2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #7

And… we are fully back in the swing of things. This time I remembered to compile and schedule the Weekly Round-up on time.

It’s been a bit quiet, recently – not really that much new stuff. Richard must be nearly wrapped on Hannibal – gearing up for his next project? Packing his bags to head to Europe for a bit? There hasn’t been that much happening on tumblr imo. Apart from on-going sniping discussions among the fans. Quite frankly – it is putting me off posting and/or spending much time on tumblr. But well, that’s just me. I am a hippy-peace-loving fuzzy wuss who can’t deal with disharmony. It also annoys me to some extent, because it has created factions, and who you reblog from now is constructed to denote which side you are on, and re-blogging content from *one* side may upside the *other*.

Sides? What sides? There are no “sides”. I am only on *one* side: on Richard’s. I am *his* fan, and I enjoy seeing *all* the posts and fan art created by his well-wishers. And I will continue to post all those things that caught my eye over the week, regardless of supposed affiliation. This is this week’s trawl:

round up header NZ 7

Sorry, for the moment and until we get either Dolly or Monky, we’re staying with Thorry


  1. LOL – Thornton in da hood. By north-and-prejudice. #StillLaughing
  2. Guys, have we seen his image, posted by thistie, before? I can’t recall. But I love it #despitebeard Edit: It’s a crop from a Dunn, I have been reliably informed. My bad!
  3. What, Richard, really? Hm. UM. #doIHaveToChangeMyHashtagFromPreviousLink? Edit by satanslifecoach
  4. Oh wow. This is what Red Dragon could be visualized like. Fabulous gif set by lethal-desires. But WARNING – has a nightmarish, horror film look and might be disturbing for some readers
  5. *khehehehe* Is Guy the president of that club that is quoted in guys-texts-from-last-night?
  6. francisdollarhydes has created a gif set that pitches Hannibal and the Red Dragon together. I am getting used to it 😉
  7. Ok, NSFW, but hot and sweet like a mug of hot chocolate. A John Standring drabble by triple-r-porn
  8. fringeofmadness has made a gif set that seems like a Red Dragon trailer. Nice
  9. Not sure where this quote/poem comes from, but I like what stvrkster has done with it
  10. jedits looks at Hannibal/Red Dragon and asks What if? Nice edit!
  11. Zeesmuse has started a Gary Fuller fic on rasexualfrustration. Here’s part 3 of “Raising Nemo”
  12. Oh sweetness! I’d love to have goodgirlheather’s mug!!! Just imagine. You could have your lips on Thorin *every day*!
  13. Richard listening intently. Doing that thing with his tongue. Eh, that sounds kinda wrong. Well, just look at the gif by ludokt
  14. Gif queen circusgifs has released her first Crucible gif. No, not mocking you, oh gif-goddess! I truly love your work
  15. thelastofdurins adds Confucius to the Battle of the Five Armies. Interesting
  16. A modern!AU gif featuring bagginshield by fassbender-mcavoyobsessed
  17. ludokt reminds us of some tight denim love courtesy of Lucas North
  18. Is that what RA sees when he gets up in the morning? Gif by Jassy2101
  19. richardarmitageconfessions records one of the many attractions of RA

Hope you’ll have a nice weekend!

Guylty says ❤ and peace

17 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #7

  1. Das Beste an Lucas North sind definitiv die ultralangen, jeansummantelten Beine (17).
    Und ja, der Fanoutput zum Thema Dolly nimmt auch zunehmend ästhetischere Formen an (6)
    Dir auch ein Piecechen peace 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Die Liebe zu den engen Hosen scheint damals angelegt worden zu sein…
      Und ja, Dolly-Fan Art wird immer interessanter. Wenn dann Bryan Fuller auch mal in die Pötte kommen würde, um uns mit ein bisschen Fotomaterial vom Set inklusive Dolly zu reizen…


  2. Brava! I love your positive approach to fandom. And I am delighted to announce that we Mr. H. fans now have a little vinyl doll to call our own–Grandpa Pabbie from “Frozen”! Disney did not make any Pabbie dolls, but apparently they licensed it out and now there’s also a plush doll. Pabbie will be coming with me on my world travels to visit landmarks. First up is Amsterdam in August, then in the Fall he will visit the Gänseliesel in Göttingen!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, that’s one. And there is also a tiny figurine of Pabbie, made by the company that makes the Thorin doll. They make Game of Thrones dolls, but so far they’ve not done Mance Rayder.
        Yes, I’m going to Göttingen for a conference. From the photos online, it looks charming! Lots of half timbered buildings.


        • Göttingen is nice – and yes, lots of old stuff around, and situated at the foot of the Harz mountain range, so a nice location. The university is also the place where the Grimm brothers of fairy tale fame worked!

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Agree whole-heartedly with your opening comments. (Even tho I’m probably fueling quite a bit. I’m slightly ashamed.)

    But THANK you for pinging Raising Nemo. (There is also more Manna side stories going on as well.)

    now I have to check out some of these others. There are things that yet again, I missed. (Working. It’s killing me and keeping me from my Richarding!)


  4. That’s the reason I spend very little time on tumblr these days. I’m hoping to change that but it seems like every time i go over there to explore again there’s something going on that raises my blood pressure and fandom is supposed to be doing the opposite for me. Thanks for the summary, then.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is just it. I have a tendency to take things personally, even if they are not directed at me. That’s something I need to work on, especially when it comes to fandom. As usual, I want to concentrate on what I have in common with others, not what separates me…

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  5. siiiigh.. sounds like highschool sometimes, eh? 😉 just not the bit with the hawt history teach (maybe that is why it was one of my favourite subjects?) 😉
    Aaaanyway, glad at least some stop squabbling long enough to keep giffing 😀 I love Thorin and Confucius.. fits the mood towards the end of it very much…
    The eyes bit i like very much too, especially with everything bleached out.
    Lucas.. sigh, i really do like him, they’ve started airing S7 here on some obscure channel and i caught it, feels a bit sometimes like there isn’t enough Lucas in it tbh but it is good and i like the whole team, it was a good series. He looks good in simple, plain stuff, yes particularly those jeans 😉 I like the fact that they made Lucas human and emotional sometimes, not just typically ‘tough as nails’ 🙂
    Flowers are beautiful 😉 saving Gary for last 🙂
    you know what? the Hannibal stuff is really amazing, very creative given how little information we actually have, original in look and varied, i like it a lot. Fair to say the more time passes the more i appreciate this particular project.
    Thanks as usual and sorry that gathering these for us has upset you :-S I have to say i actually enjoyed the variety in the mix 🙂
    Hope you have a good weekend too!!


    • High school would be generous. Some of it reminds me of kindergarten if I am honest… But well, it’s human, of course. And no worries, I am grounded in my RL so as to not let these things *really* get to me. I get in a huff, and then I snap myself out of it.
      Oh, Spooks is always a pleasure to watch, at least if it is seasons 7 + 8. The fact that Lucas was not an unfeeling machine but a damaged man made it all so good to watch.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Loving the roundup as usual! 😆 Happy I don’t do tumbler….I am a bit “flower-child” and don’t like the confrontation either. It just seems like admiring Richard shouldn’t involve such divisiveness. .. he’s so mild. I guess human nature just naturally occurs wherever. ..not all roses and chocolate (or cookies, jellybeans, peeps..hahaha. ..I’m having a sugar fix, can you tell? ).


    • IKR, I often think that too – funny that someone who comes across as gentle and generally inclusive/embracing inspires such divisiveness. Not to say that he is the cause of people behaving the way they do. It’s just curious. But then again, in a way it is a sign that his audience is growing, and is getting more diverse. So that’s actually a good thing.
      And hey, hippies and flower children have to stick together *hugs*


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