December FundRAiser Starts 27 November!!!

Hello all! My last couple of weeks have been busy with Master Guylty’s college graduation, trip to Germany, fancy wedding in historical castle, visit to Berlin and the lurgy shutting me down over the weekend. So I am very late in confirming the dates for this year’s December FundRAiser. As usual we will basically have a week of auction fun and sales, starting on the 27th of November and finishing up 4th of December the latest. The dates have been chosen based on the Irish postal deadlines for Christmas, hoping that we can ensure that all won and bought items will make it to their new owners in time for the festivities. With many participants based in the US, the postal deadline for the USA had to be chosen as our deadline.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to facilitate the auctions ending on the weekend this time ’round. The reason being that I need any time I can get for the preparation beforehand, especially now that I am delayed due to the plague. I am still staying away from the auction items while I am in the midst of the disease; I just don’t want to risk passing anything on by touching items. I expect that that risk will have diminished by next weekend, which I have pencilled in for taking photographs, creating sets and drafting listings. So we will

  • kick off with the 3-day auctions on eBay from 27th November
  • ending on 30th November,
  • followed by Etsy sale from 30th November
  • with a second batch release on 1st December.

End of sale (and fundraiser) is probably 2nd December, which gives me the weekend (3rd/4th December) for the wrapping party and parcel tetris, ready to post, ship and send from Monday 5th December. Well in time for the deadline, hopefully.

As I said, I know that an auction end date on the weekend had been suggested/requested, but unfortunately that just doesn’t work out for me this year. Apologies.

I promise I will give you a few more teasers on what will be on offer, once I am not contagious anymore soon. For the moment, here are a couple of morsels that I took sneaky pictures of…

There will be more – these are just a few pics I have handy right now. The stash of items is big; I just haven’t photographed it yet. And I also know that there are still items on the way to me. I’ll trickle a few more teasers through as we get closer to the fundraiser.

So, for now, just mark the date in your calendar, stay tuned and stash away a few pennies for the fundRAiser…



14 thoughts on “December FundRAiser Starts 27 November!!!

  1. Why is time flying so fast. Amazing stuff.
    PS. But is that what resting at Guylty’s home looks like? Please go to bed immediately, Sonja – says the boring aunt Graza, which can not give you the RA’s LV sweater as a Christmas present anyway, so has nothing to scare you with 😉 (oh, I know, I can scare you with warm milk, with honey and butter 😂). Please take care of yourself.

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  2. Thank you for the save the date post. I hope you feel better soon. Those dates seem very sensible, but if you need to reschedule, please do. Remember there are ’12 days of Christmas’ so items received by Jan 5th would be fine too! Wishing you a speedy recovery and a welcome return of Mr G! 😘🤲🙏❤️

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  3. How are you doing today? And Mr G? And I keep forgetting to ask how Jag has been adjusting!

    Thank you for the tempting sneak peek at the upcoming goodies. Please don’t push yourself too hard though; your well-being is far more important to us. 💜

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