Good bye Guy

Instead of a round-up – normal service returning next weekend – I have a last good bye for you. I’ve heard some voices – not in my head, although they are always there, too – who quite liked the vlogging format I drifted into the last few weeks. This is on you, then! But since you were there when I unwrapped the mystery parcel , I am now taking you with me on the last mile, too. Warning – this is not exactly a thriller. Just another 12 minutes and 22 seconds of your life which you won’t get back.

Guy is on his way, wrapped up and secure. And we have wrapped up our fundraiser, too. Having transferred the donation yesterday afternoon, I finally breathed deeply. I tweeted our birthday present for all to see at 4.02pm, and just a quarter of an hour later, Richard sent you his thanks:

I am particularly happy to see Richard acknowledging *all* contributions, including donations of enthusiasm! Valuable, indeed.

LOROS also reacted – here are their thanks to you:

And then there were countless likes, RTs and kind replies on my original tweet, too many to quote and embed them all. They were all congratulating you for your achievement! But just for you to gauge the reaction, I have made you a screenshot of the engagement stats (right).


I read quite a few replies (often to Richard and not to me), in which the tweeps commented that this was their “first fundraiser”. It’s interesting – although not a surprise – that many fans only heard about the fundraiser *this* year. After all they have been going for six years. But it proves Richard’s reach. His RTs and reactions on Twitter brought more people in, and I have very much enjoyed meeting new fans in front of and behind the scenes.

I finished last night with a luxurious dinner of lobster and turbot, followed by some delicious chocolates, kindly sent to me by Jen. The chocolates, not the lobster! That would have been one fishy parcel that my post man would not forgive me, ever… 😂. What a fitting end to a fabulous fifty fundraiser! – Today I am going to the beach and then a family barbeque, enjoying a sunny day in Ireland. I hope you will have a wonderful weekend, too, in the joyful knowledge that we rocked it this year.

Lotsa love,

Sonja ❤️

37 thoughts on “Good bye Guy

  1. The time and care and extra personal touches you put into sending what is already a wonderful package makes it all the more special for the recipient. You are a special person. Thank you for all you do – your creativity and humour and kindness is never ending.

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    • Thank you, Sparky. Well, I am kind of going by what I would enjoy, if I was receiving a parcel. I love those small little extras. They don’t have to be valuable. It’s more the thought inherent in them – someone giving you a little extra gift, just to cheer you up and to show you that you are valued. And I simply love surprises – and assume others to, too.

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        • The music was – granted – a little OTT. In all my vlogs, I found that I chose the music rather ironically and exaggerated 😂. My usual way of distancing myself when the feels get too strong 😉.
          Hehe, I’m surprised the videos were such a success. They were fun to make, and I learnt a lot about video editing along the way. But I am not sure I have any content that would really hold your interest much longer – now that Guy is gone…


          • Guy is gone…, but I hope that you will find a new contents. I have to remind you that you hold our interest with unwrapping and wrapping up a parcel, LOL. And it is the best unwrapping and wrapping up a parcel filmography ever 😊


  2. Amazing! I mean the whole thing! Donors, crafters, tweeters, all participants and, of course, you Guylty! For everything. I only managed 1 bid on the jacket (very early on), and hope it will be loved, although I am very happy with my smaller items. I know that the total donation to LOROS will do so much good and help people when they are possibly at their lowest. Thank you so much for the experience and the chance to be part of this. xxx

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    • Winner or not, you contributed to The Jacket™️’s success and that is fabulous. But I am glad you were able to get other items – little mementos of a truly remarkable event 😍 which is going to benefit LOROS very nicely. I’m very happy about that, and about providing an outlet for all the generosity and kindness in this fandom!


  3. I did cry right away. You could try a new career as the person in charge of the soundtrack in new films. If only you knew someone who’s in the movie industry… Hope you enjoyed this beautiful day out in nature with your family. xo P.S: Was your bodyguard Mr. Standring or your son? He had a very important job!

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    • LOL – does White Boar Films need a soundtrack producer?
      I had a lovely day yesterday, thank you! It was a sunny, warm day (a rarity in Ireland), and we started off on a beach and then had a BBQ with all the family, i.e. my hubs’s 4 brothers, their wives and children, and my parents-in-law. It was a really precious day, especially in these times.
      And my armed guard was my son. I ordered him to accompany me to the parcel service. Quality time!

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  4. Moving video. Good bye Guy… Thank you, Richard. We had a lot of joy. Thanks to everyone for enthusiasm that we can make a difference. It means a lot to me. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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  5. I’m a bit weepy, I must confess. Such an excellent choice of music for a grand but melancholy task. Thank you so much for working so hard to make us all feel involved in every step of the process, dear heart. 💜

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    • Melancholy indeed. I laid it on thick. I wanted a sad tune, but chose this one especially because it had a bit of a medieval vibe, fitting for Guy…
      I am glad to have brought you all along with me. More fun for me!


  6. Who knew watching a parcel being wrapped could be so enthralling and so bitter sweet. You must be sad to see that iconic jacket leave you even in so good a cause 🥲 What a legend you are, Guylty. I received my items today and like Sparkhouse1 I was just amazed by the care and little extra touches you include when packing – especially when you had so many parcels to pack! (Was that really RA washi tape on the back and if so is it for sale? 😍) I’m sorry I didn’t win any of the fabulous auction items but I love my purchases 😊 I’m so pleased RA got involved in this extra special auction and that he knows what a star you are in his support and appreciation. ❤️

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    • Well, I knew you’d enjoy a last look at The Jacket™️ and this was the best excuse I could find 😉. I feel like a spoil-sport saying that I am not that sad, though. Mainly, I was relieved that it was going to the new owner. And – blasphemy – most “relics” really leave me relatively cold. I am personally much fonder of the items that were given to me by my fellow fans, than autographs etc.
      Careful wrapping and small extras are always something that *I* enjoy when I get a shipment. Just shows that the sender sees beyond the profit they made on a sale. It doesn’t have to be a gift, it can just be a handwritten “thank you” – it really elevates any purchase for me, and so I always try to do the same. Especially in the fundraiser where people have been extraordinarily generous. The least I can do is acknowledge that.
      And yes, that *is* RA washi tape. It was custom designed and printed by fellow fan Young. When she sent me the big box of donated items – all the way from Korea!!! – she included gifts for me. I LOVE washi, and I decided not to hoard it but to use it. And who to best use it on??? Anyway, there was lots of interest in the washi tape, so maybe she will make more?
      RA’s participation was really something special. He gave us a massive boost – not just in terms of the money raised, but just by raising the mood. Top bloke!

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  7. I finally watched the video, though I had read it all when you posted. Tears of joy and a bit of sadness are mixing. Bye, Guy! ❤
    I am proud to be the member of this fandom, you are all so unbelievable! ❤
    Thank you, Sonja ❤


  8. A last good bye! Great video and thank you to share the last moments with the Jacket and the spirit of Guy and his actor with us.
    It was really exceptional this birthday fundraiser, in all aspects.


      • Sad that Guy’s jacket left your home but happy that this year’s auction was so special thanks to Richard’s donation. Though I am sure the auction would have been success even without Guy’s jacket. Thanks to your hard work and fans’ contributions. ❤️❤️❤️


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  10. Well, that was dramatic… LOL! Shows you what some music can do to set the mood. I hope the parcel has reached it’s destination safely by now.
    Thank you for the millionth time for all you have done here, Sonja, and with such heart and care too.


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