Spotlight on Crafters and Creatives #RA50Auctions

May I tempt you a little bit more? Yes, it’s got to be done. Because we have more thank yous to announce, another spotlight to turn on. It’s now our fabulous crafting donors’ turn. Yes, some have already been mentioned in yesterday’s donor spotlight. But our new baby – the fixed-price sale – needs as much love as the older brother aka auctions. So let’s quickly get into it.

The fixed-price sale, as many of you will remember and know, were created last year as a reaction to criticism from within the fandom: Auction prices, I was told, were exclusive to many fandom members, with bids rising way beyond many a budget. I still believe that that is incidental to a charity auction – the point of which it is to generate as much money as possible, for a good cause. It’s not really in our interest to restrict bids. But I take the point that high prices are frustrating for anyone with a smaller budget. The solution: Our fixed-price sale that offers a large number of items, all affordably priced, starting at €5 and with no item more expensive than €20. (And they *all* include postage and packing!)

For the fixed-price sale the same thanks are due as for the auctions: Without the contributions by my craftily-inclined fellow fans, the sale would not be possible. In order to offer a large number of items – to give as many fans a chance at receiving an item in return for their “donation-in-purchase” – many hands need to get busy. This year, we have 185 individual items on offer in the fixed-price sale! And the thanks for that go to the following crafters and creators. Once again, I will link to the crafters themselves. In no particular order, my admiration for ingenuity and nimble-fingeredness go to…

A self-confessed crafting addict, Kate has been lusting for a reason to use her array of crafty tools. The fandom is the beneficiary: Kate is contributing a number of hand-made tags to the fixed-price sale. Each and everyone is unique. She has written about her process on her blog.

Remember Ani’s keychain dangles from the last fixed-price sale? Well, she went back to the drawing board and has come up with a new idea. Some gorgeous dangles, incorporating Harry Kennedy. (And I was chuffed to be able to collab with Ani and contribute to her offerings.) For more cool Ani-designed stuff, also check her tumblr.

Fan favourite Mr Thornton has been in Armidreamer Jane’s sight. She has come up with some tiny pieces of fan art that make a big impact: Mr Thornton in a miniature bell jar. Complete with snow and yellow rose! Look back at *him* indeed. Jane also blogs at armidreamer on WordPress.

One could say that fans consider Mr Armitage magnetic. Well… Esther has
*made* him magnetic. Ok, or she’s made him a magnet. Many magnets, in fact, and shrubbery, lawn or Russian mane, she’s got one to suit every preference. A fab fan item, donated by Esther.

I fully endorse having all kinds of items of every day use plastered with Mr A’s handsome mien. Young heard my (silent) wishes and had some unique memo pads printed. Thornton, Thorin or The Stranger – it’s your choice. Thank you, Young, for these cool items.

Yours truly has also thrown a few bits into the Etsy sale. That RA News Print fabric needed to be used up. You’ll find a few face masks in the offerings.

Thank you to all these creative geniuses!

You rock!

The fixed-price sale will start on the 18th of August, and I will post on this blog once the items are online and available. Selling for as long as stocks last – or until the final donation to LOROS has to be transferred on 22nd August. Note: Watch out for the red and orange stamp logo in the picture collage above. That is the logo which will appear in the Etsy/Pattern listings and denote all items that are part of the fundraiser.


30 thoughts on “Spotlight on Crafters and Creatives #RA50Auctions

  1. Thanks to all crafters! It is great that there are so many talented persons in the fandom. A cook is nothing without an eater, a crafter needs also people without any skills like me who are happy to get such beautiful handmade items. Hach, I don’t have enough money for all and the decision is hard to take

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    • You are absolutely right, Bea. Well, not in the sense that I would think you have no skills. (I firmly believe that *everyone* can be creative – you may not have found your creative outlet yet, that’s all.) But in that a charity sale comes to nothing if there is no one who is interested and able to buy 😉. Buyers and bidders are as much part of the fundraiser as the donors and makers! 🤗

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  2. Another wowza! Such incredible items! How lucky are we to have so many talented folks in our corner of the fandom? I see several items that need to come live at Chez LoLo.

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