RA Pocket Shrine 268/? – Father of the Year

Four-day-streak with yet another shrine. But before that another word about the charity sale. First of all:

All buyers (up to time of writing) should have received an automated notification from Etsy by now that the items are on their way to them. Both Kate and I have dispatched our items so far. Kate’s tags and RAngels have sold out, as have the pocket shrines. A couple of new orders came in today, so our proceeds have risen and with all costs deducted, we have surpassed the €600 mark! There are a few items left, and I have left the listings active while I am waiting for the money to be transferred to me from Etsy. That should be the case tomorrow, at which time I shall deactivate the remaining listings and work out the final tally. A big thank you to all!

And now back to today’s post, one of the shrines from the sale.

A Q. This is not a Bond shrine (“Q” for “quartermaster”). This is a shrine for the international padre of mystery.

If it wasn’t for that dog collar, he’d look like a shady figure with his glasses and stubble, don’t you think? The original photo was a selfie posted by RA and it was taken in a private plane. Even more shady… One wonders what the good padre is up to?

Taking care of internet business. Once again, if it wasn’t for the dog collar, one would be led to believe this is daddy RA patrolling his Twitter feed 😂. Hence the title “Father of the Year”. But who knows, if we get to see The Man from Rome this year, maybe he *will* be the Father of the year?

The one time that a couple of votive candles would’ve been appropriate – and Guylty did not include them. Mainly because the tin’s lid (see below) was just too pretty to disfigure with a couple of holes for candles.

When will the man from Rome land on our screens, I wonder? The lucky owner of this shrine can already admire the shady priest way before that.

Right, I’ll be back tomorrow with the final tally of the charity sale. And if the money has arrived in my account, I will donate it tomorrow evening. Priest or not, it won’t be resting in my account.


18 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 268/? – Father of the Year

  1. What a cool tin. And he does look James Bondesque there, so the Q is doubly appropriate.
    Yay for the charity sale result so far. Hopefully the madness will end soon and the money will go towards restoring normality for some people.


  2. Giggle, for me he looks much more like *the Godfather* of Rome, a little bit mafioso-like.
    Well done with the charity selling, great result


  3. Congratulations to you and Kate.
    Hot padre with fiery red in the background, with a mysterious smile and with a really big private jet. It would be too hot with votive candles.
    Btw how is Miss Guylty doing in Munich?


    • 😂 You are so right, Graza. Too hot to handle. That shrine needs a dog collar, otherwise it would spontaneously combust.
      Miss Guylty is settled in nicely. I am quite impressed that she is not relying on her friend there but is doing things on her own as well as engaging with other Erasmus students from all over Europe.


      • For this one we exceptionally join the collar team 😊
        It reminds me of someone, hmm, just who has a similar character trait… Maybe I will remember 😉 Fantastic that Miss Guylty is doing great.


  4. I’m loving this clergyman… Half James Bond, half tormented soul that needs more spiritual guidance than many… Intriguing character which I’m looking forward to meet. And love the shrine, once again a wonderful job 🙂


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