chemistry between those two. Besides, it would be lovely to see a jumper clad Harry Jasper Kennedy strolling about the village again 😍

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    • Oh, Harry and Geraldine. Definitely also an option. How many children? I can kind of picture Harry as a stay-at-home dad while Geraldine continues her service for the congregation. Picture him in his stripy jumper – and a funky apron, mopping the kitchen.

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  2. Thank you for the challenge and the distRAction! Hopefully I will get around to completing this one, unlike the last (A-Z?) challenge which I don’t think I even started *eyeroll*
    I love your answer to the first question, especially the idea of Standring the Elder. My answers won’t be anywhere near as eloquent, I’ll just add gifs lol!


    • I’ll take any gif answer you provide, Mezz. And no hurry or obligation on this – last time ’round it took me several months to get through the questions 😂


  3. I really like the picture of RA as a smiling John Standring, even with the shaggy wig on. It reiterates to me why I prefer him with his natural teeth; his smile (and face) is more interesting. I know it sounds daft, but I do find his veneers off-putting.

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  4. Oh, yes! But 18 years without a family it’s too cruel. And weird. Maybe mrs Standring can die of an opportune, fatal illness? I didn’t watch the show, so the fanfics are like original novels for me. I really liked Khandy’s and another fav of mine is Return to Sparkhouse, by Kat Winchester, that is also a thriller.


    • You have discovered a plothole in my fantasy. Yes, I don’t think 18 years single would be kind. Or realistic. (I was even thinking that myself as I wrote my post, but then ruthlessly continued with my fantasy 😂) So yeah, how about widowed with a few teenage kids?
      And there we are, I already fell into the rabbit hole. I think I have read Return to Sparkhouse before, but I couldn’t resist going back. If anyone else wants to explore the rabbit hole, here is the link:


  5. Fab DistRAction idea,Guylty, I’ll put my thinking cap on. John Standring is not one of my favourite RA characters but I really liked Sparkhouse and there was definitely more story to be told ( as in Wuthering Heights).


    • I have to admit, too, that Standring has never been a particular favourite of mine. But maybe that is exactly why he would be good for a sequel – to make him a more rounded character, and give him the happiness he deserves…

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  7. This distraction is much needed at this time! As always when I am feeling sad, I watched North & South for comfort at the weekend and I would love to get a sequel to this story, with complications, children and so on.
    Standring IS a favourite of mine, so this would be an option, too. Or ˋMoving On´ with a happy end.


  8. Thank you for this distraction. I like the idea of a Sparkhouse reboot. There were so many questions at the end of the series that warrant answering. I would choose a more recent series. i think Berlin Station ended with way too many questions. Is Daniel dead? How much does his wife know? Who’s behind all the plots?


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    • It’s the least I can do. And it is also a necessity for me – I need distraction myself, otherwise I will succumb to panic. Best wishes to you – thank you for the service you are providing to your community!


      • 🙂 les premiers cas arrivent. Cela veut dire que le virus se déplace incognito ici, depuis 3 à 12 jours. Nous changeons nos méthodes de travail au moins 2 fois par jour, pour nous adapter aux contraintes qui évoluent, toujours dans le même sens: de plus en plus…


      • “Ocean 8” or “The Stranger” could be the series I would like to have sequels. Only because they were some kind of light distraction entertainments, where I was happy to watch other great actors interacting with Richard Armitage…
        (no spy, nor army soldier please!)
        (no doctor too). How Dr. Scott White, Dr. Alec Track, Dr. Tom Steele, Dr. Astrov could they have succeded in forgetting their states of mind in front of pandemy?


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