Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #29

Help. I only came back from London on Tuesday. Half the week missing for scouring the Best of RA on tumblr, Week 29. But you know what? Providence was with me again. My absence coincided with Monday’s premiere of ITS in New York. So plenty of new material for the interested fangirl to ogle, play with, gif, drool over, listen to, collage, copy, illustrate and and and.

Usually the Weekly Round-up is not the place where I pursue my manic love-facilitation project. Yeah, I am giving you at least one day a week off my relentless Henrietta-ing *ggg*. However, since I am able to fabricate a tentative connection between tumblr and the ITS premiere featuring this week, let me take the opportunity to send a message of congratulations to my original tumblr-bestie and now-RL-friend Abby aka Playazindaback on tumblr (AwkwardCelebrityEncounter elsewhere). A fandom love story if there ever was one. You see, we bonded two years ago over our mutual disgust at our ancient ages in tumblr terms. I think I developed my crush on Abby when she coined the phrase “crypt-keeper of the fandom”. LOL. I properly fell in love with her when she visited the set of ITS in the summer of 2012 and then blogged about it in her inimitable cartoon style under the heading of Say nice things about Detroit. Well, can you fall in love long-distance? We probably sealed the deal when we met in London last year and she eventually visited me in Ireland just after New Year’s 2014.

This has somewhat turned into a testimonial. I suppose I should say now that I am 100 percent biased when I declare her my favourite fan-reporter… And to make up for that I’d also like to point out Julie from RACentral who did an equally fantastic job at the red black carpet. In any case, both these ladies, unconnected with showbiz and/or the media, managed to report in a most professional and entertaining manner from the premiere, representing themselves, their fan-sites (Abby reported for RANet) and the fandom as a whole with class, wit and dignity. Mr A certainly appeared very much at ease with you, and I think he can proudly claim to have very clever and capable well-wishers in his Army. Thank you for that. You have set the bar and you may have also established a precedent. I hope so.

Ok, and now for the fun I have found:

Round-up header 29

  1.  A collage of delectable Guy shots from episode 6 of Robin Hood season 3 by redsirion
  2. Oh-my-God. These reaction gifs by Circusgifs are just… lost the ability to express a coherent thought… Please please please can you punish me, Guy???
  3. Oh God, there’s more. And naughty they are… Circusgifs, you!!!
  4. Great analysis by Jollytr of what good and bad reviews actually really mean for ITS and Richard Armitage yes, tumblr is capable of text posts, too *ggg*
  5. First spoils of the ITS red carpet. Giffed by richiecrispie
  6. margomeleon gets it right. Love your argument, girl!
  7. LOL, and here is another quip that really made me laugh. Critical success or no, ITS seems to bring out the wit in people. Here it’s someone called roy-khans-khack
  8. Norloth’s is one of the fan artists whose art consistently amazes me. Here’s another example
  9. This is a really interesting edit by euforia13. Cubist Armitage anyone?
  10. Cuticle picking is the new sport. Well. That’s not why applefia2036 giffed this. It’s just what came into my head right now
  11. Fitting edit of that new Persson image. By benedictarabic
  12. LOL. Oh Nottie (aka not-that-kind-of-hot)! You *always* notice such things. And have the cheeky audacity to point it out. Much to my amusement.
  13. Sorry, nothing new here. I just loved that bellydancinggirl posted this. cRAmerry – this is for you!
  14. Jollytr’s theRApy series continues with ITS promo footage. I don’t think I need to say more
  15. This is nothing for innocents *ggg*. Definitely NSFW. But Triple-R-Porn does it pretty well. Don’t read if you don’t like explicit stuff (not RPF)
  16. LOL. Sketchlavie has some naughty plan…
  17. Loved GiztheGunslinger’s Thornton fanart. And the way it was photographed. A piece of art in its own right
  18. OMG. I had to laugh so loud at boudicca61’s fabulous rant. It’s dangerous bringing the discussion into the open here, and I don’t really want to discuss the issue that prompted it per se, but this will make you laugh and think at the same time, no matter what you believe. Kerchard Forever!
  19. Take cover ladies. Seriously, I mean it. Do not read this. Do NOT read THIS. It’s a highly dangerous fantasy by a tumblr called imaginescometrue and this is lethal stuff for women of ovulating age

Ok, I probably could’ve found more, but I daren’t go into the tag *ggg*. Hope you were entertained!


16 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #29

  1. Hey Sxx, you made my day! Thanks a lot for supporting my desires 😎
    Ja, das kommt guuuuut am frühen Morgen *freu*
    Und ja, bin entschiedener Unterstützer der Kerchard-shipping-Bewegung. Das hat Potenzial 😀


    • 😉 Ich konnte einfach nicht umhin, dich direkt namentlich anzusprechen. Allein weil das Bild ansonsten ja nichts Neues ist. Ich hab dann ja auch eher auf den Bizeps geguckt. Aber der Unterarm war auch beachtlich.
      Kerchard – yeah!


      • Klasse, dir den Bizeps, mir den U-Arm (über den Rest verhandeln wir noch) Lass uns die Arme erstmal quasi schwesterlich teilen 🙂 Ich hatte das Cuticling auch schon fasziniert zur Kenntnis genommen. Immer ein bisschen (verlegen?) und hibbelig unser Guudsder.


        • Oder gelangweilt? Muss sich mit etwas beschäftigen, während zum hundertsten Mal dieselbe Frage gestellt wird? Ich bin auch so ein Notnagel-Fummler, und das ist eine soooo befriedigende Beschäftigung – bis dann der Hautfetzen abreißt. Grah.


      • It was overall enjoyable. There were a few bits I didn’t care for and I definitely wanted more RA! The best thing is my son and friends said they liked it. My girlfriend and I thought the planes in the air (from the trailer) were a bit too much but both my son and his godfather thought that part was great. Maybe they’re used to movies with more extreme special effects.

        I want to go again because I’m sure I missed things and I want to concentrate on RA more next time. Matinees on Monday and Tuesday are only $5 so very affordable. I want to see if my neighbor will go but if she can’t I think I might even venture to go alone.


        • When I saw those planes in the trailer for the first time I laughed out loud… But I don’t know anything about desaster movies (or desasters, for that matter). It’s great though to have the movie validated by your friends and family – it kind of validates RA, too.
          I can’t wait to see this movie. It’ll be fun to see something I would not normally watch. RA in wet shirt a bonus. I wish there were cheap matinees where I live, too.
          Thanks for reviewing this for me!


  2. It’s amazing how the movie has split Richard’s well-wishers into 2 camps the a) it’s summer fun, enjoy the hot wet dad and things getting tossed around and the b) OMGHOWCOULDHEDOTHISTOHISCAREERITSOVERRICHARDHOWCOULDYOU!!!!

    Guess which one I’m in.

    But like the one said… priorities people. Priorities. My priority right now is getting this earring out of my right ear lobe. I’ve been working on it now for 4 days. I fear I’ll have to have it cut out, which will piss me off because it’s the only pair of 14ct gold I have and I can’t wear anything else, but I digress.

    People, go see ITS if for NO OTHER REASON than to piss the critics off. Lay your humility and your “i love Richard for his brilliant mind’ feelings aside and go to see really big things being flung around like sand and Richard’s delectable thighs of thunder and rock hard behind in a wet suit. And he makes a pretty dang good dad too!

    Great round up hon!


    • I must say that I don’t really understand camp 2. Hell, we are talking about an actor in the entertainment business. Or an actor, full stop. Is there any actor out there who hasn’t got a dud in his/her resumee?? I am not even saying this one is going to be a dud, but even if it were, it is just one of many projects that Mr A has done. I for one am looking forward to watching a film from a genre that I would usually not watch. It’s almost educational…
      And “thighs of thunder and rock hard in a wet suit” – look, that merits *any* kind of shlock imo. *coughs*
      Hope you got that earring out! Thank God you have your priorities right!


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