Finally something worth reading on Twitter by Mr A.

Yes to all of that.

I am looking at what is happening in the US from a position of privilege and distance. As a white non-American. It appears that I am safe and lucky. Because I have just today been shat upon my head by a seagull (no lie!)  of the genetic coincidence of my melanocytes. But this is not a domestic US issue alone. It’s an issue of all humanity. There is racism where I live, and I have observed it in action, too. Black Lives Matter anywhere in the world. Is there anything else that needs to be said?

Together against racism!


16 thoughts on “#BLM

  1. I wish our country had handled this better, but until we have new and compassionate leadership, it will be a long, tough road. As for the seagull, once actually dropped a big fat oyster shell on my sister’s head once

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    • Ouch!!!! That must actually have been really painful. (And dangerous!)
      The leadership definitely is not making it better. However, I *do* actually believe that good will prevail. These protests are a sign that people want an end to racism.


  2. It’s just so sad that so little has changed. My husband was involved in the civil rights marches in 1968 and is so depressed by what’s still happening. Richard’s tweet is excellent.

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    • That is depressing indeed. FFS – 50 years!!! Ok, it’s more than just this dangerous moron at the helm, but he is certainly making no effort at working towards a resolution. I am sorry for all my American friends.


  3. As a black woman in Canada with two sons I’m always apprehensive when they make visits to the US. When they were old enough to understand they had to have the talk about their responses in various situations involving police. Friends and relatives living in the US have had various negative interactions with the police. I’m old enough to remember the civil rights marches when we all hoped for change and there was some but there’s so much more to be done. Thanks for posting this about Richard. It is completely in his character and I for one really appreciate this. Thanks for all you do for us fans. ❤

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    • Hello Marj, and welcome! And thank you for sharing an insider’s view! I was just watching a video on YT where Van Jones talks about the situation. And his introductory words really brought it home to me. He was saying that black parents impress onto their children’s minds from an early age how to react to the police – with politeness, non-violence, honesty etc. etc., and that that is the way to avoid anything bad happening to them. Yet now, after the latest murder of George Floyd, what can they tell their children about the best way of staying safe??? I have no words, obviously. I just know that we need to support the black community in any way we can.
      And I have to agree, I was extremely grateful for this message from RA, and it has somewhat reconciled me with his recent SM communications.

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  4. It’s all incredibly sad and hard to find any words or hope for that matter; i don’t see how this will evolve in any peaceful way in the US unless Congress can intervene in some way, to listen and accept change. Otherwise this seems an endless circle that keeps repeating. I suspect it is fundamentally like in most places in the Western World, everyone gets educated in and sees the world mostly through their white privilege, most unconsciously and not even maliciously. We learn very little, if anything at all about non-white culture 😦 and that makes change so much harder….


    • Very true. Thanks to these last developments and through BLM I have learnt so much that I was not aware of previously. Of course it is sad that it had to come to this for more white people to get an inkling of understanding.
      There is a BLM protest today in Dublin. Under normal circumstances I would be there. But with Covid not fully over, I have had to make the decision to stay away.


  5. very well written. it really is a struggle to fully comprehend that racism still exists till today and the black community is the victim of such ignorance. we must use our voices to make a change! BLACK LIVES MATTER and “matter” is the bare minimum as black lives should also be accepted, respected, and loved.


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