2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #19

Many thanks first of all for the interesting comments and replies you left on my fandom post the other day. It is always interesting to hear your views on our fandom. There were many replies both here and on Twitter, and in some cases I was (unhappily) surprised to read about struggles and insecurities that really have no place in fandom. It’s a place for everyone, in their own unique way, and it makes me sad that some fellow fans have had such bad experiences that they have considered throwing in the towel.

No, not *that* towel…

Fandom can be a tricky place to navigate – between differing factions, opinions and personalities. In my case, the positive experiences by far outweigh the few negative encounters I have had. However, I understand that fandom – both in terms of one’s own approach and as a community – fluctuates. Opinions and alignments change, and that’s fine. Nothing is written in stone, and the one overriding principle for me remains: As long as fandom sparks my joy, then it’s good. I respect if things change for others and they move on. Life is change.

What doesn’t change, is the weekly round-up. Let’s dive in.

  1. Happy birthday mininottingham!!!
  2. FYI, Uncle Vanya returns to the cinema in the UK. Posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  3. Yes, we already knew this, but just for the pictures – RA in Cats, posted by naamahdarling
  4. Several fellow fans received their DVD copy of Sleepwalker this week. Celebrating that with this iconic gif set by riepu10
  5. Mezzmerizedbyrichard takes us back to Brain on Fire. Do we need a re-watch?
  6. Some Porter love courtesy of armitangel-1972
  7. And by armitangel-1972 as well – for #TeamShrubbery
  8. A glimpse at astrovian’s artwork. I know that eye without any context…
  9. Man, I *like* that look… RA in Miller mode, way back in 2015. Picture posted by armitangel-1972
  10. Have you already seen sinnaminie’s latest plushie? This is Ray from Stay Close
  11. LOL – mininottingham attends the Eurovision Song Contest
  12. The line of Durin in canine form. Posted by admirablekenobi
  13. And some Thorin love via thcrin

Lucky number 13, right?

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Sonja ❤️


12 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #19

  1. At least there is something that all the fandom agrees about – to varying degrees – the talents of Richard Armitage.
    9) Yes, Daniel, series 1, was so hot. More Miller Mondays.
    11) That is so funny, I love that Guy is the one wielding the axe.
    Thanks for the fab round-up, Guylty.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great roundup,as always. Thank you, Guylty! The detail in the mini Nottingham pics is always amazing. It must take ages to find all the right bits. The Eurovision one made me lol- the sparkly backdrop was exactly right. We must put them in for 2022 – they would definitely win.

    #13 is one of the best Thorin gif sets I’ve seen. The well-wishers are a talented lot!


    • The Mininottingham pictures are such fun. I think I___ has a huge collection of props for them. Must be fun to collect it all together and then create new tableaus just for fun.


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