2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #1

The satisfaction of typing “#1″… Even a day later than the usual Saturday slot. But yeah, I really want to start the year properly and get into the swing of regular round-ups again. Last year I missed about eight round-ups in total and only got 44 out of 52 Saturdays covered. Having said that – I already missed the first Saturday of the new year because it fell on the 1st of January. But never mind, here we go, and with all the SC promo happening, I am sure we will have plenty to cover… *And* it is time for a new round-up picture…

Freshly ribbed for the new year…

The #richard armitage tag on tumblr is completely dominated by Ray this week. And no wonder. Seriously, that chaRActer is a gift! I have so much loved seeing RA – and Ray –  in the show, so I am thrilled to see that there is an infinite number of gifs and pics flooding tumblr. However, it doesn’t make for a diverse round-up. But never mind, it is good that there is so much enthusiasm, right? Let’s enjoy it while we can! Oh, and warning: The links below may contain SPOILERS, both in the link text as well as the tumblr posts they lead to. So please beware in case you haven’t watched SC yet!!!!

  1. Lots of Zoom interviews thanks to SC. Here riepu10 has giffed the most recent Zoom interview straight from Richard’s wardrobe with BBC Scotland’s The Edit. Please note that little shoulder stretch at the end
  2. LOL, including this old TIFF picture of RA because of armiteggio’s caption
  3. OMG. All our gif needs have been taken care off by christinecagneys. Just check this link. But beware: SPOILERS, obviously! This is literally ALL the scenes. (And I now have ALL the feels.) Amazing (and I don’t have to sit through SC again to swoon over Ray…😂)
  4. Haven’t read this, and this is also chapter 4, but here is a fan fic involving Ray from SC in case you are ready to delve into fangirling Ray! Posted by middleearthpixie
  5. SPOILERS but this was the scene in SC that broke my heart and cemented my view of Ray. Gifs by riepu10, and absolutely stunning, convincing acting by RA
  6. And just because we all like a good ski jumper, here are screen shots of RA’s interview on Lorraine, posted by richardarmitagfanpage
  7. 😂 This is just too funny. Imaginary dialogue involving Thorin and Dwalin, by thranduilofsmirkwood
  8. Christ. That last screen cap in this picture post by ausschweifendemotte is really hot 🔥
  9. Laughing RA from Lorraine interview, giffed by riepu10. Yes, that needs a separate link
  10. Here is the dreamboat service courtesy of Ray and lynx1825. Ray and Megan kissing… (Can someone please make one of those gifs where the lucky female is obscured by a big “tumblr” sign over her face 😂? Because sure enough we all would like to swap places with her, right?
  11. I’m pretty sure I’ll come back to all this imagery of the set at a later stage. Richardarmitagefanpage has put all the picture that were posted by the props dept/set designer Luana Hanson into a post
  12. Yup. Russell/rustle… Snippet posted by astrovian
  13. Oooooh 😍. I love this mash-up created by mellpenscorner. They have combined the pivotal scene from my favourite Austen book, Persuasion, with the imagery from the train station scene in NS… Perfection!
  14. Keen observation on Ray’s look by astrovian. (I am wondering whether there is some influence from RA in that fact. It was actually something that I noticed in SC, too – although I wasn’t convinced by the changes in look, btw – and that was even stronger in Hannibal…)
  15. Oh, I totally missed this tidbit. No idea where RA originally shared this image, but astrovian has it here for you – the place where RA keeps Orchrist
  16. If you have Ray Levine fan fic needs, fizzyxcustard accepts prompts
  17. I noticed this, too – the bracelets. Huh? 😬 Post by astrovian
  18. Astrovian has done all the work and catalogued Ray’s tattoos for us


I watched SC on Monday and Tuesday this week. It was top notch distraction while Mr Guylty is in hospital. No need to worry as such – he is having a week of tests to see if he is suitable for a transplant. He is in a different hospital than last year, and maybe because it is a private hospital, he seems to be much more comfortable. Well, probably also because he is not in there for any acute illness. I expect to bring him home on Monday, fingers crossed. Maybe I should’ve used the time last week to delve into a review, but somehow my concentration was elsewhere… I took plenty of notes while watching, though, and I do want to write down my impressions of the whole show. We’ll see.

For now – enjoy the rest of the weekend and dream of Ray 😍

Sonja ❤


24 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #1

  1. Glad to hear from you Guylty and I hope all goes well with Mr G’s return from hospital.
    Thanks for the wonderful round-up. So many gorgeous pics. No3. is mind-blowing ( How do I love RA? Let me count the Rays! ) and No 8, those by ausschweifendemotte are particularly stunning.
    Looking forward to hearing your take on Stay Close.


  2. My dear Sonja, i was waiting for your weekly round-up. of course you wouldn’t be able to write on january 1st. Who is at the hospital, your husband? I knew that your son has Covid (or am I wrong?), is he ok? I have watched the 8 episodes of STAY CLOSE already three times and I’ll do it again. I wanted more time with Ray/Richard and I was crying when his voice was cracking by his feelings. I didn’t understand exactly the role of Barbie and Ken, maybe because I haven’t read the book. I wait for your comments on Stay Close and the new analysis of the latest photos of Richard. My love xxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • Yep, my husband is in hospital for a week of tests re. his suitability for a lung transplant. My son’s the one who has been struck by the plague (although no symptoms. The only issue he has is the boredom of being in quarantine 😂).
      Wow, three times SC???? I am impressed. I haven’t even attempted viewing #2 yet. Partly because I really only want to see Ray, not all the filler in between 😁.


      • I will ALL THE BEST for your husband!!! rough time… And the same for your son. Actually, I like to watch the filler several times, so i can find out or understand better the character I like. And afterwards, yes, I watch only the scenes with my favorite role (here, especially those when Ray is about to cry).


  3. #4 I don’t typically read fanfic but glanced at this and was drawn in by my own prurient interests. Two thoughts: 1) Ray’s hand reaching out to steady himself against a cushion subbed for RA’s signature arm-against-a-wall move in SC, Berlin Station, and Sleepwalker. Only difference is the fanfic foreplay is occuring on a sofa while in the other examples the couples are standing. 2) Several references to Ray’s thumb (on the side of Theo’s face, grazing her nipple, etc.) seem to be channeling another blogger’s thumb fetish. 😂 Obsessive minds think alike.

    Hoping this week’s expected test results are good news for you and Mr. G.


  4. Thank you, Sonja. #5, 10 love these scenes, # 18 oh Ray’s tattoos cataloged, thanks, #15 this image was shared in the interview with RA on Sunday Brunch on Channel 4. RA is great as Ray! Mr Graza didn’t even recognize him (*it’s him???!!!*) 😂.
    I keep my fingers crossed for Mr Guylty. Hugs 😘


  5. Thanks for the roundup – I’m saving it for later as a treat. Can’t wait to become acquainted with Raybo2 but RL calls. I just wanted to send best wishes and good health vibes to Mr Guylty – and to you too because it’s never easy when you’re in the watching and waiting position. Crossing fingers for the best possible news for you both.


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