Good News

A day of good news. Mr A is going  to delight us again with some audio work. Nice one, RA – I look forward prick up my ears to that.

But that’s not the reason for my post. I am posting again because I have had to draw a new winner of the Pocket Shrine give-away. Unfortunately Maria never got in touch despite an announcement and a shout-out on twitter. Since it is now already after midnight on Monday, 24 February, I have drawn a new winner with the help of Random picker. Here we go:


Congratulations, Mezz! You have been picked in the second draw. I am delighted to be designing and making a Pocket Shrine for you, my Antipodean friend. And I hope I will be luckier the second time ’round and you will get in touch and let me know where to send the Pocket Shrine. Drop me an e-mail, please – oh, and since you said

“I wouldn’t know where to start as to what chaRActer I’d choose..hmmm, Harry, Lucas or Porter? Then again, the disco ball is very appropriate for Mr “Snake Hips” Armitage himself. ;)

please also let me know which drool-worthy deity the Pocket Shrine shall be made for… (Personally, for a bit of variety, I’d love to make it for Lucas or Harry because I have already done Porter for someone else, but it is totally *your* choice!!)

For the draw protocol you can click on the verified seal of RandomPicker below:

PS: Porter Pocket Shrine will be shown here as soon as it has been received by the Porter enthusiast who ordered it – we wouldn’t want to preempt her surprise, would we? It’s going into the post tomorrow… Pray to the gods of the postal service that An Post is not going to employ curraghs for the journey across the Atlantic…


14 thoughts on “Good News

  1. I am soooooooo excited!

    As the pocket shrine is making its way to the Antipodes, I might get to see it in the flesh!

    This is a win for us all Down Under, Mezz!


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