2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #27

Good morning, good morning! It has been months and months since I last posted a round-up in the usual 8am GMT+1 slot. So much for lockdown providing more time for hobbies… For this edition of the round-up, I have gone back to my usual MO of compiling it Friday night and then scheduling it so that you have it ready for your cup of coffee on a leisurely Saturday morning. Reason being that I am going on a little trip. While you are reading this, I am on my way to the Northwest of Ireland, to Co. Donegal. After many weeks in lockdown, hotels in Ireland have finally reopened this week. My in-laws always take a trip up to the Northwest this time of year, and since they are quite elderly, they asked whether we would like to come along – for entertainment, but probably also for distraction and help with driving etc. So, today we are setting off all the way to Dunfanaghy where we will be staying in a nice, plush hotel for the next three or four nights.

Basically the view from the hotel. This was taken a couple of years ago on my travels with CraMERRY

Much to my delight, Little Miss Guylty is coming along, making this a true family holiday. (Master Guylty, who has long moved out of our home, is spending the weekend with his band (…) on our friend’s farm in Co. Armagh. Isolated in the back of beyond, the band – currently going under the name of Pompei Wellness Concept (yeah, don’t ask me…) – is searching for a new sound. Quite frankly, I have visions of Spinal Tap, but hey, I’m glad the young ‘uns are doing some creative stuff.) Anyway, Little Miss is coming along. She hasn’t been up to Donegal yet, so I am hoping we can actually take the opportunity and go all the way to Malin Head, the Northern-most point of Ireland. Many attractions are still closed afaik, so Glenveagh National Park and Glencolumbkille Folk Park may be out of bounds. I am packing my walking boots and a book, as well as my laptop – in case we spend some time just relaxing in our digs.

Glenveagh National Park

Fingers crossed that there won’t be too much of this:

Heavy cloud and rain coming in…

And now the round-up.

  1. So, which one is better? Riepu10 has put up two kisses right beside each other. International kissing day? I guess I missed it
  2. Hehe, this was a fun “ask”, answered here by fizzyxcustard – what do you think?
  3. A nice piece of Thorin fan art by lehnsharks
  4. Continuing the kissing theme with this gif set by narnvaeron. Oh, and wall nailing. Pity it is all shot so darkly
  5. I’m including this gif set by 51kas81 because I quite like to see casual Adam… pull that zipper down a bit further, baby
  6. Riepu10 has updated the audio book appreciation post with the latest release… My, what a long list! It’s quite impressive!
  7. *muhahahaha* I think this could be a fun new series to contribute to. Incorrect Robin Hood BBC quotes by judasisgayriot
  8. Riepu 10 is actually blowing it out of the park today – here is her winter/summer comparison post. Love this! (And am completely undecided on what I prefer. Winter has #romanticherohair but facial shrubbery. Summer has less beard but awful grandpa shirt. Hmph.)
  9. Thewarriorandtheking celebrates Thorin as an archer. I like picture 1
  10. Guy of Gisborne has the female anatomy down to a t. Nfcomics’ What a Guy Wants
  11. Really loved this gif set by narnvaeron of Sir Guy
  12. Interesting edit by antigonemorris
  13. Totally including this gif set of Lucas in Spooks 9×6 by riepu10 in here – because that was precisely the moment I discovered RA, and everything changed forever
  14. *giggles* I like the ring of that. “Buff Thorin”. Posted by slipperysailors
  15. OMG, what the hell is THIS???? It certainly makes me laugh. Poor Thorin. Post by imsoconfused16

Hope there was something for everyone.

Plushy MyPlushyface’s Hotel in Dunfanaghy supposedly has free wi-fi, so I’m hoping to catch up with comments when I arrive there.

Have a lovely weekend, all.

Sonja ♥


36 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #27

    • Have just arrived and the sun is still out and the weather is mild. Our room looks out onto exactly that view. I can see it from my bed. Apparently my f-i-l booked „front rooms“ for us 😊

      Liked by 2 people

      • ooooh how nice! enjoy your holiday and please show us the photos afterwards! I love your landscapes – always gorgeous! (and I’m also one of those people who come home from a week long trip with hundreds or thousandsof nature photos and no people in the frame 😉) a little virtual travel is at least cheering me up, keeping my hopes up, that I can travel to Ireland in autumn after all travel plans fell through this spring 🤞


        • Thank you!
          Have been taking pictures yesterday and today, but after your comment decided that I need to make an effort to actually get more shots of my family in.
          Fingers crossed that things will open up again soon. I have to say that I am slightly put out by the amount of people that are currently descending on the village where I am. I haven’t seen so many people in one place for a very long time. It‘s slightly disconcerting as no one is wearing masks apart from the staff. I am worried we are going to get a massive second wave because this here looks as if no one is taking special precautions…


  1. Have a lovely trip. I’m envious! Just as Australia was starting to ease restrictions our state has had a resurgence of pandemic cases – all state borders are closed to us and Melbourne is in lockdown again, so any travel plans we had are off the table.


    • I was watching the development in Australia and it really is so regrettable! I just hope we don’t have a resurgence here, too, and that this mini break wasn‘t a mistake. It‘s actually much busier here than I expected… anyway, hope you are well?!


      • Quarantine mismanagement in the city has been a big issue. ☹️ Yes thank you, I’m well, and playing it safe, even though we’re not in lockdown and have very few cases in regional areas. You keep safe too! Hopefully you are able to enjoy your stay despite the concern about the number of people around. Looking forward to more of your beautiful photos. 😊


  2. 15: Buahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Deinem Söhnchen kannst du sagen, dass der aktuelle Bandname nix taugt, außer, er möchte andeuten, dass die Musik Gehirne kochen bringt und mit heißem Ascheregen zu rechnen ist. Abgekürzt sieht’s nach Plastik aus – auch nicht besser.
    Ich schlage NoSiAc vor. Großer Wiedererkennungswert, weil es an Mosaic erinnert.
    Falls jeand nach der Bedeutung fragt: No Silly Acronym. 😀

    Wünsch schönes Wetter und gute Erholung! 🙂


    • Stimme die komplett zu. Der Name ist Panne. Auch viel zu lang. Und abgekürzt könnte das dann auch Ärger mit einer international bekannten Wirtschaftsprüfungsfirma geben. Da endet die Karriere noch, bevor sie überhaupt begann…
      Nosiac finde ich klasse!


      • Viel zu lang? Nö, das kann funktionieren. Fury in the Slaughterhouse gab’s auch mal, und wenn ICH den Namen kenne, müssen die ziemlich erfolgreich (gewesen) sein, ich mag’s nämlich seit über 20 Jahren lieber still und ohne Gedudel.

        Prinzipiell finde ich den Namen Pompei Wellness Concept sogar gut: Originell und schön widersprüchlich. Aber er ist nicht eingängig.
        Außerdem besteht die Gefahr, dass Pompei WC draus wird.

        Wobei … Pompei WC hat auch was … *gg*
        Aber nicht die Wasserspülung auf 11 drehen, okay?

        Und ich hoffe, du liest Kommentare, ohne dass die anderereren Reisenden dich komisch angucken, weil du plötzlich lachst … 😛

        Have fun in den nächsten Tagen! 🙂


        • Oh, das mit dem WC ist ein ziemlich guter Punkt! Länge ist ja nicht unbedingt schlecht, aber wenn die Abkürzung blöd ist, dann qird‘s gefährlich.


  3. 🙂 Have a nice trip, North is BEAUTIFUL too!
    And what about boglands flowers Bog Asphodel, Bog cotton, Sundew and Butterwort, I miss them.
    Will you drive to Giant’s Causeway,basalt columns too?


    • Ha, I am glad someone got my Spinal Tap reference. Hehe, it‘s easy to make fun of young, aspiring musicians. They are so serious… I hope they get their new sound down.


      • My daughter has friends who have a part time country band and they were stranded in America when everywhere went into lockdown, I tend to forget it is winter in Australia I wonder if we will have a resurgence too.
        My husband is planning a trip to France in September with a mate, I think I will quarantine him in the spare room when he returns, if it goes ahead lol


        • Horrible. Just the thought that those young people are stuck in a foreign place and can‘t return. I have a nephew who set out for a work and travel visa in Australia in January. He ist still over there, but funds are low and work is scarce…
          I am wondering whether I need to go into quarantine after this holiday. I‘ve stayed in the same country but the amount of people here, and the general disregard of rules, make me wonder whether it is all that safe…


  4. Wonderful round-up, Guylty, thanks.

    1) Tricky – the best kiss is N & S. I don’t think any other can surpass that but my favourite kisses are those between Daniel and Esther – they were electric. I’m not so keen on the kiss between Claudia and Daniel, I love the angle of his jawbone but the kiss is a bit trouty! Francis Dolarhyde and ‘that lip’ comes to mind.

    2) My first thought was John Standring, then the cads Percy or William, but it would probably be Monet. “Wait a minute, I must just capture that amazing blood-red sky. You run along, I’ll catch you up”.

    8) I actually like that white shirt.

    11. Ooh, the intensity in those eyes.

    13) I’m not surprised you fell for him then. The awful tenderness,, Lucas’s duplicity, the acting, his beautiful face, his wrists …

    15) Eh?

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful trip and manage to get to those places.


  5. 😂glad I didn’t put the sewing machine away, it will be mandatory to wear cloth masks in shops from the 24th July in England


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