Distraction Challenge 5 #ADC

My daily post comes really late today. That’s what happens when you get stuck in your household entertainments. Soooooo amusing. Not. Apart from the moment when I fished a) two bags of carrageen, collected, dried and packaged by yours truly in August 1998 (… they are older than my son 😂, but unlike him, I ditched them in the bin); and b) an empty bag of cappuccino powder, Krüger brand, featuring Thorin Oakenshield on the packaging. Definitely not ditching *that*. But you can see now why it took me so long to tidy up… the crap that I collect and hold on to…

The whole cleaning and tidying action went well into the afternoon. All the way up to dinner, actually, not least because I was so overwhelmed by it all and underwhelmed by my lack of motivation that I had to take frequent breaks. In the end, however, it was done.

(What looks like stains is actually some *genuine* shabby chic farmhouse style scuffs on the paint… So, at this point I am almost done with the kitchen. Just one more cupboard on the list – which isn’t as bad as the dresser was.

But yes folks, that’s what we do in our self-imposed domestic exile. It’s been 5 days since I last went shopping. We still have 6 and a half toilet rolls. The kitchen tidy-up drive is helped by our private challenge to eat ourselves through our storage cupboard. Today we had 3 mini Christmas puddings (best before January 2019 😂) for dessert. That’s another 5 cubic inches freed up in my cupboard! I call it a success. In other news: it took less than a week for my mother’s day gift to myself (not a card, not a thank you, nothing from my dearests yesterday) to arrive.

Ha, that is almost to size here in the photo. It’s a notebook with Aninomori’s gorgeous drawing of RA, printed by Redbubble. I am planning to use this for my fandom related activities – notes for shrines, reviews, future fandom challenges. (If you are interested, it can be ordered via Redbubble HERE.)

Talking of fandom challenges…

What’s your least favourite episode of your favourite show?

So, favourite show being Strike Back, I should probably say that my least favourite episode has to be the abominable episode 1 of  SB: Project Dawn. But somehow I have never really seen that as part of the *original* SB. So let’s just pretend that Project Dawn never happened. Then I can say that my least favourite episode is – in hindsight – episode 1 of SB. Why? I just hate to see hero Portah broken and reduced to a mod hairstyle. Doesn’t fufill my needs (although I concede the redemption is ever sweeter because of the temporary breakdown).

Yep, I’d look like a sour puss, too, if I had to wear that wig

However, bonus points for Daddy!Portah and Sexy!Portah.

Phew. Just about managed to get some gratuitous photos in. Number 5: checked.


28 thoughts on “Distraction Challenge 5 #ADC

  1. Best before January 2019? 🤣 I’ve just finished a jar of Italian onions in agro dolce dated 2006 – they were surprisingly ok 😉 It’s terrifying what you find in kitchen cupboards, isn’t it…

    I agree with you about that wig – frightful. But the compensation later was worth it 😊 Sexy Portah was just soooo good…


    • I am somewhat relieved to hear you, an ex- chemistry/pharmaceutical professional, say that you also use up the old stuff 😂. I never eat meat that is out of date, but with other items I often push it. And I rely on my nose…
      Sexy Porter was definitely one of the best, I have to say. Made me forget that wig pretty quickly…


  2. It’s good to know I’m not the only one with out of date grocery items in my pantry! Yesterday I found an unopened packet of dessicated coconut I needed for biscuits I was making, marked Best Before Nov 2016. Perfectly fine, smelt just like coconut!

    I’ve never seen that episode, unexpected screencaps scrolling up on my Tumblr were enough. 😥 Nope, never happened. Love Porter #porterismyhero

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    • Oh, we’ve had wonderful ancient finds in our pantry over the years 😂. Before I chuck them out, I always have a sniff and a pinch of a taste to see whether they can be used. I don’t like throwing out food.
      #Porterismyhero too!


  3. Exceptional day off today!
    Among others things, I cleaned one bathroom from floor to ceiling. FIGHTING against limestone and molds. In the evening, I was proud to let my hubby watch the result , but we discovered a big spider wandering down the cleaned tiled wall of the shower.
    My least favorite episode: the episode of N/S where the dead follow one after another. There were great scenes but to much dead persons: “back to black days.”


  4. Least favorite has to be his farewell SB appearance. Not only a major downer, but way too short. It reminds me of that old joke – two ladies having lunch. “The food here is terrible,” said the first. “Yes,” replied her friend. “And such small portions.”


    • LOL – that joke illustrates the issue perfectly. It was a truly ignominious end. I would’ve preferred it if they had just said he had gone missing, presumed dead. That would’ve left a glimmer of hope.


      • To show Porter’s end in the way they did always felt to me like a kind of “punishment” for Richard bailing to do The Hobbit, ensuring there would be no return for the character. As you say, they could’ve just said he’d gone missing, or not refer to him at all, since it was a completely “new” show wasn’t it? New cast, new characters? Never having watched it, I don’t know what linked the second series to the first.


        • I have never thought of it that way but your interpretation rings so true, Mezz. Revenge for him wiggling out of a contract. They did themselves a huge disservice. Who knows – maybe RA would’ve been interested in coming back at a later stage.
          And apart of the scenes circulating on tumblr I have never watched the follow-on season of SB, either. Not interested.


        • I thought something similar Mezz and also have a paranoid suspicion that the all-powerful Sky have tried to jinx RA’s career since he bailed on Strike Back – although this would be cutting off their nose to spite their face.


          • You know, now that you mention that… it is kind of weird how RA’s career never got the massive boost it deserved after The Hobbit. Who knows which powers control the entertainment industry…


  5. There is a whole season on Spooks I’d like to see on the cutting room floor.I’m talking about the unmentionable Season 9. Besides Lucus dying in the end, the writers totally rewrote his character for what RA had established in the first 2 seasons/

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  6. I hated every single episode of Robin Hood I’ve ever seen. My expectations were never enought low. Luckily it’s easy found excerpts of the focal point of that show: Guy, frowning and fussing and then going away – Idk if his bum was really that prominent among the cast, but actually it was the only thing I was waiting for!
    Your cupboard is beautiful. I have to face the last two drawers of the kichen, obviously the worst ones.


    • I could not agree with you more over RH. I never watched the *whole* thing, and actually fast-forwarded to at least 50% of it. Guy, however, caught my attention right away. Bum or not bum.
      I feel you on the kitchen drawers. Meh. I actually started with those because they were the biggest hurdle for me. However, maybe it will motivate you to know that once the tidy-up is completed, you will feel proud and happy, and you may love your kitchen again 😉 Happened to me!


  7. What a transformation of your cupboards, it;’s very satisfying. I will have to tackle all the sticky shelves I’ve been avoiding. And Thorin cappuccino powder? Of course, what else!
    I had forgotten about John Porter’s dreadful pathetic wig; those scenes are definitely contenders for the worst – although I like JP in the rest of the episode. I think it is the same one where he wears an ill-fitting suit for an interview and throws something through a door, he looked incredibly sexy there (as he did in all other scenes, bar the wig ones).


    • The sticky shelves were hard work here, too. It literally had to scrub them down. (And I have vowed to myself to clean them more regularly from now on. Hygiene, Guylty, hygiene!)
      Oh, that scene was very good. Angry Porter… equals sexy Porter.


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