Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #9

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome *sings*. Really, you need entertainment? After *that*??? Honestly, some of the scenes published yesterday are good enough to be kept on continuous loop you know which one I am thinking of specifically… But in case your attention span is as short as the wingspan of a colibri – or rather: the flutter of a colibri wing – here is this week’s collection of all things interesting and inappropriate from the wonderful world of tumblr.

Round up header 9

  1. He’s so easy to read, isn’t he…
  2. Ever heard of the “Watching for the plot”-calendar? Day 4 was yuuuuuuuum…
  3. Not sure if I have already posted that, but a master post is always welcome
  4. A personal favourite of mine – a re-blog must – an ever-popular blast from the past… forgive me if I have already rounded it up here…
  5. The Ace of Spades – in your face…
  6. I just can’t… and for entirely the wrong reasons. He is so ready for the awards season!
  7. This week’s *real* blast from the past – an old post, but boy, that gif is original and fabulous
  8. Tumblr has some inspired fanfic, too. This one is lovely and fluffy – no warnings needed!
  9. Here’s an interesting and informative photo set that satisfies voracious readers, audiobook lovers AND Armitage viewers all in one go
  10. Nice graphic quote
  11. Do you remember AwkwardCeleb/Playazindaback’s fan encounter write-up from two years ago? Well, she’s done it again. Write up, that is. Hilarious – and only Part 1 of 3!!!

    Playaz eyefuck graphic

    We interrupt this Armitage round-up with an irregularly scheduled but irrepressible EXCLUSIVE illustration to whet your appetite…
    Image of and courtesy by Playazindaback/AwkwardCelebrityEncounters

  12. Oh God, I laughed so hard at this
  13. Oh, and tumblr was quick, of course. If you like this sort of thing
  14. Finally – this theoretical text post (not joking!) is a GODSEND. It refers to the conventions of reposting and reblogging on tumblr – but contains general best practice on how to deal with the dissemination of copyrighted material and/or derivative works. Also interesting for conventional bloggers!

Still bored? Well, then head over to Iwanttobeapinup and look at what Agzy has in store for you from the blogworld. I bet she’s going to keep you captive occupied for the next couple of hours. And if you still don’t know what to do with yourself, I suggest you look through your collection of RA images. Don’t even *try* to deny it – you have one, too, like all fans. It’s a law of nature, and rule #1 in the Richard Armitage Handbook to Proper Fangirling: “1. Download *every* delectable picture of Armitage onto the mobile device of your choice.” (Incidentally, rule #54b states that you are also obligated by all that is dear and Richard to you to leave extensive comments on all posts that mention the Richard Armitage Handbook to Proper Fangirling. So there.)

13 thoughts on “Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #9

  1. With you, I could never be bored! Can’t wait to check these out (they are loading now).

    there’s a handbook? How come no one ever told me about the handbook to correct fangirling???


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    • Quality posts always have a place in the round-up!! Thanks for letting me include your brilliant picture. Totally love your creative style (and your humour!)


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